The proliferation of internet to the nooks and corner of the world has made remote, distance, and e-learning possible. Growing at an exponential rate, the EdTech industry is experiencing a great demand for innovative and engaging platforms. Mobility, automation, and content management play a crucial role in the success of EdTech applications.
Making learning fun and engaging, we are proud to have developed Ek Step Genie, Sesame Street, and Monster Math edutainment applications. EkStep Genie App’s appreciation at the International Design Center, Berlin for the UX design awards 2016, is a testimony of our work in building interactive edtech apps.
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Learning on-the-go, using devices such as tablets, iPads and smartphones need to be easily integrated within the current education system of a university or institute.
Edutainment _ Games

Edutainment & Games

A key challenge in the education sector is delivering education through games. The need is to have age-appropriate content that combines education with entertainment. This helps in better engagement and quicker absorption of learning.


The way content is presented and dispensed for professionals and employed people, it needs to depict uniformity and accessibility on-the-go. Automation will hand over direct control of content and reduce the teacher-student gap in remote areas.
Content Management

Content Management

A holistic use of content management is needed for teaching and administrative staff of an educational institute to remain on top of their work. Simplified applications that the basic level staff can use and gain an advantage is a must. With so much educational information that can be circulated, a solution to integrate it can enable better results.
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EkStep Genie

The Genie App is an innovative mobile app that gives access to free education for primary school children. The mobile app provides a platform to explore and download educational content.

The challenge was to make the mobile app interactive and user friendly for children. Hence, our design experts dived in deep into user research and created designs that would make learning more fun and enjoyable experience for children. Our designs for the EkStep Genie App was also appreciated at the International Design Center in Berlin and were nominated for the UX design awards in 2016.

ekstep education app
Featured Client Story
Sesame Street

Sesame Street is a New York-based world-renowned NGO which creates famous Sesame Street television series for children. They have an android and web application for children named – ‘Sharing Is Caring’. The game is fun to play and teaches children in the age group of 3-5 years the concepts of sharing.

While developing the gaming application for Sesame Street, GoodWorks design team used the power of strong visuals and storytelling to create game designs that are interactive, fun, and visually appealing to children. The game was designed for both mobile and website. The team at GoodWorkLabs ensured that the designs accounted for situations that encouraged children to manage resources efficiently and made “sharing” a second-nature for children.


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