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The Evolution of Web Development: From HTML to Progressive Web Apps

Since its inception, the field of web development has undergone a remarkable journey of innovation and reinvention. From the early days of static HTML pages to the immersive experiences of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), the development of the web has evolved throughout time, reflecting both the quick advancement of technology and the constantly shifting expectations of users . This blog explores this fascinating development, tracing the route from HTML to the world of PWAs.

1)Laying the Foundation: The HTML Era 

  • The introduction of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) in the 1990s laid the foundation for modern web development.
  •  HTML gave web pages a basic structure by utilizing straightforward tags to format text, incorporate images and create hyperlinks.
  •  Early webpages lacked intricacy and were largely static. To organize content HTML had to be mastered for designing.
  •  The development of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), which separates content from aesthetics, gave developers more power. 
  • This division made it possible to precisely manipulate the visual and layout elements. Developers could now adjust the visual design of websites without changing the content itself. 
  • The foundation for dynamic and aesthetically pleasing web experiences was created by the symbiotic evolution of HTML and CSS, paving the way for the ongoing advancement of web development. 

2)Interactivity and Dynamic Content through JAVA Script 

  • The introduction of JavaScript in the mid 1990s revolutionized web development. 
  • It facilitated the transition from static web pages to dynamic web apps by enabling developers to add interactivity and dynamic elements to websites.
  •  Without requiring a full page reload, websites may now respond to user inputs, validate forms and change content.
  •  This crucial development signaled a turning point in the development of the web
  • This growth was further expedited by JavaScript libraries and frameworks like jQuery, which made development simpler and sped up the process. 
  • This time period created the foundation for today’s web environment, where dynamic content and easy user interaction are now fundamental elements of the online experience.

3)The Rise of Dynamic Web Applications 

  • Dynamic web applications first appeared in the early 2000s, combining HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create visually appealing user interfaces. 
  • Notably, the introduction of AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) was revolutionary since it made server data retrieval possible without requiring page reloads. 
  • This innovation sparked the growth of web apps like Gmail, which enable users to browse emails conveniently on the same page. 
  • Because AJAX is asynchronous, developers can create experiences that are more responsive and fluid, moving away from static web pages. 

The Evolution of Web Development: From HTML to Progressive Web Apps


4)The Era of Responsive Design 

  • Due to the increased use of mobile devices, web designers now had to adapt websites to different screen sizes and orientations.  
  • Responsive web design, a crucial idea that encourages the production of flexible websites that dynamically reconfigure their structure and content to suit users’ devices, was born out of this situation. 
  • Whether a user was accessing the site via a desktop, tablet or smartphone, responsive design was important since it could guarantee user pleasure by delivering consistent and optimized experiences. 
  • The resulting harmonization of digital experiences and alignment with users’ changing expectations signaled a paradigm shift in web development.

5)Web Development Frameworks 

  • Web development frameworks came into being as a result of the requirement for efficiency and standardization. 
  • The three most prominent frameworks that introduced the idea of component-based architecture are Angular, React, and Java
  • This innovation made it possible for developers to create complex web apps more quickly. These frameworks promoted code modularity and reusability by making it easier to create reusable components.
  •  They also streamlined development operations by simplifying the processing of program state and user interfaces. The consistency and scalability of projects were improved during this transition, which represented a turning point in online development. 
  • As a result, instead of wrestling with the complexities of creating apps from scratch, developers could concentrate more on creating new functions, changing the course of online development.

6)Progressive Web Apps(PWA): Bridging Web &Mobile Apps 

  • PWAs were created to satisfy the growing need for app-like interactions on the web.
  •  PWAs combine native mobile app immersion with online accessibility to combine the best aspects of both worlds. They include features like push alerts, offline accessibility, and improved speed. 
  • A key PWA technology that enables web pages to cache resources and operate offline is the service worker. 
  • With this invention, web development will no longer require online connectivity, as it did with traditional web development. 
  • By providing seamless experiences regardless of connectivity, successfully bridging the gap between online and native applications and altering user expectations for web interactions, PWAs represent a paradigm shift.

Key Characteristics of PWA 

  • Offline Access: PWAs use caching techniques to keep vital assets on hand so users may access material even when offline.
  • Responsive and adaptive: PWAs are responsive and adaptable, offering a uniform user experience across platforms regardless of the device or screen size.
  • App-like experience: PWAs imitate the experience of native applications through fluid animations and navigation.
  • Push notifications: PWAs have the ability to give users push alerts even when the app is not active.
  • Fast Loading: By caching resources, service workers, a key PWA technology, offer speedy loading times.
  • Secure: PWAs are delivered over HTTPS, which guarantees user confidence and data security.
  • Discoverable: Just like conventional websites, PWAs may be indexed by search engines.

