How Salesforce Development Services Are Important For Organizations?


Today organizations have realized the need to put customers at the centre of everything they do. And to serve customers better and delivering mind-blowing experiences to them is not possible without Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Salesforce CRM helps organizations worldwide identify new opportunities, manage and use customer data, drive marketing campaigns, and improve communications. Ultimately, it helps them drive more robust business growth.

Salesforce Development for Businesses Is Vital

Salesforce Development helps them to create useful software solutions. Let’s get into the top 5 Benefits of Salesforce Development for Organizations. Check out these five benefits offered by Salesforce Development Services:

You can create user-friendly applications

A Salesforce development company with expertise in Salesforce Development will help you build custom apps to meet a variety of needs of your business. The software will manage the process automation, data analytics, and regulatory compliance, customer support, etc. With Salesforce’s features and cloud-based architecture, it is possible for you to create solutions that define your business’ success.

Take better decisions and make forecasts

The other advantage offered by Salesforce development services is that you can keep a real-time track of your data and get a detailed understanding of the market, and figure out how your business is doing. Salesforce development enables you to get a clear picture of the entire ecosystem, use it to analyze your current performance, find ways to improve and make useful predictions.

Get better insight into your competitors

A professional Salesforce development service firm can help organizations analyze customers’ queries and responses. You also get to understand what competitors in your niche are doing.  

Save money, time and effort 

Salesforce development offers tailored solutions such as templates, drag-and-drop/point-and-click tools, personalized reports and embedded analytics. All of these capabilities enable users to transform their application ideas into reality quickly. 

Empower your Sales & Marketing teams

With Salesforce development, organizations can create useful calendars, dashboards, reports, etc. This enables companies to improve their conversion rates, close more deals, and increase their revenues and profits and also grab the right opportunities, It also helps them improve customer relationships; by serving them better.

Wrapping Up Salesforce Development Advantages

Salesforce development benefits the organization in many ways. But for that, you need to choose the right company for salesforce development services. It helps organizations to enhance collaboration and improve internal communications. Choose the amazing Salesforce development company, GoodWorkLabs, based out of Bangalore and Kolkata, India and San Francisco, USA. The company has an experienced set of team that will work on your application and will deliver the best solution to you. If you have a Salesforce Development project then come and discuss it with our team. Contact us now!


Top 5 Advantages Of Big Data Technologies For SMEs

Did you know that big data can help in increasing the revenues for small businesses? You might be surprised, but 61% of business organizations are of the opinion that big data enhances revenue by delivering crucial insights into consumer behaviour. With such information at hand, you can understand the needs and desires of your customers. 


What is big data?

In essence, big data refers to massive quantities of data. Moreover, it can be structured, collected, analyzed, and shared. It is basically all the information we develop, such as texts, emails, tweets, etc. Moreover, it is one of the best marketing strategies that companies can opt to improve sales and gain more customers. 


Benefits of big data for small businesses

Did you know that every 24 hours, humans produce 2.5 quintillion data bytes? To shift through the massive amount of data, businesses can take advantage of big data technology. With the best analytical tools, you can now have more knowledge about your customers. Check out the top five benefits that big data offers to small businesses. 

  • Improvement in customer service

One of the most advantageous aspects of using big data is to improve customer service. The real-time insights on customers aid in discovering consumer thought processes and behavior. Now, you can make the necessary changes to your customer approach tactics with ease. Personalization of your customer service will undoubtedly increase customer engagement. This, in turn, will drive up the sales. It is vital to note that the retention of customers can help the business to thrive. 

  • Increases efficiency

The usage of various digital tools aids in boosting the efficiency of the business. For instance, with the use of different social medial platforms, one can expand the brand visibility with ease. These tools, if used correctly, can be used to save time and money to a considerable extent. Moreover, you can also use big data to evaluate the finances and improve the pricing of the products and services. 

  • Enhanced loyalty and sales

Valuable information such as shopping preferences, etc., can aid you in knowing more about your customers. As such, you can now tailor your services and products as per the requirements of the consumers. Thus, you can provide whatever they want, thereby getting their attention. It is vital that you take advantage of the digital footprint and analyze it to hook in more customers. 

  • A better understanding of CRM or Customer Relationship Management

The utilization of CRM to reply to consumers promptly can ultimately aid in keeping them. For this, you can use personalized emails and ads to garner the attention of your consumers. As per research, one-quarter of Facebook and Twitters users are of the opinion that companies must respond to issues within an hour through the social media platforms. 

  • Easy team management

With the assistance of big data, it is now easy to manage teams and thereby increase the productivity of your business. Now, you have the information that you need to recognize employees who can contribute value to your business. With the aid of the best analytical data, you can ensure employee happiness and indirectly motivate them to work even harder. 


These are some of the advantages that big data technology provides to SMEs. Moreover, there are various ways these businesses can use big data to propel their sales. It is vital that you use the data to develop the personalization of services for your customers. 

So what are you thinking now?

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How Can Big Data Solutions Help Your Business Scale?

