Book: Understanding Big Data – Chapter by GoodWorkLabs CEO Vishwas Mudagal

Book: Understanding Big Data – Chapter by GoodWorkLabs CEO Vishwas Mudagal

The book: Understanding Big Data was launched by Simplify360, a leading social business intelligence firm, and Big Data Tech Conclave 2013 that was held in Bangalore, India on 6th & 7th December 2013.  The book comprises of chapters from industry experts and research specialists on various topics on Big Data.

The book covers a chapter on ‘Confluence of Big Data and Mobile–The Next Revolution’ by Vishwas Mudagal, CEO of GoodWorkLabs.





Here is a snippet from the beginning of the chapter –

Confluence Of Big Data and Mobile – The Next Revolution

By Vishwas Mudagal, CEO, GoodWorkLabs

The next decade is going to be the decade of data explosion. Even today, data and information have become the most significant aspects in every area of the global economy. Companies are continuously churning out burgeoning volumes of data pertaining to their customers, operations, processes and suppliers. All this data which is being getting collected worldwide is broadly termed as “Big Data”. What is driving Big Data? Will the confluence of mobile and big data trigger the next revolution? I would say Yes. Everything at this point in time directs us to take this conclusion. So, let’s talk a bit about the drivers and the impact of big data on mobile for different industries.

To begin, let us first define Big Data. Big Data refers to an unending accumulation of all types of data, whether structured or unstructured, whose confinement, storage, management and analysis is beyond the ability of any typical relational database. According to some experts, big data is data set that meets three attributes – Volume, Variety and Velocity. And of course the fourth V, Value. No one would bother to store and analyse data that cannot be valuable.

Big Data on Mobile OR Mobile Big Data

The mobile devices, especially since the launch of iPhone and now the Android platform, have become major contributors in the collection of Big Data, as these are used by people to practically do everything. Mobiles are tailor made devices for Big Data Innovation. Be it accessing social networking platforms, shopping, maps, read books, measure fitness, watch television shows or using it for traditional purposes of communication using voice, text and chat. To highlight this point, let’s consider the largest social network on earth—Facebook.  48% of Facebook users log in daily through mobile and 49% of Facebook’s revenues are coming from mobile ads. This mobile usage reveals significant information about the users and their behaviours in diverse scenarios. Imagine billions of people on mobile every single day, producing such humongous data that if we analyse it in a right way it would take humanity to the next level, like nothing else ever has. Because never before there was an opportunity presented to humanity to measure what we collectively do or like/dislike in our daily lives.


So what are the drivers? Of course smartphone sales growth is a top reason and the smart phones themselves are becoming superior, and they pack a ton of computing power to do practically everything that a laptop could do and much more. According to the IDC reports, the amount of data created will grow by a factor of 44 from 2009 to 2020 and mobile and ‘Internet of Things’ will be at the forefront of this data generation. According to another IDC report that analyses the worldwide smartphone market for 2013–2017, it is believed that smartphone vendors will ship a total of 918.6 million smartphones in 2013. From there, shipment volumes will grow at a CAGR of 16.0% before reaching a total of 1.5 billion units shipped in 2017.

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