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Understanding IBM Bluemix 0

Understanding IBM Bluemix

Posted by on Oct 18, 2017 in Product Development

IBM Bluemix – A Mix Of Amazing Things IBM Bluemix is a cloud platform as a Service based on open standards such as Cloudfoundry, Docker & Openstack. Bluemix comes in 3 deployment models – Public , Dedicated & Local. Bluemix Public is a multi-tenant where as Dedicated & Local are single tenant environments. Dedicated resides […]

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The NLP Paradigm 0

The NLP Paradigm

Posted by on Oct 17, 2017 in Big Data

The Linguistic Aspect Of Natural Language Processing (NLP)   Natural Language Processing is concerned with the exploration of computational techniques to learn, understand and produce human language content. NLP technologies can assist both human-human communication and human-machine communication, and can analyse and learn from the vast amount of textual data available online. However, there are […]

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Understanding Amazon Web Services 0

Understanding Amazon Web Services

Posted by on Oct 17, 2017 in Product Development

The Revolution Called AWS   Let’s switch back to the old ages. Imagine you are heading overseas for your travel endeavors. You have options to go anywhere but wherever you go, you need a place to stay.   Traditionally, you would have to build your own shelter upon arrival. You would cut wood for the […]

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Why use Apache Kafka as your Messaging System 0

Why use Apache Kafka as your Messaging System

Posted by on Oct 16, 2017 in Big Data

Apache Kafka – A Scalable Messaging System Kafka is a distributed messaging system that allows to publish-subscribe messages in a data pipeline. It is a fast and highly scalable messaging system and is most commonly used as a central messaging system and cnetralizes communication between different and large data systems. Image reference:   Advantages of […]

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Smart City Infrastructures Comments Off on Smart City Infrastructures

Smart City Infrastructures

Posted by on Oct 12, 2017 in IoT

Understanding Smart Cities   Imagine a city that has a nearly zero carbon footprint. It uses analytics to determine the best routes for electric mass transit systems, reducing traffic and carbon dioxide emissions. Crime is low due to gunshot detection systems and facial recognition systems. Large data sets and advanced analytics are used to deter […]

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