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Future of AR and VR in Businesses

Technology has taken centre stage in our daily lives and is making us more connected, efficient and smart. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are 2 of the biggest technological boons that are bringing a revolution to how we live, interact and basically every other thing that we, as human beings, do. AR & VR have brought forth self-driving cars, gaming headsets, and other commodities that are transforming human lives in a faster and better way. 

“I do think that a significant portion of the population of developed countries, and eventually all countries, will have AR experiences every day, almost like eating three meals a day. It will become that much a part of you.”- Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc. 

What are Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality? 

Augmented Reality (AR) implies augmenting or adding something extra to your existing environment like an overlay. On the other hand, Virtual Reality (VR) means creating an artificial environment with software that the user believes is a real environment. 

In addition to changing or transforming our lives, AR and VR are changing the modus operandi of businesses.

AR and VR in Businesses:

Let’s take you through a few industries and show you how AR and VR are transforming them: 

  • Fashion: 

AR & VR can help brands provide enhanced customer experience with augmented reality and virtual reality. Customers can shop from virtual stores and go for a 3D try-on. This experience can be enjoyed from anywhere anytime in the world and gives a lot of free hand to enterprises to experiment without bearing the risk of fixed capital cost. 

  • Healthcare:

AR and VR will turn out to be a boon for the healthcare industry with apps, software and devices that will expedite the treatment process and provide faster treatment. AR Apps are already in this game and are allowing doctors to diagnose the human body easily and view affected areas without incisions. 

The concept of virtual hospitals is also doing the rounds with the help of game technology and medical imaging processes. It will lead to hassle-free operative procedures. 

  • Tourism:

AR will hugely impact the tourism industry by transforming the tours and sightseeing, local experiences, and others. The best example is how Google helps us with navigation and spots when you scan the street. 

Tourists can translate street signs, get sightseeing advice, indoor navigation, and others through AR. 

  • Gaming:

Pokemon, Star Wars, Tetris, Minecraft, and the list goes on are the products of the booming gaming industry infused with VR. Gaming companies are coming up with ideas to make games interesting and help gamers to be “in the game”. AR/VR arcades are booming and provide a huge opportunity to be a billion-dollar industry. 


It’s not just these industries, but there are many which will reap the benefits of AR and VR. It will not only make businesses more accessible and competitive but also allow brands to explore new territories to provide a wholesome experience for their customers. 


The global AR is set to hit a record high valuation of more than USD 60 Billion, and on the other hand, the VR market will achieve more than USD 20 Billion during a couple of years. Businesses are looking to transform, and customers are gearing up for a better and smarter experience. AR and VR are bringing forth a revolution to how business should be done and making it an interesting space to watch out for. 

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How Small Businesses Can Leverage The Power of AI?

Artificial Intelligence applications are almost everywhere, unknowingly we use AI services every single day and have made it a part of our lives. The movie recommendations, social media feeds, and the voice on your phone are all examples of AI that already plays a role in your daily life and that of your customers.  It is projected that AI will be a game-changer for all industries in the coming years. As enterprises have incorporated AI into their systems and are doing quite good, but SMEs are still uncertain and not sure about potential use cases of AI for them. Small businesses still doubt whether AI can really bring a change in their business processes. As AI feels so accessible to consumers that it must be within reach of small business too! GoodWorkLabs, the renowned artificial intelligence company in Bangalore excels in providing AI solutions to enterprises as well as small businesses.


So if you are running a small business,  you must leverage AI and go ahead of your competitors. Let’s further delve into the four different ways artificial intelligence can help your small business to grow – 


AI Turns Your Data Into Action to Get or Stay Ahead of your Competition

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms are an essential tool for businesses of all sizes. They help you keep track of every interaction you have with your customers. If your business collects data on every customer interaction then AI can help you turn that data into actionable steps that can pay big dividends by putting you one step ahead of your competition.


Acquire Competitive Intelligence

AI can help you to gauze every bit of digital information your competitors produce, that too quickly and easily. Several tools have been created that allow you to keep tabs on everything your competitors do online, gather the data and then distill it into easy-to-read reports. These types of AI competitive intelligence tools let you gather much more detailed information faster, allowing you to respond faster and more efficiently to changes in your industry that could affect your business.


