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5 Advantages Of Outsourcing Technology Talents 

Today, businesses (big or small) are looking to cut down on the operational costs until they recover the losses occurred during the pandemic. Minimising the expenditure will be their key motto. Therefore, many companies will look at outsourcing a few key talents for their projects and assignments, for it is the most cost-effective operational strategy.

Due to the worldwide pandemic, in the past few months, we have observed an increase in the consumption of technology by every sector. Now every company will adopt technology to be in line with their competitions and survive. From manufacturing to financial services firms to non-profits all will hire more technology and IT talents. The mass migration to cloud computing, remote and virtual working will require experienced technology talents with right skill sets. Therefore, technology is one of the top domains that businesses will outsource to different companies. From small to big, all corporates have been opting to choose to outsource IT services for many different reasons. Before choosing to outsource any talent, companies should weigh the benefits of the services provided by the outsourcing partner.

5 Advantages Of Outsourcing Technology Talents 

Apart from being cost-effective, here are some of the benefits of having outsourced technology talents:

Experience and Skills

Investing in the services from a trusted and dependable technology service provider will bring in the change and help you grow with the guidance of top-tier technology experts. The external team will possess in-depth expertise with excellent skill sets in the technology domain. The experienced talent will defiantly add value to your project and operations by applying their knowledge to your business processes right away.

GoodWorkLabs’ technological knowledge and the team’s capability to understand the know-how of every business seamlessly is key to offering the solution that best suits the companies. This mix allows us to offer the technological profile that best fits the requirements of each project.

Increased Productivity 

By having an industry specialist in your team, you can be sure that your work will be done to the T with zero monitoring and micro-managing. This will shorten the time needed to complete the projects and thereby finish them in time. Having a highly-skilled expert will only fasten the processes, boost the performance, and yield better ROI.

Focus on core operations

By partnering with an experienced service provider, the companies and businesses can focus on the core – the revenue generation part of their business. This will help them concentrate on their business objectives more effectively. It is very common that businesses, where technology is not their core get distracted by applying more energy and time in understanding technology. While technology is relevant for their company, it is outside their business goals, therefore, for situations like these, outsourced technology companies come to the rescue. They can help business managers to focus their energy on areas within their competencies.


Small businesses that do not have a specialised IT security team needs a bit of expert advice on how can they protect the company data from cybersecurity threats and hackers. If you have an external technology partner, they can assist you in protecting assets against digital thefts by using innovative and advanced cybersecurity tools. Traditionally, implementation of the cybersecurity infrastructure is often expensive, therefore having a technology partner can help you eliminate these costs.

Risk Mitigation 

Ever thought what happens when you do not get desired results from the technology talent you outsourced? Worry not, they can be replaced with no or minimal added charges. Helping their clients to be aligned with technology, the outsourcing partners help companies meet their expectations through all odds. Even if the talent leaves the company before the end of the project, the outsourcing partners start looking at alternatives at no added cost.

If you are looking to outsource technology talents, then let us introduce you to the top technology outsourcing company – GoodWorkLabs. GoodworkLabs helps you with all the technical requirements that you may have, from developing an app/software product to staff augmentation. Also, during this ‘work-from-home’ and quarantine time, we can help you with remote developers who can assist you in your projects and do some great work together! Should you require any more info on our offerings then reach out to us at +91- 9863077000 or [email protected].

5 Misconceptions About Women Returning to Work after a Career Break

In the corporate sector, it is not rare to come across ambitious women struggling to return to their “once flourishing careers”.


You will agree that there is some disconnect when it comes to women willing to resume their career after a sabbatical and the jobs available at a particular time in various companies. A fundamental reason to which can attribute this issue is the presence of many myths and misconceptions built over time.

These misconceptions lead to the undermining of this experienced, talented and hard-working pool of well deserving female candidates.




Here are some of the misconceptions related to the women who return to work after a considerable career break:


There is a Huge Difference between Work Flexibility & Part-Time Job

The University of Edinburgh Business School researched in 2015, showing that more than 70% of the participants looked for a job with a certain degree of work flexibility. Flexibility, however, is not the same as a part-time job.

