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How To Bring Business And DevOps Together?

Modern IT business infrastructure is evolving at a lightning pace. Things need to be done ASAP, and meeting deadlines has become a norm. Matching this pace is a challenge for enterprises, and the ones who do, emerge victoriously. To fuel their modus operandi with speed and efficiency, businesses have incorporated DevOps. DevOps combines tools and a business’s underlying philosophy to provide deliverables fast and efficiently. For long departments have been working in silos, and DevOps dismantles this infrastructure and enables cross-platform databases to help them serve their customers better. Top companies such as Netflix, Facebook, Amazon, Walmart and others have opted for the DevOps route for higher productivity. 


“DevOps is not a goal, but a never-ending process of continual improvement.”- Jez Humble, Author of The DevOps Handbook. 


Here’s how a company can adopt DevOps and channelize its benefits into its operations:

  • Thorough Research:

DevOps might sound cool, but businesses should take a well-planned approach towards implementing it. Enterprises need to understand their value streams and point out the obstacles in their flow. Earmarking those problems and improving on them is the first step towards adopting DevOps. They should ensure strong communication and collaboration to eradicate differences between departments. 

  • Step-by-step Adoption:

It’s always one level at a time. Dismantling an existing process and adopting this fast and efficient model can bring grave repercussions. Earmark a point and move up or down the value stream to create a series of effective changes. This process creates an ecosystem for quality monitoring, feedback and custom changes. Each enterprise is unique, and the process adoption of DevOps completely varies accordingly. 

  • Not Overlooking Numbers:

DevOps can be incorporated based on the metrics which reflect the quality of operations. Some of the crucial metrics required for DevOps adoption are as follows:

  • Failure Rate
  • Recovery Rate
  • Production Time
  • Deployment Speed
  • Deployment Frequency
  • Automating:

The underlying philosophy of DevOps is agility and efficiency, and automation is the best card to play while adopting it. Businesses should integrate this “modern world phenomenon” by adopting a step-by-step approach. Automation should be implemented with research-backed codes that suit the company’s requirements and give the existing deliverables a facelift. Also, automation shouldn’t alienate any of the integral departments of a business and should keep everybody in a loop. 

  • Emphasizing Quality:

Speed and quality are an integral part of DevOps, and both should go hand-in-hand. During the integration process, it’s important to run regression and smoke testing to ensure quality deliverables. Companies can also implement automation in selected areas of testing to ensure a smooth run. 



DevOps empowers operations to the maximum level of efficiency. With leading companies using it, its reach will grow in the years to come when businesses adapt to a stronger, smarter and inclusive environment for working and churning out deliverables to the best of their ability. 

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Importance Of Saas In Your Business

Many industries have started relying on SaaS and it is so much more than just a trending buzzword. It’s gaining traction and companies are now embracing the next-best on-premise hardware and software development.

But what is SaaS? Abbreviated form of Software as a Service, ‘SaaS’ is a software delivery method where applications are hosted remotely by a vendor or service provider and are made available to customers over a network. With SaaS, a service provider multiplies the application at its data center and allows the consumer to access it via a very well-supported device. Users generally pay a monthly or annual service fee for this software, depending on the rendered service.

This article lists down a few important reasons as to why SaaS is actually needed for your business.

  • Scalability

SaaS solutions reside in cloud environments which makes them scalable, and one can use up and down base on specific needs. It also gives the flexibility to integrate with other SaaS offerings, turn on an additional set of components, choose the delivery model and change it as per your business needs. All because of flexible subscription-based licensing!

  • Security

Data security is now one of the most valuable assets of a company and a heavily invested industry. SaaS providers invest heavily in security technology, expertise, security, backups, and maintenance. They are well-equipped with the expertise and tools for the correct implementation of building proper security systems.

  • Speed

SaaS is pre-installed and configured. One can simply provide the server on the cloud, which deploys faster and in a couple of hours, the application is ready for use. This helps in bringing down the installation and administration efforts. Users can do proofs-of-concept and test the software functionality. It also allows smooth migration between different versions.

  • Customizable

SaaS applications are easily customizable and integrable with software like Gmail, Dropbox, or any software of choice. It allows the user to work on more than one document or module.

