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Web Development Trends to Watch: Insights from GoodWorkLabs’ Experts

Keeping up with the most recent trends is important for both developers and businesses since web development is an ever evolving field. As we head into the second half of 2023, the team of experts at GoodWorkLabs have examined the rising web development trends that are reshaping the digital environment. In this blog, we shall examine these changes and their potential impact on the industry. 


1) Progressive Web Apps 

In 2023, progressive web apps (PWAs) provide users with an experience similar to native mobile apps. They combine the best features of websites and apps to offer quick loading, offline access and push alerts. PWAs increase user pleasure and engagement while eliminating the necessity for consumers to download and set up apps from app stores. Companies are using PWAs to create smooth, responsive and engaging experiences across a variety of platforms as they continue to gain popularity, bridging the gap between web and mobile app development.


2) Voice User Interface 

Voice user interface (VUI), enables users to interact with websites and applications using voice commands. With the increased usage of voice-activated technology, VUI improves user experience by facilitating more accessible and logical interactions. VUI enables users to carry out tasks hands-free like information searching, website navigation and application control  by integrating voice recognition and natural language processing technology. VUI is important for increasing engagement and ensuring that the company remains at the forefront of cutting-edge web development techniques as they work to provide seamless user experiences.


3) Motion UI

An emerging trend in web development, Motion UI emphasizes the use of subtle animations and transitions to improve user experience. Motion UI produces dynamic features that are visually appealing and interactive for websites and applications. These animations not only enhance the visual appeal but also give users insightful feedback as they engage. Motion UI can help users navigate interfaces, effectively communicate information and increase user happiness in general.  As the digital world becomes more competitive, Motion UI equips companies to stand out, tell captivating visual tales and develop memorable user experiences as the digital world. 


4) Single Page Applications 

Single page applications (SPAs), provide a fluid and responsive user experience. In contrast to conventional websites, SPAs only load a single HTML page and dynamically update content in response to user interaction. As a result, interactions become quicker and more fluid as there is no need for page reloads. SPAs are perfect for modern web applications since they can operate offline and are well-suited for mobile devices. SPAs improve user engagement and satisfaction by lowering load times and offering a more app-like experience, giving companies an advantage in the digital marketplace.


5) Integration of AI (Especially Generative AI)

Integration of artificial intelligence (AI)   gives websites and applications intelligent capabilities. Developers may improve user engagement and experiences by integrating AI technologies like chatbots, tailored content recommendations and powerful data analytics. AI-driven features enable websites to adapt to customers’ tastes and behaviors, improve customer service and speed up data processing. Businesses that include AI into their web development plans can gain a competitive edge, providing unique and customized experiences to their users as AI continues to transform many industries. Generative AI tools such as ChatGPT, Google Bard, etc. are now essential to be integrated into for most of the applications.


Web Development


6) Cybersecurity and Privacy 

Due to increasingly sophisticated cyberthreats and stricter data privacy laws, developers must give priority to strong security measures. To protect user data, this entails putting in place secure authentication procedures, encrypted communication protocols, and frequent security assessments. Companies can increase user trust, protect sensitive data and prevent potential data breaches that could have serious reputational and financial repercussions by putting a strong emphasis on cybersecurity and privacy. To guarantee a safe and secure digital environment for both users and companies, proactive efforts in these areas are important.


7) WebAssembly

WebAssembly (Wasm), which provides websites with near native performance speed , is a game changing trend in web development. It is a binary instruction format that goes beyond the constraints of conventional JavaScript and enables developers to run codes effectively in web browsers. WebAssembly creates new opportunities for resource-intensive tasks like gaming, simulations and data processing by enabling high-performance apps on the web. As browser support for WebAssembly increases, it has the potential to change online development by giving developers the tools they need to build consumers’ web experiences that are quicker, more sophisticated and immersive .


8) Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality 

The web development trends of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are groundbreaking. The way users interact with websites and applications can be completely changed by developers incorporating AR and VR technologies. The use of augmented reality (AR) allows for immersive storytelling, virtual showrooms and interactive product presentations.  VR on the other hand delivers completely immersive experiences that transport people into virtual worlds. Both technologies increase user interaction and engagement, enabling businesses to present goods and services in unconventional ways. Future web development and digital experiences will likely be influenced by AR and VR as they grow and become more widely available.


9) Low Code Development 

The use of low-code development to speed up the web development process is growing in popularity. It entails using drag-and-drop interfaces and visual development tools to construct programs with minimal hand-coding. This development enables web developers of all skill levels to produce usable web applications more quickly and effectively. Companies can speed up their digital transformation, cut development costs and improve overall agility in responding to shifting market demands with low-code development platforms. The development of web apps can be rapidly prototyped and deployed thanks to this trend, making web development more accessible.


In conclusion, there is a significant change in web development as a result of new trends that promise to revolutionize both user experiences and business methods.  From Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) enabling seamless cross-platform interactions to Voice User Interface (VUI) allowing intuitive voice interactions developers are constructing increasingly appealing and accessible digital spaces. User happiness and personalization are being further elevated through the integration of Motion UI, Single Page Applications (SPAs) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). High-performance web applications made with WebAssembly also open up new possibilities, while Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) reinvent immersive experiences. By putting a strong emphasis on cybersecurity, privacy, and low-code development, businesses can prosper in this dynamic and cutthroat web development market. 


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Top 5 Things You Should Look For In a Games Development Company 

Do you have a game idea going on in your mind? If yes, you must be keen to turn your idea into a real game that is played across devices. With technology on the rise, the gaming industry is expected to reach USD 295.63 billion by 2026 as per reports. Now is the time to enter this market and let your idea rule! But the question arises here, how to choose the right company to develop your game? Well, while on a search you will come across the various options of games development in companies. But the key element here is to choose the right company that will work on your dream project. 

So, how will you choose the ‘one’? 

Here are the Top 5 factors that you should look For In a Games Development Company, before outsourcing your project – 

Company’s Portfolio 

Getting a synopsis of the company’s profile is crucial. You must go through their past projects, client reviews and of course social media channels to get a better understanding of the types of projects they develop. For how long they are in this industry is also a vital aspect. These are the first steps before appointing any game development company. For example, you can check out the radiant portfolio of GoodWorkLabs here. GoodWorkLabs has worked with premium clients across the industry and developed amazing applications and games that are played by millions.

Range of Game Development Services 

There are diverse games development services in companies such as Android game development, iPhone/iPad game development, HTML5 game development etc. So, you need to check whether their service fulfils your requirement or not. It’s even better if the company specializes in what you need! 

Working Process 

Choosing a company that discusses every single detailing with you will help you in the long run i.e following the agile method. Giving an overview of every step of development, keeping you updated while working and adhering to deadlines are the signs of a successful games development company. Before assigning your project, discuss all the points with the team and then go ahead. 

Technical Expertise of the Company 

While discussing your project with the potential games development company you should consider the technical expertise of the team that will work on your project. Gauge and understand whether they have hands-on experience in different frameworks, stacks, game engines etc. You should have one-on-one session with the team that will work on your project to get better understanding of their expertise, working methodology etc.

Games Development Cost 

Along with other elements, the cost of your complete project is an important factor before choosing the games development company. Well, no way the quality should be compromised in lieu of low cost. But the charges should be in accordance with the services offered. You must be having a budget in mind for your application development and that should match with the company you are thinking to liaison.

Choose GoodWorkLabs – games development company in bangalore

Considering the above mentioned factors will help you to find an ideal game development company. A good company can turn your ideas into reality, played by millions of users. So rather than going with just name, study the company profile understand their working methods and then finalise. You can checkout the portfolio of GoodWorkLabs and talk to our expert team to discuss about your idea. For more details. reach us out here!

What Makes A Mobile Game More Engaging?