‘Part-time’ is now considered as a supposedly derogatory word, taken in the same breath with the jobs less organized in their strategy, have low status, and are taken up by people not ready to commit to a particular position fully.

It is high time that we ensure to keep more focus on the value they bring and deliver, rather than looking at the clocks repeatedly to find out the amount of time they are present in the office.

It can be quickly sorted out to think about the actual output and offer flexibility as to when and where the allotted work gets completed.

As a firm, it is essential that the people at the upper management show a healthy amount of trust in women and consider offering them a considerable degree of flexibility. If women employees can meet their work deadlines and commitments with managing their home and family as well, there is no harm to make things a little eased out for them.


Women Returning to Work after a Break, lack Confidence (Really?)

Many times it is felt that once a woman returns to work after a considerable gap, the previous level of confidence goes amiss. Hilariously, the exact opposite of it is true. Through their role, these women have accumulated a life experience like no other.

These women have managed all kinds of big and small events, and have also taken a lot of varying emotions head-on- illness, grief, relocation to other cities and countries, and raising children as well. It all makes them durable, ensuring that they will be remaining unfazed in critical situations.

The moment you throw a challenge at them, be sure that they will chalk up an effective plan pretty quickly. Quite a good number of women mentioned confidence as an issue to their triumphant return after a long break.

Rather than the lack of confidence, when there is a career break of a few years, there is quite a lot of catching up to do in terms of trends. For instance, if a woman took a break of about five or seven years, she might have to cover up a lot in the area of digital marketing. It is an area that has witnessed an increase in the last few years.

Women can then get back to the present by taking up relevant courses to get up to speed. This will only boost the confidence, showing how it can be a pleasant prospect not to undermine women, but let them work at their full potential.


Women taking a Career Break are Not Ambitious!

Any individual gives a lot of thought before taking a final call on returning to work after a considerably long gap. Returning to work requires a vast amount of effort on their part. Trying to take care of the gap created at home, looking after the financial calculations once again, and not to mention getting another excellent job of course.

Women returning from a long break do not lack ambitions in any aspect. On the contrary, women prefer self- actualization in such a situation. Women continuously look out for challenging tasks, where they can test their intellect and stay surrounded by like-minded people.

A majority of women aspire to be role models for their children, more importantly, their daughters. These women also want to make a difference with the long years they have to contribute to their professional careers.

Some women find it better not to take up any job if they think that the tasks will not be challenging enough for them. It is where they feel that their impact will be more pronounced, is the job they will always take up, making their return to work life more visible and active.


Only Maternity Break qualifies for an unavoidable Career Break

Not every woman is returning to work after a maternity break. There are plenty of other reasons like family relocation, redundancy, care of elderly relatives, and even starting up a new business for stepping away from their corporate life.

It is important not to ditch the image of women as mothers who leave their established jobs to look after their babies. In real life, things are never as regular and predictable as they seem to be.


Women Returnee have Diminished Skill Sets as compared to the ones with No CareerBreak

A lot of people tend to assume that the working skills of women become irrelevant after they have been away taking care of other things in their life. What is missed here is that the wisdom, knowledge, and experience they gain from being apart from their usual workplace only makes them come back to the corporate table with a lot more value. Breaks can recharge, refresh and bring about a new focus for the company business.

It also becomes easier to develop new skills and apply them to increase the growth and productivity of the organization. Sticking to the old stereotypes will only block an excellent company asset in women contribute to the sustenance of the company.

There is no substitute for the right talent and skills. And, as an organization compromising on those skills while hiring leads to self-destruction. However, judging a candidate based on their Valid career breaks instead of evaluating them on their skill sets & past work experience, will only hinder your growth as a brand, as a company, and as managers too.

At GoodWorkLabs we promote Diversity at Work, in the form of gender equality, age, religion, past work experience & much more. For us, a candidate’s skill sets, attitude, energy & confidence comes before anything else. We believe in providing equal opportunity to each deserving candidate irrespective of the stereotypical factors, be it for in-house hiring or for Staff Augmentation.

If you think you have promising capabilities to be a part of such open non-judgemental work culture, Join Us today!

At GoodWorkLabs we celebrate attitude & compassion above everything else!