Automate Customer Interaction 

Chatbots are one of the most basic ways AI can directly help your small business. Whether it’s on Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp, you can now launch a chatbot with minimal programming skills. Instead of focusing on the tech, you simply need to consider what kind of things a user is most likely going to ask about and then develop a comprehensive script that can assist them. 

Customer-facing chatbots help you save a lot of time when it comes to frequently asked questions. The best way to get the most out of a customer-facing chatbot is to see if you can boil down your customer service calls to the five most commonly-asked questions. Basically, what do you routinely take care of that you might be able to pass off to a chatbot? The good news is that it doesn’t just make things easier for you, it also removes friction for your customers and makes it easier than ever before for them to make a decision to buy.


Free Up Your HR and Management Resources

Chatbots not only help with customer queries it also helps HR to stay away from redundant questions that are asked by employees again and again. To solve it, new HR chatbot solutions are being developed to help you streamline the routine inquiries and make sure your people are focused on what matters the most. If you spend a lot of time taking care of your team, it might be time to look into getting more help from an AI solution.


How can you leverage AI for your business?

AI has only begun to enter the workplace. However, it already shows great promise as a valuable tool that can not only save you time and money but improve nearly every facet of your daily processes. Artificial intelligence is popular for good reason and it can help you to accelerate your organisation’s growth and move ahead of your competitors.

Luckily, there are a number of solutions out there to help you run your small business faster and smarter than ever before. What you need is to recognise them and act on it. Are you still thinking about, how you can incorporate AI in your business? Then talk to our expert team at GoodWorkLabs. We will help you to double your growth! 

Why Should Your Business Embrace AI? Read Details

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the most revolutionary technology in today’s world and has the ability of machines to interpret data and act intelligently. AI can carry out tasks, based on data, similar to how a human does it.  We use AI in our daily lives, such as asking Alexa for the weather report and even social media platforms rely highly on AI. buying something that Amazon recommends, and unknowingly we have made it a part of our lives.


Large corporations have already leveraged AI but the major challenges come for the small and medium-sized enterprises. In the coming days, AI is bound to play a dominant role in our lives. Many artificial intelligence companies have understood AI’s potential, and have incorporated it.  GoodWorkLabs, an artificial intelligence company in Bangalore has a team of experts who are skilled to incorporate AI into your business systems.


You must be thinking, why should your business embrace AI, and how it will help you?


Here are the top five benefits of AI that makes it beneficial for businesses around the world – 


1. Automates Customer Interactions

AI enables companies to automate any repetitive tasks many customer interactions that require human intervention. Artificial intelligence companies leverage AI to program the computer so that it responds to customers by using previous details accurately. This includes communicating via email, social media conversations, telephone calls, and online chat. Furthermore, by combining AI with machine learning, the platforms interact even better. Thus the regular tasks that can take up a lot of time and workforce are simplified by leveraging AI in the business process. 


2. Gives personalized solutions

AI helps in personalized marketing and gives preference to each customer.  A personalized approach to consumers increases engagement, customer loyalty and results in brand promotion and improving sales. AI also helps to identify patterns in customers’ buying habits and behavior. This further allows companies to craft specific offers for individual customers. Cloud-based AI apps can even find out relevant pieces of information while processing big data. 


3. Stay ahead of the competition

With AI becoming a part of our daily lives, every business in the coming days will implement it and AI will become a more affordable and common technology. So now is the right time for your business to implement AI It will not only give you immense benefits but also will attract customers to your business and build your brand.


4.AI will help in conducting market research

As AI has the ability to predict outcomes based on data, it will help in both the present day and for future needs. By implementing an AI strategy in your market research, businesses can benefit from the data procured of the market trends. If you want your business to stay ahead of the competition, you must implement them and use AI to grow.


5.AI fuels other technology trends

AI is the base on which various other technology trends are built, such as virtual reality, chatbots, facial recognition, autonomous vehicles, etc. Without AI, all these advances were not possible. AI, along with machine learning, has brought about a significant change in the technology industry. 


Now Use AI In Your Business Process. Contact GoodWorkLabs

Whether you are in the eCommerce business or any other product or service-related work, you must know how AI can help you succeed further.  Talk to our experts and understand how artificial intelligence can help you grow. GoodWorkLabs, a renowned artificial intelligence company in Bangalore, will help you figure out where to apply AI. Shoot us an email at – [email protected] to discuss further.



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