With the change in the gamers’ demographics, mobile games have gained massive popularity. Gone are the days where games were restricted to young males who had little else to do in life. That is exactly why launching an engaging mobile game app can make you huge bucks. But, there is a twist. You must be able to retain user attention and make sure that they pay for your offerings. In order to attain that, you need to brainstorm strategies and choose the best ones during game development. 

Tips to make mobiles games more engaging

Making a good game is simply not enough. You need to make it more exciting in order to retain user attention. Here are some pointers that you can keep in mind to make mobile games more engaging. 

  • Create a unique story

It is without a doubt that a good story serves as a great motivator. Users want to know what is going to happen next. This will encourage them to continue playing the game. As a result, you will garner more usage, leading to an increase in revenue eventually. 

  • Add more levels

One of the most innovative strategies to keep the players interested is to add more levels. You must challenge the gamers while arranging the level in the order of difficulty. Start with easy ones and then add a little bit of difficulty with each stage. It will keep the users hooked. 

  • Easy to learn

For your mobile game to be successful, you need to integrate an excellent learning curve. That means that the first few levels need to be tutorial-types. After that, you must increase the level of difficulty. It is foolish to think that your audience can master the most difficult levels at once.

  • Encourage exploration

Plant surprises within the game and encourage users to click in random places. Make sure to place some rewards and bonuses in strategic positions. This will motivate the gamers to explore the game and pique their curiosity in playing the game.

  • Offer incentives

You can make the mobile game even more exciting by adding some incentives within the game. For instance, you are developing a racing game. Apart from dodging blockades, you can intrigue the users by placing some coins on the road. You can then let the users pay the coin for more lives. 

  • Integrate customization

Customization in the game can make it even more appealing to gamers. For instance, you can allow them to dress up their characters in various clothing styles. In the case of cars, you can offer different models with variations in colors.  It is the best way to grab user attention and retain it.

  • Play with friends

Make sure that your game has the option to include other people while one person is playing the game. It will encourage users to invite their friends to play the game. Moreover, it is one of the most efficient means for growing traffic organically. 


These are the tips that you can follow to develop intriguing mobile games. It is vital to understand the needs of your target audience and keep that in consideration while developing the game. Apart from making the game interesting, you must also focus on the graphics quality, placement of ads, and addition of music. But, to gain success, you need to choose the best game development company. Checkout GoodWorkLabs, based out of Bangalore, India. Their amazing team develops awesome games, for more details contact the team here. 

Components of Products In Game Development Companies In Bangalore

Mobile and computer games are reigning in the business with a type of game for every age group. There are mind games for the juniors, car and bike racing games for the youngsters and some intellectual and strategic games for the adults. The game development companies in Bangalore use the best artists and developers to produce games for the masses. But what we see and play is not a cakewalk! There are several important components that different artists work on and develop over time to present such masterpieces. If you want to be in the game development business and work for any of the game development companies in Bangalore, you should follow your instincts. Have a look at all the vital components used by these companies to crack your way through it! 

5 Vital Components of Game Development 

Game development companies in Bangalore use five vital components to develop different types of games for a diverse group of people. You must learn everything these components to make your mark. 

The storyline of The Game 

Every game has a story, whether it be racing, planting, memory games or fighting games. The plot of the game is what interests the players to connect with it. You can follow the principles of that goes behind games development to understand what they prefer the most in this aspect. 

Audio Files & Background Music 

Audio files and the background music of the games are what make them captivating. Some developers tend to use mild music, while some prefer funny and impactful sounds. If you can produce new music, you can consult the best game development companies in Bangalore to get the best game.

Characters Used In The Game 

The characters of the game create the essence of it and also the title, sometimes! If you know character sketching and painting, you can try contributing to this industry. Make the most of your talent by letting yourself in this world! 

Graphic Designs & Art 

Graphic designs, background building, sculptures, minor detailings, etc., are the elements of art in the games. GoodWorkLabs, one of the top game development company in Bangalore hires the best talent to do this job! 