During the Annual Day celebration, GWL identifies & honors the Real Superstars across levels & departments.


On our annual day celebrations, everyone was taken by surprise. Many had tears in their eyes.

We were awarding star performers of the year with ‘Superstar Excellence Award’ & towards the end we called our security guard Nazir on stage to collect the award. When we announced his name, he couldn’t believe it. Neither could most of our employees.



Nazir is a tireless & most selfless human being. For the last 4 years, for him everyone working in our offices comes first & he comes last. He is ready to help anyone, whatever it takes. I don’t have words to express my gratitude towards him. The least we could do was give him the highest award of the year.

He was ecstatic to begin with, but when we gave him a mike to speak, he was in tears and so were many of us. He couldn’t believe a security guard would be given an award on par with other employees.

This is the culture we foster at GoodWorkLabs. It doesn’t matter what designation you carry, we value basic human traits beyond anything else & honour them. My hope is we can create a thousand Nazirs in the years to come.

My best wishes to Nazir! He deserves this award more than anyone else! Please join me to congratulate him!

Wish to be a part of such an amazing team which gives each employee an equal opportunity to grow & to prove their caliber? Check out our current openings and Apply Now!

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Walk in drive for Java developers (Spring boot and Microservices)

GoodWorkLabs is conducting a massive walk-in drive on Saturday, 26th January between 10 am and 1 pm.

We are specifically looking for Java Developers who have a working experience of Spring boot and Microservices and has good knowledge of data structures, distributed systems, and algorithms.

Java Developers walk in drive

Walk-in details:

Date: 26th January | Saturday

Time: 10 am to 1 pm

Venue: GoodWorkLabs, 4th floor, Akshay Tech Park, EPIP Zone, Whitefield, Bangalore – 560066.


Why you should join GoodWorkLabs

GoodWorkLabs is one of the fastest growing technology companies in India and is also a Google Certified Agency. We have been ranked as the 3rd Fastest Growing Technology Company by Financial Times in 2018. Right from Startups to Fortune 500 companies, the best of the brands have trusted GoodWorkLabs for all their technology requirements.

If you join GoodWorkLabs, you will get the opportunity to accelerate your career to the next level. You will get hands-on experience in working with top clients and will also work on the latest trending technologies.

Come attend the walk-in interview on 26th January 2019 at 10 am and give your career a boost


Walk-in Interview for UI Developers

GoodWorkLabs is hiring and we are conducting a massive interview drive for UI Developers at  Apttus Software Private Limited – Bangalore.

This is your chance to boost your career and work on some amazing projects.

UI Developers interview

Walk-in details: Saturday 24th March | Time: 9 am to 2 pm

Job Description: UI Developer

1. Should have a minimum of 3 years of work experience

2. Should be proficient with Angular JS, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3

3. Have an enterprising attitude and be a goal-getter.


Walk-in Interview details:

Date: 24th March 2018 | Saturday

Time: 9 am to 2 pm

Address: Apttus Bangalore Office, 5th Floor, Salarpuria Touchstone Sarjapur, Varthur Hobli, Outer Ring Rd, Marathahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560103

Contact Person: Malar

Contact number: 9739691607


If you are looking for that ONE chance to give your career a boost, then drop by for an interview and walk out as a Technology Superstar!

7 Tips To Start Your Career In Data Science

How to start your career in Data Science

Data science is known to power up business value across industries like financial, healthcare, and technology. Professionals in this field empower the management to make better data-backed decisions and help unlock opportunities previously hidden. If you want to start as a data science professional then this field is extremely lucrative for you. However this move can reap rewards only when you approach your career in a strategic manner.

Interested to know of some handy tips when you are starting a career in data science? Then this post will help you

career in data science

1. Examine the multiple roles in data science

The first thing you need to do is examine the roles that are available in the data science sector. Some of the key roles include machine learning specialist, data engineer, data visualization specialist and others.

Choosing the correct specialty is extremely important. You need to match your role with the work experience and the background that you have in your career. Hence, it would be wise to gather information regarding each and every role of the industry and match your qualifications and expertise to select the best one for yourself.