  • Cost-Effective

SaaS technology is one of the most cost-effective investments in businesses. It eliminates the upfront cost of installation, along with the ongoing maintenance costs. They are easily downloadable and the pay-as-you-go model gives ample freedom to the businesses to pay for only what they are using, saving money on heavily unused licensing. It is a boon for small businesses as it provides access to expensive, high-powered software on a fair subscription-based method.

Cloud computing is the future, and SaaS is one of the most integral parts of businesses today. It helps achieve increased and sustainable revenues. GoodWorkLabs is a leading company in India to provide SaaS solutions, with high-end digital platform strategies and services. Our latest technological services and tools including digital transformation, AI, and more, have been proven helpful to not only supply for the current demands but also prepare for the smart future. 

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Ways Business Leaders Should Prepare For 2022 And Beyond

2022 is a month away and the big businesses are gearing up for the New Year. Given the past two years, it has been difficult to predict the future. But what’s important is to hold the scope for change and prepare ahead, with the given knowledge and resources. We’ve transitioned from work-from-office to work-from-home and completely changed the way we function professionally. Now is the time for leadership to evolve with the changes and the needs of not only their businesses but also, their employees.

Organisations will have to be prepared to undergo new learning cycles and adapt themselves to these new challenges, not only to survive, but to succeed.” Head of HR, Healthcare, PWC India


  • Emphasis on the Work Culture 

Work-from-Home saw a huge change in the work cultures across the globe. On one hand, it revealed several loopholes in the way companies function and exploit their employees and on the other hand, it saw companies going the extra mile for the comfort of their employees, making sure they had access to amenities to smoothen the work process. That’s why it’s important to build a healthy work culture that accommodates the employees’ needs.


  • Communication is the Key

It’s important to make the employees well-aware and well-versed in the company’s policies so that the expectations are on the same page. With the onset of remote work culture, newly-joined employees feel more distant and alien to their companies due to lack of interaction and awareness of the space. That’s why the onus lies with the leaders to dive deeper into the motivational and inspirational needs of their employees and keep checking on everyone from time to time.

Employers need to find new ways to counteract the absence of face-to-face interactions or the loss of staples in the diary that are communication-driven, such as monthly town hall meetings,” says Yvonne Teo, Vice President of HR at ADP.


  • Revisiting HR Demands

The role of HR is getting exponentially bigger for the companies. They need to be backed with financial, analytical and technological resources to help retain the best talents in the company and also, relook at meeting the needs and inspiring the existing set of employees. Building the company’s image, portfolio and goodwill is also important to attract outside talent and become a leading benchmark in the respective industry.


  • Hybrid Model or Full Work-From-Office?

The hybrid model has been hugely considered by many big tech firms and businesses of multiple industries. According to a Microsoft report, 81% of workers want flexible remote work options to be maintained, while 75% want more in-person time with their team. This shows us that people have become comfortable with the future of the Hybrid Work Model. What’s important to know is your employees’ preferences as it is a great challenge to manage and integrate teams in the hybrid model. The sooner you decide, the better solutions and routes the company can come up with.



Overall, it is important to have a constant dialogue with your team in this world of ever-changing dynamics. With a plethora of employment options available in multiple industries, the true test of leadership would be to listen earnestly to your employees and maintain the best talents.

GoodWorkLabs is a leading company in India that provides high-end digital platform strategies and services. Our latest technological services and tools including digital transformation, AI, and more, have been proven helpful to not only supply for the current demands but also prepare for the smart future. 


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Nasdaq’s Bengaluru Tech Summit: Vishwas Mudagal talks about “Celebrate or Condemn Failure”

It was another great opportunity for our MD, Vishwas Mudagal to share his turn-around story at Nasdaq’s Bengaluru Tech Summit 2020. Donning many hats, he has always been fascinated about turning every failure into an opportunity and a success mantra. During the webinar, he spoke about his life instances which inspired him to write ‘Losing My Religion’. There was a time in his life when he was knocked down by challenges, but his ‘introspective’ nature helped him sail through the storms become the CEO of a Canadian MNC overnight. He believes that miracles happen if you introspect.


“Failures come in your life to make you better, they bring forth new opportunities to disrupt yourself. It pushes you out of your comfort zone, it makes you think practically. It is important for every individual to know how to turn failure into an opportunity and a success mantra. So, next time you fail, don’t worry. Just congratulate yourself for the failure, learn from your mistakes and reboot!”


– Vishwas Mudagal, MD, GoodWorkLabs

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