Lighting Effects 

Lighting is the final touch that makes everything pleasant to the eyes. It can take some time to master this art form but the benefit will go a long way.


Get The Best Firm To Work On Your Project

GoodWorkLabs, the renowed game development companies in Bangalore have made some great contributions to the entertainment industry. GoodWorkLabs is a full-service game development company that will cater to all your core game components, be it iOS, Android, Windows, Mac or Web. We enjoy aiding our clients to turn their creative ideas into games and remove all hurdles that they may encounter in the development process, publishing in leading App Stores and go-to-market. Producers looking for some impactful contents can positively rely upon GoodWorkLabs to deliver the best game that is played by millions. 

Get in touch with our expert team and discuss your idea with us and we promise to turn it into an amazing game! Shoot us an email at – [email protected]

Superheroes & Gamification – Unleashing The Power Of Storytelling 

Games are fun. They keep users engaged, excited, and thrilled. The best games are built around themes, characters, and stories. A perfect mix of these three ingredients makes a path for a great level of gamification. Our MD, Vishwas Mudagal believes that the best way to do so is by having a superhero captured in a theme with a great storyline. He also believes that India is a land of superheroes and epic stories, therefore there are a lot of opportunities for brands to create their own ambassadors and gamify their content.

In an insightful talk at Ad Tech event, he shared his thoughts about the connection between superheroes, Indian mythology, and brand building. He iterated how these superheroes can be great ambassadors for the brands to hack the consumer’s mind.

Watch him talk here:


Vanaroid concept art - Last Avatar - GoodWorkLabs


How Does a Superhero Help You Gamify Your Content? 


Superheros Come With Epic Meanings 

Epic meaning simply means creating something that has purpose and motive. Meaning to say, a superhero always has a purpose, after all, with great power comes great responsibility. For instance – he could be someone who is fighting evil or restoring nature or persuading people to do good. This ‘epic meaning’ could be a problem that your brand solves. The answers to – what is the point of your business and why should people buy your product – will help you know the epic meaning for your superhero. Once people understand the wider importance of your product (purpose, goals, and missions) you can build game mechanics and storyline into this context. If you strike this well, people will know your superhero for his epic meaning, which is indeed your USP.


There Is a Powerful Narrative? 

All superhero stories have a powerful narrative. Building a strong narrative will help you strengthen the superhero character and keep your audiences engaged. After all, we all love good stories. That is what keeps people hooked and gripped to your content, product, and brand. However, when you choose a storyline make sure it is mindful, meaningful, and connects to your brand. Always remember to tell a story that has epic meaning for your audience.


Superheros Set Clear Pathways 

Remember that superheroes have the power to influence people, and therefore you need to have an in-depth approach to gamifying your content. You have set forth a problem, and you have a solution to it, but how does one reach that solution? When should someone choose that solution? Why should someone choose that solution? Answers to these questions will help you build a pathway that has an appealing narrative and strong storyline. Make use of your superhero to help people bring on the right path by showing the right narrative.


They Keep Things Social 

Humans are social creatures and so are the superheroes. All superheroes have an aim to benefit the society and world at large. Hence do not keep them away from real-world problems. Include them in fighting the real issues, this will help you create purpose-driven content for your business. Add elements that help people understand how does the superhero uses the product to help communities or societies grow at large. Doing this will add a human interest angle to your storyline and help people connect with your brand at a much deeper level.

Using the mentioned ingredients in the superhero storyline to gamify your branded content will help you target your audiences deeply and successfully persuade them. A holistic inclusion of these will help you transform your content into a meaningful engagement tool from being a mere add-on. Remember to keep all the essential parts in the place to have a powerful engagement engine that speeds your brand’s success in no time!


Should you be looking forward to gamifying your business, then reach out to us at +91- 9863077000 or [email protected] and our gaming studio will help you conceptualize, build a narrative, construct character, and develop an engaging product/content.