2. Obtain skills for the role

The next thing you should do is to start looking for the educational courses that can help you prepare for the role you have selected. For that, you need to take a course that suits your interest. The theories can help you learn the skills and prepare for the challenges of the career. But make sure you are selecting a reliable course to obtain the skills.

7 Tips To Start Your Career In Data Science

3. Get in touch with industry specialists

Surrounding yourself with experienced professionals is a great move to keep yourself motivated and grow continuously. Though it can seem a little difficult at the beginning, you will eventually start interacting with more and more specialized people.

You can start by interacting with the specialists on social media and indulge in a valuable technical discussion in your niche.

4. Merge theory with a practical approach

Data science is not only about technical theories. The practical approach is extremely important if you are looking for a long term run in the industry. You need to grow your practical knowledge of the work that is required in the industry. For that, you need to spend more time in practical applications through different working opportunities.

5. Work on your communication capabilities

Just because you are in a technical field, doesn’t mean that you should stop yourself from obtaining better communication capacity. The data science industry offers an immense level of positive career growth to the professionals with strong communication skills.

6. Gather resources for current trends

To stay ahead in the game, you need to present yourself as a modern and well updated professional. Only then, you can expect companies to put their faith in you. So, keep on gathering resources regarding the current trends. Also, join a peer group online where you can share knowledge about data science tools and resources – Reddit is a great place to start with. Also, attend webinars and online sessions that help you stay updated on the current trends.

7. Choose the right tool or language

Choosing the right tool or language could be a difficult decision, but we suggest that you use the widely used tool / language to begin with. In this way, it will also be easy to find resources and tutorials online. It is imperative that you understand the concept rather than focusing just the right tool. Start with the coding language that you are familiar with and slowly begin to build on it. If you are new to coding then you should prefer GUI based tools to get started off with.

Challenges will come your way. But amidst all this, it is your motivated approach that will help you in conquering all those challenges. So, keep on trying and making your way towards desired success. If you are an upcoming data science professional then these handy tips will prove to be vital in giving you a good foundation to a successful data science career.

Hiring for Java Team Lead

GoodWorkLabs is hiring Java Team Lead Professionals

Are you some one who has a flair for technology and are good at handling large teams? Then we have the right position for you!

We are looking to hire talented software professionals for the role of Java Team Lead and are conducting a massive walk-in interview on Saturday, 28th October from 10 am onwards at the GoodWorkLabs office in Whitefield, Bangalore.

Java developer jobs

Skills and Expertise required:

  • Java development and team lead experience
  • Big data experience is plus
  • Object-oriented analysis and design.
  • Object-oriented programming and component-based development with Java.
  • Enterprise software development and leadership experience.
  • Customer service-oriented attitude, top-notch time management, and quality driven designs.
  • Experience with Spring, Hibernate, SQL, JSON, REST, web services, relational and document-oriented databases.
  • Knowledge and experience in working with APIs and SOA services.
  • Knowledge of secure coding standards.
  • Experience with Agile software development methodologies.
  • Experience with Eclipse or IntelliJ IDE’s, various plug-ins, Maven, Nexus, Git.
  • Experience with continuous integration environments like Jenkins or TeamCity.
  • Experience in Kafka and Cassandra is added advantage.
  • Should have 5+ years of work experience

We are looking to on-board candidates who can join immediately or have a 15 days notice period

At GoodWorkLabs, we work with the biggest clients to create awesome technology and software products.

Attend the walk-in interview and WOW us with your technical expertise!


Time and Venue details:

Date: 28th October, Saturday

Time: 10 am to 2 pm

Venue: GoodWorkLabs, 4th floor Akshay Tech Park, EPIP Zone, Whitefield, Bangalore – 560066

In case you are traveling this weekend but don’t want to miss out on this opportunity, then send us your resume to [email protected]

All the Best!

We are Hiring HR Recruiters (IT)

Walk-in interviews for HR Recruiters (IT field)

Are you someone who can easily spot talent?

Are you a go-getter and have amazing people management skills?

Then we want you!

GoodWorkLabs is looking for experienced HR recruiters in the IT field who can work on head hunting people for latest IT technologies.