7)Web Assembly and Beyond: Evolving Ecosystem 

  • A pioneering force driving the growth of web development is Web Assembly (Wasm). 
  • It enables programmers to run code written in languages like C, C++, and Rust in web browsers at speeds that are very close to native. 
  • This innovation makes it possible for complex programs like video editing software and game engines to function without a hitch in the browser environment. Wasm adds a new level of adaptability and promise by bridging the performance gap between web and native applications. 

In conclusion, the evolution of web development from HTML to PWAs, is a monument to human creativity and the unrelenting pursuit of better user experiences. Each stage has expanded the capabilities of the web, from static sites to dynamic web apps, responsive design and the emergence of PWAs. As technology develops, web development will remain a dynamic industry, influencing how we engage with the digital world. 


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Top 5 Technologies Transforming the Retail Industry in 2023

The retail industry has always been an early adopter of technology, and 2023 is no exception. With the pandemic accelerating the shift towards digital retail, retailers are investing heavily in new technologies to provide customers with better experiences, greater convenience, and more personalized services.

Here are the top five latest technologies transforming the retail industry in 2023:

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the way retailers interact with their customers. AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants can provide customers with personalized recommendations, answer questions, and even process payments. Retailers are also using AI to analyze customer data to provide more personalized experiences, from product recommendations to targeted marketing campaigns.

  2. Augmented Reality (AR)

    – Augmented reality is transforming the way customers shop. By overlaying digital information onto the real world, retailers can provide customers with a more immersive shopping experience. For example, customers can use AR to try on clothes virtually, see how furniture will look in their home, or even preview makeup looks before buying. AR is also being used to provide customers with more information about products, such as nutritional information or product reviews.

  3. Internet of Things (IoT)

    The Internet of Things is enabling retailers to gather data from connected devices to provide customers with more personalized experiences. For example, smart mirrors in dressing rooms can make product recommendations based on the customer’s preferences. In contrast, smart shelves can detect when a product is running low and automatically reorder it. Retailers are also using IoT to improve inventory management and reduce waste by tracking products in real time.

  4. Blockchain

    – Blockchain technology is being used to improve supply chain transparency and reduce counterfeiting in the retail industry. By using blockchain, retailers can track products from their source to the shelf, providing customers with greater visibility into where their products come from. Blockchain can also be used to prevent fraud and protect intellectual property rights.

  5. 5G Cellular Technology

    – The fifth generation of cellular technology is set to revolutionize the retail industry. With faster data speeds and lower latency, 5G will enable retailers to provide customers with more immersive experiences, such as virtual reality shopping, without the need for a wired connection. 5G will also enable retailers to process transactions more quickly and securely, reducing the risk of fraud.

The retail industry is undergoing a technological revolution, with new technologies such as AI, AR, IoT, blockchain, and 5G transforming the way retailers interact with their customers. By embracing these technologies, retailers can provide customers with more personalized experiences, greater convenience, and a more seamless shopping experience both in-store and online.

GoodWorkLabs is a leading technology and digital transformation company that helps businesses leverage the latest technologies to stay ahead of the competition. As a company that specializes in helping businesses navigate digital transformation, GoodWorkLabs understands the importance of staying on top of the latest trends in technology. By keeping up with the latest trends in technology, GoodWorkLabs is able to provide its clients with cutting-edge solutions that help them stay ahead of the curve in their respective industries.

As the retail industry continues to undergo digital transformation, businesses in this industry need to embrace new technologies to stay competitive. GoodWorkLabs can help retail businesses stay ahead of the curve by providing them with tailored solutions designed to meet their unique needs. Whether it’s developing an AI-powered chatbot or implementing a blockchain-based supply chain management system, our expert team has the expertise and experience to help businesses leverage the latest technologies to achieve their goals.


Conclusion on Latest Technologies for Retail Industry

In conclusion, the retail industry is undergoing a technological revolution, and businesses that want to stay ahead of the curve need to embrace new technologies. GoodWorkLabs can help businesses in the retail industry navigate this digital transformation by providing them with cutting-edge solutions that are designed to meet their unique needs. With GoodWorkLabs as their technology partner, retail businesses can leverage the latest technologies to provide customers with more personalized experiences, greater convenience, and a more seamless shopping experience both in-store and online. To connect with our team, contact us here!

Why Should You Choose React JS?

React is a Javascript library developed by Facebook open-sourced in 2013 which allows building UI components. It facilitates the creation of interactive User Interfaces and modular and coherent components. It also makes the code easier to understand and launch. React JavaScript framework uses server-side rendering and is widely used for mobile development. The primary reason being it allows developers to reuse the logical section of an app while simply changing the view. 