4 Tips To Increase Downloads For A Mobile Game

Boost Your Game Downloads


Tips ToBoost YourApp Downloads

We are living in a world surrounded by apps and games. For a developer it’s very hard to make a difference with his game and convince his potential users to download it. You need a plan and you need to follow some major steps to make your dream a reality. GoodWorkLabs brings to a few pointers to make it big in the gaming industry by increasing  your Mobile game downloads in the play store.

Make It Free

People don’t like to pay for things. We all know that. So if you’re coming into the vast world of app development with a mobile game that you know for sure is hot stuff but you’re charging $4.99 for it, then good luck to you, pal.

You’re starting what they call a cottage industry, which will ultimately end up as merely a footnote, a niche in the market. The bottom line is, you’re not going to get very many people paying for it; with the huge amount of apps available, you need to reach as wide an audience as possible; the best way to do this, straight off the bat, is to make it free. There’s a lot of really good free apps out there; unless your idea is the next Snake, you haven’t got a chance of catching people’s attention.

Build A Community

Engage your audience. You know they’re already going to be interested because your app is free, so you’ve got a connection already. The next step is about actual communication. Use the various social media platforms available to you; the best thing about this method is that someone else has already done most of the hard work for you. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, all of the big three giants have billions of combined users, and potential gamers, all available for you at one place.

That’s a lot of exposure if you can build the right channels. You need some hype around the game. Word of mouth is your ally here, as it is with any commercially viable commodity. Think about it this way; people are much more likely to rely on the words of their friends than the faceless advice of the internet. But how do you get those initial players playing? Via the internet of course. Get as many editorials flowing as you can, splurge on all the press you can get. Let the people know what your game is about, how you play it; give your audience some incentive to get involved. Twitter promotion is especially good for this, as you can market in a concise, precise way. It’s all about promotion and exposure is the name of the game.

Keep It Simple

This is an age old advice, but is still applicable. Complexity is death when it comes to apps. There have been several instances where you might have put down an app mere minutes after picking it up because you sensed an arduous and convoluted path ahead. A user should be able to understand the basic mechanics of a game within thirty seconds of picking it up. Whatever the genre of game, when it comes to handheld devices, simple will always be the way to go.

Again, look at Snake. The game is literally timeless, there are still apps being released today that rely on its basic premise. But the beauty of Snake is that games can be as quick or as long as you like. People carry their iPhones in their pockets; no one whips it out looking for a five hour long intense session of gaming. Bite-sized chunks are the order of the day.

Cross-Platform Is The Way Forward

Let’s be blunt,  limiting your game to just iOS or Android is not a great way to start proceedings. While the iPhone might have the edge on popularity, you can never tell which way the pendulum is going to swing; counter this by making your baby playable across all types of devices from smartphones to tablets. This might take a little bit of extra time in the development phase, but will pay back dividends once you get your app off the ground. Cross-Platform also suggests professionalism, while at the same time indicating that your game is universally enjoyable. The consumers will think, hey, if they’ve bothered to position it across all platforms, then they must have some faith in it! This also aids you in your marketing, the key tool for a grassroots campaign. Editorials will be keen to mention your cross-platform standing. When it comes to your Facebook and Twitter promotion, you can be sure that you’re appealing to 100% of your audience, and not immediately cutting anyone out. Double platforms mean double exposure.

Get hustling!


X-Box One Vs PlayStation 4

The Gaming Console Debate


Are you one of those ardent fans of hardcore gaming? Then you must have taken part in the never-ending battle: PlayStation 4 vs. X-Box One. A majority of prolific gamers enjoy participating in this debate and the interesting part is that it doesn’t seem to head towards a solid conclusion. Moreover, new gamers and gaming enthusiasts aren’t aware of the features that distinguish Sony’s product from Microsoft’s flagship offering.

A Complete Guide X-Box One Vs Playstation 4

X-Box vs. PlayStation – the Face-off

The original and initial versions of PS4 and X-Box One are no longer relevant. We can call them as technically outdated models. However, PS4 Slim and X-Box One S will help us point out the differences. As far as the price factor is concerned, both of them are available for $300. Since it’s time for identifying the differences, let’s do that on the following basis.