Goodworklabs careers

Job Description (HR Recruiter)

  • Should have an experience between 3 years and 7 years
  • Must have worked on recruiting activities for IT technologies such as Java, Angular, iOS and Android app developers etc.
  • Experience in conducting mass HR drives to meet targets
  • Should have good attitude and must have great people management skills
  • Responsible for complete end-to-end IT recruitment activities.

Preference will be given to candidates who can join immediately or within 30 days

If you think you perfectly fit the bill, then just drop in for an interview:

Date: 28th & 29th Sept, 2017

Time: 10 am to 5 pm

Venue: GoodWorkLabs, 4th floor, Akshay Tech Park, EPIP Zone, Whitefield Bangalore

You can also send in your resume to [email protected]

All the Best!

Top 10 Traits of a Good Programmer

How To Be A Good Programmer


Are you an ardent lover of programming languages and love your role as a programmer? Then you must know that anyone who can write programs is not a programmer. The underlying reason is simple – good programming goes beyond the mechanical activity of typing. A programmer is an individual who not only can write precise code but can also understand and visualize the software that is required by the client.


Here are a few traits of a good programmer:


  • Thinking capacity

Thinking comes before writing even a single line. You need to think out questions like

Does my software fit into the business solutions?

How easy it is for a client to use it?

Can it scale up without any glitches or downtime?

Is it safe from hackers?  And many more!

Top 10 traits of a good programmer

  • Embrace the Change

Software development is a volatile area that keeps evolving with every passing day. So you should have the urge to learn new languages/platforms and apply in real world for a stable growth as a coder.

  • Go for trial and error

Write a code, compile and run, and see the output. Now delete each line and re-run. You will be able to see the effect of each line of program and this will help you have a far better command over the language.

  • Knowledge of everything

If you are a coder, you can’t be a chooser! For example if you know HTML you should have a knowledge of Javascript or PL/SQL too! This would widen your horizon and make you evolve better as a programmer with stellar credibility.

  • Have knowledge of basics

You must have basic knowledge of computer science such as OOPS concepts, database technology, UI/UX, and design. If needed, you can go for a certification course too!

  • Use the tools

Use developer tools or browser tools that can reduce your debugging time. You can also check out version control systems for own development.

  • Explore others codes

Learning from others codes would give you a ready reference and thus you can learn the programming language faster. Look for open source projects for better solutions.

  • Lead from front

Try to write the code in front of your juniors. This will earn you respect and also build your confidence to face awkward questions, if any.

Top 10 traits of a good programmer

  • Help other coders

When you do so, you get help from others as well. Discuss your difficulties with others and try to solve their issues as well.

  • Have patience

Don’t lose patience because learning and holding grip on programming languages takes time. Hence you must possess the perseverance and zeal to continue learning even if you don’t succeed at the first go!


Programming is not everyone’s cup of tea! A good programmer can build a good software that adheres to the requirements given by the client including all the constraints set by him/her. The developed software has to be validated, verified, optimized, extensible, reusable, and of course, be cost effective and elegant. Your tools and methods would simply be a way to reach to this goal! Have the passion and dedication to be a programmer and write good code to build constructive software systems.

Hiring Angular 2 Developers and Front-end Developers

Job openings for Angular 2 Lead & Front-end Developer

We have 4 job openings for Angular, Angular JS and Front-end Developers and are looking to hire some of the talented minds out there.

If you are looking for a challenging career opportunity and want to work on building some amazing tech products, then send in your resume to [email protected]

Goodworklabs careers


Job description for Angular 2 Developer

1) Should have minimum 3 years of work experience.

2) Excellent programming skills in Javascript, Jquery, HTML 5, CSS3, Angular 1 and 2, Ionic Framework

3) Must have proficient knowledge of software development methodologies and life cycle

4) Excellent verbal and written communication skills

5) Ability to work independently and also part of the team

6) Education qualification: B.E/ B.Tech / M.Tech


Job Description: Front-end Developer

1. Should have a minimum of 3 years of work experience

2. Should be proficient with Angular JS, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, React, Emben, Typescript

3. Have an enterprising attitude and be a goal-getter.


Preference will be given to candidates who can join immediately or within 30 days!

If you are passionate about technology, then a career at GoodWorkLabs will definitely help you follow your passion!

All the Best!


Ready to start building your next technology project?