Let’s deep-dive into the benefits that React JS offers –

Gives enhanced user experience

React uses the Virtual DOM – the abstract form of Real DOM, making it easier for the React Native app developers to update changes in the application. It also does not affect the other interface parts and helps build a highly dynamic UI.

Saves a lot of time

By using React, the application development companies can reuse the code components as they are isolated to each other,  making it easier to manage the updates. So building mobile apps with react native is easier and saves time. 

Faster development process

React Native allows the mobile app developers to reuse the existing code by applying the hot reloading process. This way the app gets built faster and performance is also improved. 

Ensures faster testing

React Native uses Redux making it easier for developers to test the application and log data changes, along with the use of hot reloading and other such tools.


Ensures better code stability

ReactJS lets the developers use downward data binding so that makes the parent entities not get affected by the changes of child entities. This makes the code stable.


React Native is ideal for both Mobile and Web application development

The React framework follows the same design pattern and ensures a smooth transition between web and mobile apps. As having cross-platform mobile applications, businesses look forward to other applications as well.  React JS has rich user interfaces that support the apps irrespective of the platform. ReactJS has real-time reloads that allows the developers to see the results of the changes made into the system in real-time. It plays an important role in reducing the time taken for web and app development. Moreover, ReactJS mobile web app development has a modular architecture and a generous ecosystem as well.

React JS is developed by Facebook and has strong community support. When app developers face any kind of difficulty during the development process, they can take assistance from the community. This ensures that the entire mobile app development process is completed in a hassle-free manner. Moreover, strong community support gives the developers the confidence to work on tough projects as well. Even the React developers’ community is growing by leaps and bounds with each passing day. 


Mobile apps developed through ReactJS have a great potential to do well in the marketplace. But the key here lies in selecting the best ReactJS development company. Contact GoodWorkLab’s extensive team and we bet, you’ll not get disappointed. For more details reach out the team here!

Top 10 Tips To Follow While Redesigning Your Website 

A website authorizes the online presence of a brand. Every business should have a good responsive website which they should keep updated. Redesigning the complete website is also an important factor that plays role in the success of your site. There are various factors that are important for the success of your website such as page load time, navigation, amazing visuals, responsiveness, etc. Without an excellent website design no matter how good your product or services are, it will be of no use as the customer won’t navigate the site. 

One of the major concerns during redesigning a website is that you need to be even more careful than you were while designing the website for the first time. As any mistake now will lead to even more downtime and you could lose your current customers instead of gaining more. So in this blog, we will discuss the top ten tips that you should follow while redesigning your current website. Read on – 

1. The UI/UX matters 

Make sure to redesign your site in a way that it becomes even more engaging to customers. The site must be easily navigable and have a good layout. You also need to ensure that your site is functioning properly and the UI/UX further enhances the whole thing. The website also needs to be simplistic for visitors and they get what they are seeking instantly.   

2. Page load time

The page load time is an important factor that brings in new visitors to your site. While redesigning make sure not to overboard with images and pages or you will surely lose visitors if your site loads slowly. A slow load time can impact your SEO also. Hence, you should ensure that you work on decreasing the load time or atleast do not slow it.

3. Know the pros and cons of your website 

Before delving into the work, you must do a thorough analysis of your website. This will give you a clear picture of what you are looking for and how your site should appear after the redesign. You should know what you have to work on and what is fine. You can also compare with another site to know what you want and do not want. Make sure to share it with your website design company. 

4. Fix the mobile website experience

Most people use their mobile devices to navigate and do work. So it is an important factor to consider in your website designing strategy. You must know whether your website is responsive or it has any flaws and then works on it in your redesigning process. Give priority to mobile-friendly websites first. 

5. Fix an accurate budget

Fixing a budget prior to delving into the process is a major step you need to take up. If you are of the view that redesigning will cost you less than what you paid for in the first place then probably you are wrong. As with time technology changes, labour cost changes and there are various other things that come into play. It also depends on the different features and functionalities you need to integrate into the website. Hence, keep your budget in mind and then move forward. 

6. Analyze your site

Before delving into redesigning you must analyze all the outputs of your current site. In this way, you can later compare between the new site and the older one. This will give you an insight into ROI and the improvements your business has made after the upgradation. Hence, ensure to ask for these metrics from your web designing agency. 

7. Hire the right team for Website Redesign

It is really important to connect with a good website designing company, who will perform your website redesigning. The company should have experience in similar work and make sure to check out their portfolio before signing the deal. After all, your website is the face of your business on the internet and you cannot trust any random one for revamping it. 

8. Market it properly

Just redesigning the website will fetch you nothing if it is not marketed properly. Yes, you need to do this work again and relaunch your updated website. As you already have a customer base hence it will be easier this time but you need to inform your current and potential customers. This will give a boost to your site and more leads to your business. 