Big data solutions manage the large data sets of organizations, through which insights are gained and utilized. Big data gives you insight by the sheer volume of numbers and metrics. Big data provides enough scope and scale to present a clear picture of the data.  Through it, processes, customer behavior, logistical issues—all of these can be identified, segmented, and analyzed with big data. Further, when linked with tools like analytics and machine learning, your business gets the capabilities to make data-driven decisions. All of these combined can further elevate and accelerates your goals. 

So if you are thinking about how you can employ big data to help your business scale, you are at the right place. Read on to know more details about it – 

  • Gives better insight
  • Improves Productivity levels of your team
  • Make better marketing campaigns
  • Streamline the data to help every department
  • Give personalized attention to customers

Yes, leveraging big data solutions gives you all these benefits along with many other.

GoodWorkLabs, a Big Data solutions company, uses a mix of technologies to build a data science software platform for Analysts and Data Scientists to explore, prototype, and analyze tons of unstructured or structured data efficiently.


At GoodWorkLabs, the team is working on a multitude of technologies to help companies leverage their data and acquire new customers. We focus on creating a unified data platform to help businesses solve real problems. Right from creating an optimized platform to accelerate business performance to providing predictive analysis and customer insights, GoodWorkLabs offers innovative and customized big data Services for your business.


So if you are thinking in what ways your startup will benefit from big data, then let us show you some commonly used cases of Big data – 


Gives proper insights into the data your business produces and so you can put it to work. 

By analyzing the data correctly, you’ll get a multitude of insights that you can utilise in many ways. One of the ways is understanding the purchase data, if you are running an ecommerce business. It largely consists of records of orders, invoices, methods of payment, the timing of payment, and other data, etc. This information is vital to several different teams in an organization, like accounting, merchandising, inventory, supply chain, and others. From the marketing perspective, you can also utilize this data to help you recognize specific customer attributes, such as the frequency of purchases and, in some cases, budgets. 

Better Productivity levels

When the team has a set of data that properly denotes what areas need work, the team’s productivity level increases. As people have a clear idea on what to work and where to work, to get results. For example, knowing what people do with their devices makes it easy to understand the patterns of the target audience. You can also target people based on the device they use, such as phones, laptops, tablets, or other devices. You can also track a customer’s behavior on your own website. So, you get a lot of insights about your customers and thus can make efforts to please them. 

Improved marketing campaigns

With big data solutions, you can gain insights into the data collected from social media data channels. You get the raw insights and information collected from individuals’ social media activity on your pages. Social media data tracks how individuals engage with your content or social media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. It gathers all the metrics such as numbers, percentages, and statistics. This data will help you improve your marketing strategy and you’ll attain more in less budget. 

So what are you thinking now?

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5 Industries utilizing Big Data Analytics

The Big Data Industry

Most experts believe that Big Data is proving to be quite a Game Changer. The majority of the modern industries have started implementing it to their advantage, while some old school industries have started warming up to it. The advantages of Big Data are numerous; increase sales and cost cutting are some of them. To know more about which industries are best utilizing Big Data, read the lines below.

5 Industries utilizing Big Data Analytics

1.     Financial Markets

When data is one of your industry assets, it pays to invest in it. Financial data analytics has resulted in big payoffs for the companies implementing it. When real time data is of utmost importance it pays to invest in them. Hedge fund managers have been using Big Data Analytics for long in the form of cutting edge Data Science.

2.     Retail Banking

From the last 2 decades, retailers have started analyzing consumer buying behavior and data. They need to know the demand and supply equation, as retail is a season centric business. As thousands of pieces of data are collected in a given year, Big Data will help the information become more accurate. This, in turn, will help retailers accurately forecast demand and thereby buying that requirement of stock. The company will not only save on wastages, but it will also help to satisfy customer need as they won’t have to return due to lack of stock.

3.     Energy

Today developed countries have started using Big Data to balance loads, manage infrastructure and price energy products. The Alternate energy consortium has taken a lead regarding Big Data. The old school energy industries are slowly catching up to this trend. Smart meters are proving to a boon in this space, as it provides millions of pieces of data to the supplier and the regulator.

5 Industries utilizing Big Data Analytics

4.      Web Analytics

There are tremendous opportunities for Big Data in the web analytics field. With the popularity of social media, humungous amounts of data packets are generated. With Big Data we can know a user’s profile, how many times he logs in a day, where he has shifted his house. Also, you can find the user’s spending habits as well as the amounts of time he spends on a particular website.

5.     Mining and Natural Resources

Most mines are fully automated with sophisticated machines and Equipment. They throw up large amounts of data daily. Sometimes the size of a single day data is in terabytes. This Data can be suitably used to increase mine efficiency. It can also channelize to improve yield optimization and predictive asset management. The value chain in the mining industry can be further strengthened with the help of Big Data.

With this wide coverage, it is no wonder that ‘leaders’ within 900 organizations surveyed by IBM are 166% likely to make most decisions based on data. Big Data analytics will drive strategy and tactics around the data explosion that will continue to happen as we read this post.

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