Game Art Outsourcing Company, India, Bangalore

Game Art Outsourcing Company, India, Bangalore


Game Art Outsourcing Company

GoodWorkLabs is the top game art outsourcing company in India and the world, catering to the best game publishers and game developers globally. Based in Bangalore, India, with an expert team of concept artists, game designers, character artists, 2d artists, 3d artists, animation experts, and game developers, GoodWorkLabs Gaming Studio has emerged as the best game development company and the best game art outsourcing companies in the world.


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Why choose GoodWorkLabs as your Game Art Outsourcing Partner?

GoodWorkLabs is in the forefront of game design, game art and game development. Be it iPhone game art design and development, Android game art and game development, web game art design and development, console game development, Xbox or Sony Playstation game art design and development, we are the best game art outsourcing company in India, Bangalore.

We help game publishers and developers with 3D game art outsourcing, 2D game art outsourcing, Concept art outsourcing, In game animation outsourcing, iPhone game development, Android game development, among the other relations works. GoodWorkLabs is focused on delivering high-quality, innovative and pixel perfect games, characters, backgrounds and universes. Delivering the outsourced game and game art on time is critical for the publishers / clients and GoodWorkLabs always delivers on time.


Case Study

Success Story of how GoodWorkLabs helped New York based Sesame Street with game art outsourcing and developed a truly awesome HTML5 and Android game



Game Art Outsourcing & Game Development Methodologies

GoodWorkLabs Game Studio uses Agile Development Methodologies (SCRUM) for outsourcing the art creation and development for the games, and this provides a great feedback mechanism to develop robust, bug free, and scalable games on all platforms. Our model of 90% offshore and 10% onshore helps in close client coordination and create a game that is truly world-class and path-breaking. The client is always on top of the progress the team has made, giving real time feedback week-on-week and sprint-on-sprint bringing the wow experience on-time every time.

Watch this video to understand the step-by-step process we follow right from concept creation to execution.



Game Art Outsourcing for different industries and domains

GoodWorkLabs specializes game art outsourcing in various industry sectors, especially in the consumer games, education games, training games, arcade games, mobile games, console games, virtual reality (VR) games, augmented reality and so on. In every vertical, we have a ton of experience and expertise in bringing to the market a truly exceptional gaming experience.

Since 2013, GoodWorkLabs Game Studio has been a pioneer in game art outsourcing and game development for the education industry. We have developed tens of games and educational content for education companies worldwide, including Sesame Street and EkStep Foundation.


Hire the best Game Art Outsourcing company in India and the world

GoodWorkLabs Game Studio offers the best game art outsourcing teams in the world. Based in Bangalore, India, we offer turnkey solutions for various games, including casino games, casual games, education games, console games, mobile games (android games, iPhone games, windows games) and VR/ AR games.

Our innovative concept artists and creative directors will provide you great graphics, visual designs, and inspirations for you to imagine the gaming world that you want to create. With our quick prototyping methods, you can see your game come alive week on week.


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