1.     Technical specifications

To understand and evaluate the functionalities of both these models, the first thing we should know about are the specifications. While X-Box One has 13.1 × 10.8 × 3.1 dimensions, its counterpart displays 12 × 2.09 HW, in inches. Both the models have an 8-core CPU with x-86 processors. PS4 gains a beneficial edge in this context. PS4’s processor supports ‘AMD Radeon Graphics Core Next Engine.’

2.     Design features

Compared to its counterpart, PS4 has a sleek, unique, and stylish appearance. The device is lightweight and has a stunning light bar on its sides. The console features a sloping design on the front as well as the rear end. On the other end, the X Box One happens to be a bulky and heavy box which leaves you wondering about the weight. Although it doesn’t have an unimpressive appearance, gamers will still opt for PS4.

3.     Connectivity and Ports

Connectivity is an important requisite for high-quality gaming. Gamers will wish to have bigger and better experiences while playing their favorite games. With more ports, they can connect the console to multiple devices. It’s right here that X-Box One surpasses PS4. The wider and greater selection of ports makes it a clear winner in this case.

A Complete Guide X-Box One Vs Playstation 4

4.     Performance

When it comes to evaluating two of the biggest gaming models, performance happens to be a crucial factor. While both of them can play some of the similar games, PS4 is slightly better than its counterpart. With a resolution of 1080p, PS4 can ensure unsurpassed experiences for gamers. However, we can’t say that X Box One is far behind. In reality, the performance of the console depends on the device it gets attached with. Considering the performance of 1st party titles and 3rd party games, PS4 earns a few more points in this department.

5.     Gaming controls

The controllers launched by both the companies can deliver smooth performance. It’s definitely a step ahead than the previous models and even better than DualShock 3. However, the DualShock 4 controller is an innovative development from its predecessors. The controller is hardy, handy, and easy-to-operate. Therefore, PS4 wins in this department, even though by a small margin.

Considering these factors, specifications, and parameters, PS4 seems to be the better option for avid gamers. However, it’s too early to make a final statement as tech innovations are continuously improving the gaming hardware sector and who knows which of these gaming platforms might win the day.

Game Of Thrones – Tech StartUp Edition

The Game Of Tech Startups


“In the game of startups, you either innovate or you die”

The year long wait for Game of Thrones is finally over. The most globally watched series premiered its 7th season yesterday and the wait has definitely killed us. ( Or some of the characters at least!)

We know Winter Is Finally Here.


We all know John Snow is a Targaryen, & Sansa finally re-unites with him. Cersei is bitchier than ever before and Tyrion, we all know he will be more badass this time around.

What about the dragons?

Well, you will have to wait and watch it for yourself.

As of now, we asked ourselves this red wedding sort of a  question.

If all characters from Game of Thrones applied to a startup, whom would you hire?


And the answer will provoke the North.

Tyrion Lannister as Co-Founder



Well, no surprises there.

If you were looking for a knowledgeable, forthright leader executing your ideas, Tyrion as a co-founder is nothing less than perfect. He knows to work like a log and shed any inhibitions while doing so. You will find a great advisor, a loyal friend and an extremely calculated risk taker in him.

“That’s what I do. I drink and I know things”

He is famous for drinking wine and eloquent dialogues. Don’t be surprised if your company goes viral with just his epic public speeches. Also, avoid being a Joffrey and you are good to go.

Varys as Advisor

“Any fool with a bit of luck can find himself born into power. But earning it for yourself, that takes work.”

He is the greatest advisors of all times. Considering the dirty games of Westeros, probably better than Dumbledore.

