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GoodWorks MarketPlace is a complete end-to-end E-commerce solution for companies who want to take their business online and mobile. The software suite is a one of a kind entity which has a ready-to-use code base that can be customized to suit the requirement of any business.
The main USP of this technology is its flexibility and UX design. With features such as Admin, Buyer dashboard, Seller dashboard, Inventory management, Bidding Process, Discount and Offer options, GoodWorks MarketPlace is the best and most cost-effective solution that any business can invest in. It is the perfect solution for businesses looking for end-to-end development. Right from UX designs to customized technology specifications, our marketplace solution is the most cost-effective investment for your business.
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Seller Platform

The seller platform on GoodWorks MarketPlace is designed in a very comprehensive manner to ensure all important features are available for the smooth transaction of business.

Super Admin Platform

This tool manages the e-marketplace at a higher level. It can change the status of the product, manage the workflow from purchase till shipping, settle buyer or seller disputes and order governance. Admin will also have an option to communicate with both sellers and buyers through different modes like mail, instant messaging, notifications etc.

AI & ML Modules

For any e-commerce platform to succeed, it must possess the in-built intelligence and analytics to track consumer shopping patterns. The GoodWorks MarketPlace product is programmed with advanced AI and Machine Learning algorithms that help in predicting online shopping behaviour. By using Neural Networks and Deep Learning in our ML algorithms, GoodWorks Marketplace provides you with multiple features.

Buyer platform

The GoodWorks MarketPlace solution ensures that buyers have an easy and excellent shopping experience. Hence the software is designed keeping in mind the intuitive shopping behaviour of customers.
Mobile Development

Communication Channels

A smooth communication channel is laid out between sellers, buyers and admin portals. The software allows for all three parties to collaborate while working. Communication between all the parties is allowed through push notifications, emails, and live chats.
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