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Advantages Of Using Xamarin For Your Mobile Projects

Xamarin is a robust cross-platform app development framework. Its technology stack is made up of C# and .NET. With the help of the xamarin framework, the cross-platform app development is simplified for Android and iOS platforms as the developers are able to reuse the maximum amount of code. It solves the difficulties many developers face while developing cross-platform apps like separate coding languages and UI paradigms. With Xamarin, you can use C# for iOS, Android, and Universal Windows apps. Let’s get into further details –

  • C# – Allows writing your apps in C#. Existing code written in C# can be ported to iOS and Android using Xamarin very easily, and obviously used in Windows apps.
  • Utilize MVC or MVVVM design patterns – This allows you to develop your application’s User Interface using the Model/View/Controller pattern. You can determine which parts of your application will be using native user interface elements of each platform (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac) and use this as a guideline to split your application into two components: “Core” and “User-Interface”.
  • Build native UIs – Each OS-specific application provides a different user-interface layer. On iOS, you can use the UIKit APIs to create native-looking applications, optionally utilizing Xamarin’s iOS designer to create your UI visually. On Android, you can use Android views to create native-looking applications, taking advantage of Xamarin’s UI designer. On Windows, you will be using XAML for the presentation layer, created in Visual Studio or Blend’s UI designer. On Mac, you will use Storyboards for the presentation layer, created in Xcode.
Here are the various benefits of Xamarin:
Cross-Platform App Development

Xamarin is a perfect choice for Cross-platform app development. It allows you to build apps for Windows, Android, and iOS apps & also share codes over multiple platforms.

API Integration

There is no need to create different APIs for different mobile platforms because Xamarin allows you to use the same API to build iOS, Android, and Windows applications.

Useful Compiled Code

Xamarin allows you to generate productive and high-performing code that can access every native API. It is very easy to create device-specific applications over different mobile platforms.

Huge community and Support available

The integration process is very easy because of Xamarin. You can easily integrate Xamarin with various SDKs of specific mobile operating systems. It supports different devices that mean you just need to unite and Android SDK and GDK with Xamarin Studio to create an app. Xamarin.Android supports modern devices like Google Glass, Fire phone, and Android Wear, etc.

Shared Code Base

Xamarin Form is a library that allows you to reuse the code multiple times to create a native user interface for Android, iOS, and Windows devices. With Xamarin Forms you get 40+ cross-platform layouts and controls for a complete native interface. 

Summing Up

As contrary to most other cross-platform mobile application development tools, Xamarin allows you to build NATIVE apps running across multiple platforms, and not only this, it integrates the entire mobile application development process. In simpler terms, it reduces by one-third the time, effort, and money for the development of mobile application development.

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