Admit it. However diminished, it was only when Varys escaped with Tyrion, you finally lost faith in the future of King’s Landing. It was like a nail in the coffin because we know with his network of birds, spiders and whisperers, his word is the ultimate deal breaker. If this is not enough, his conviction to preserve the realm irrespective of who is in power, makes him the foremost candidate for this role. Having him by your side will open a door of opportunities considering he is outspoken when needed, encouraging in the right way and projects a future based on knowledge and data.

Daenerys Targaryen as CEO




“Freedom means making your own choices”

Perfect addition to your board of directors, Dany is CEO material through and through. Having built an empire from nothing but a couple of Dothrakis, she has leadership experience like no other.

Listening to advice, caring for her team, taking nothing and no one for granted and knowing exactly what works in the best interest of her people, she ticks off all the checkboxes and creates some too. For example, she will be great at promoting and retaining the right people thus, building a great team balanced with knowledge, skill and loyalty.

If this was not enough, holding her dragons captive for the sake of her people put her on a different pedestal altogether. Forgiving yet ruthless, calm yet stormy, caring yet merciless, Daenerys is a perfect blend of character and class. Also, with her babies by her side, she can easily burn your competition into flames in no time.

Jaqen H’ghar as Developer





“Valar Codaeris. All men must code”

You barely know him. His name most probably might be an alias. Yet, his impenetrable aura makes you quietly respect and secretly revere him. Jaqen is highly skilled and extremely mysterious. With an ability to don lot of faces, this Faceless Man of Braavos is a perfect addition to your technical team.

He craftily crypted the passage to The House of Black and White and religiously followed the predefined syntaxes of Faceless Men. He built situational algorithms for his trainees and silently debugged the code of conduct of the world in an attempt to bring order to his world. He considers it his duty to serve through innovation.

Petyr Baelish as Marketing Manager/ Business Development



“Chaos isn’t a pit, chaos is a ladder”

Nakedly ambitious, cunningly resourceful and popular among his circles, he can easily pass off as a marketing manager or in business development. Creating favorable situations (killing Joffrey), running on a budget and finding loopholes to exploit, he is definitely the man you should be hiring for this role.

Being the popular man he is, resources and news come easy to him. Studying his character, will bring out the epiphany in age old adages like ‘make hay while the sun shines’ or ‘strike when the iron is hot’.

Tywin Lannister as Chief Operations Officer



“Do you really think the crown gives you power?”

If he were to send you a resume, it would probably begin with that.

And if you think this was impressive, wait to read his Experiences section.

Served as-

Hand of the King

Lord of House Lannister

Lord Paramount of the Westerlands

Lord of Casterly Rock

Warden of the West

Winning the Battle of the Blackwater, making Joffrey toe the line, befriending the wealthy Tyrells, conspiring the Red Wedding, thus, bringing order in King’s Landing was not easy; Tywin ensured control of this certified impossible task. If your sales, marketing, technical and directors need synchronization and smooth , it would be better if you expedite his hiring. Your Chief Operations Officer will be famous for being an untiring strategist.

Valar Dohaeris!

Should the Fitness Industry take the Gaming Route of Pokemon Go

Gamification in the Healthcare Industry

If you are in the fitness industry you would surely need a helping hand with maintaining a high level of motivation and engagement. Have you thought about using technology for this? Have you considered using gamification to keep the participants engaged for success? If not then this blog will tell you how to achieve this.

We make a case to accomplish this KRA through ‘Pokemon Go,’ an AR game which revolutionizes fitness in a unique manner. If you are wondering how ‘Pokemon Go’ proves to be the next big thing in the fitness industry, here’s what you need to know!

Introducing Pokemon Go

While fitness freaks already know about this revolution, some of them might be unaware of the concept. Let’s introduce Pokemon Go for those who haven’t been exposed to this addictive game. As a collaborative venture of the Pokemon Group and Nintendo & Niantic Inc, Pokemon GO happens to be a captivating Smartphone app.

Pokemon GO is an application built in the gaming format. By leveraging some of the essential Smartphone features such as camera and GPS, Pokemon GO merges the fictional world of Pokemon Gyms and Pikachus.

Players can play in the real world with these virtual creatures known as Pokemon. The player should have physical proximity to these creatures, as that is what makes it visible on mobile screens. By overlaying the Pokemon’s image on a video, this particular game involves players in the real world and in real-time.


With such a unique and innovative approach, Pokemon GO is surely riding quite high in popularity. The app has garnered great attention and ranks at the top of Google Play Charts and iTunes. The manufacturers had to stop its roll out in the European market, simply because Pokemon GO servers are overloaded to a great extent.

These reports clearly indicate towards the unsurpassed popularity of this gaming application. On that note, it’s high time to find out what it does for the fitness industry.

What’s in there for fitness freaks?

Some of the remarkable spots in Pokemon Go known as ‘gyms’ are places where players engage in competitions. These places correspond to physical locations such as monuments, gardens, and fountains which require the player to come out in the open and play.

Most importantly, this particular game makes players walk around a lot. The physical movements of the player help them advance in the game. As a result, Pokemon GO has successfully pulled out players out of their couch!

Fitness benefits 

With the help of this spectacular gaming app, fitness walks have become easier than ever! You no longer need to drive, cycle, or run to stay in shape. Pokemon GO has an innovative speedometer which measures your moves and stops counting distance when the speed is above 5 to 10 mph.

Quite unlike its contemporaries, the app also warns you and keeps you aware of your surroundings. Players will come across a PokeStop if they are too close to platform edges.

Parting thoughts

With such distinctive and unique features, Pokemon GO is undoubtedly emerging as the latest revolution in the fitness industry.

7 Most Anticipated Games of 2017


Games to watch out for in 2017:

2017 has arrived, and so have the new Games that are likely to take the excitement level of the gamers to whole new heights. Regardless of your interest in the gaming world, take a look at some of the games of 2017 which are expected to change the gaming industry forever.

  • Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (January 24, 2017)

The first name on this list is Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, which will release on January 24, 2017. In the latest version, the game developers have tried to undo the mistakes done in the Resident Evil 6 by introducing more bloodshed and action. The central theme of Resident Evil 7 will be survival horror, something which made the resident evil series a huge hit in the past.

  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (First Half of 2017)

Nintendo has taken a lot of initiatives in the recent past to regain the leading market share that once belonged to it. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is one such initiative, which is likely to turn the fortunes of Nintendo in 2017.


Seven Most Anticipated Games of 2017

  • For Honor (Feb 14, 2017)

Another battle game that demands fine fighting skills and a strong desire to survive. If you’re an action game lover and want to see Knights, Vikings and Samurai fighting with each other, ‘For Honor’ is the game you should wait for.

  • Prey (Early 2017)

Love shooting and think that there’s hardly anyone on the planet who can defeat you in the shooting games? Give a try to Prey and take your excitement level to newer heights. Created by famous Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks, Prey is likely to go live for Microsoft PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One users before mid-2017.

  • Sniper Elite 4 (February 14, 2017)

Ever since the initial launch, Sniper Elite has been getting positive responses from its fan base. The game has successfully created a unique niche for itself, which has significantly worked in its favor. The Sniper Elite 4 will be launched for PS4, Xbox One, PC users on February 14, 2017.

  • Halo Wars 2 (February 21, 2017)

It seems like February is the month of games in 2017. Halo Wars 2 is a “Wars” spin-off and has many features that the original game didn’t have. Plus it’s one of the very few RTS games that you can play using consoles. The creators have increased the multiplayer limit to six players and introduced a new enemy called “the Banished.” Halo Wars 2 will release on February 21, 2017.

  • Star Trek Bridge Crew ( Early 2017)

It was supposed to release in November, 2016, but things didn’t work out as per plans. Now, the game developers are all set to release this four-player VR game on March 14, 2017. Star Trek Bridge Crew is probably your best chance to get hands on experience of Kobayashi Maru simulation.

Are you an active gamer? If yes, then don’t forget to share your top pick of games in 2017.

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