9. Provide a Proper Contact Information

Call to Action or CTA is a very important addition to your website that will direct your visitors to contact you. But one more thing that you should ensure is error-free, that is the contact us page. Your clients must get to connect with you easily. Display your contact information on almost every page so that clients can connect with you instantly. It is also advisable to have multiple ways of contacting you. 

10. Rethink your Brand’s voice

As soon as a user’s lands on your site they make an opinion about it in just a few seconds to you need to make an impact immediately otherwise you’ll lose the attention. For that rethink your brand and what exactly you want to portray yourself to your customers. Hence, make sure to add the USP, the CTA and your products or services alongside testimonials in a clear view.

Wrapping Up

All the above ten points are a basic checklist that you must follow while redesigning your site. By avoiding the mistakes and working on pain points will help you accomplish whatever you have strategized for your website. But the foremost thing you need for it is a good website designing team that will do the work for you. Do thorough research before assigning the work and discuss everything in detail. This will ensure there are no problems later on. 

You can connect with GoodWorkLabs for all your website development and revamping needs. Connect with the expert team here. 

How To Choose The Right Price For Your Mobile Application?

One of the most crucial components of developing a mobile application is deciding the right price. After pondering on the features and keeping in mind the demands of the consumers, it is vital to choose the best pricing approach. A lot of research goes into understanding the different strategies. It is essential to note that opting for the right price is a tricky thing. Most often, the free apps obtain a high market share while paid ones get increased ROI.

What to consider before deciding the right price for the mobile application?

There is a wide range of parameters that you need to keep in mind to decide the right price for the mobile application. Take a look at some of them listed here –

  • Understanding human psychology

Before you launch your mobile application in the market, you need to have a keen understanding of human psychology. In this era, consumers have up-to-date information on the latest technological trends. Moreover, they tend to make conscious decisions when it comes to paying prices for apps. You must ensure that the consumers feel that the value of the app is much more than its price.

  • Response of the market to different prices

Choosing the best price for your app is highly dependent on what the market will pay. For that, you must test your application with different price tags. After that, you need to take a close look at the responses. Analyzing the response of the audience will give you an idea of the price level that is most prevalent. It will actually help you in making the ultimate decision.

  • Developing an app that meets the requirements of the consumers

If the app you aim to release solves user issues, you will have an easier time getting the audience to pay for it. However, for that, you will need to have enhanced knowledge of the cost of developing the app. Moreover, having more information on the present market trends will help you in setting up the right price.

  • Research the market extensively

Having a comprehensive knowledge of the market is essential in determining the right price. For that, you need to study the competitors and see what they are offering at what price. This will give you the opportunity to discover their potential weak points. You can then use that to make your app more desirable.

  • Make sure that the price is reasonable

While expecting high revenues from your mobile application is not absurd, you must understand the price levels. It is vital that you do not place a high tag at the time of launching. The considerably higher price tags can scare off your audience before they even think of making the purchase. Moreover, you must also be open to flexibility. That way, you can increase or decrease the price accordingly.


These are some of the factors that can assist you in choosing the right price for the mobile application. It is essential to understand that a fixed app pricing strategy is not the right way to go. You must be flexible in making changes with the mobile application with time and the emergence of new trends. Understanding market dynamics and the needs of your target audience is the only way to gain success through your app. To gather maximum attention while making a considerable profit, you must take the assistance of one of the best mobile app development companies, GoodWorkLabs.

Contact the team here and discuss further!


Top 5 Reasons Why Python Is So Popular

Launched in 1991, the programming language Python has no doubt undergone massive changes. It is one of the most popular programming languages in the world right now. Apart from being an absolute favorite amongst coders and developers, it has also made a name for itself in the corporate sector. With tech giants such as Google adopting Python for heavy usage, the language has gained even more popularity.

5 reasons that explain the popularity of Python

There are numerous reasons that indicate why Python is so prevalent nowadays. However, in an effort to make it easier for you to understand, we have compiled only five major reasons. Take a look –

Easy to use

Credited as an incredibly accessible programming language, Python has impressed both entry-level and professional programmers. The simplified syntax is rather less complicated. Apart from easy learning, Python codes boast of having fast execution times. In comparison to other programming languages, Python codes can be written with ease. That is why Python is often preferred as a second or third language for programmers. Beginners can get a grasp of the core principles of Python within one or two weeks.

Numerous frameworks and libraries

Due to corporate sponsorship and an active community, Python can offer access to different frameworks and libraries. The availability of the libraries attributes to the rich features of Python that developers can use repeatedly in their programs. It is the extensive libraries present that make this programming language so desirable. Some of the most popular libraries include Numpy, SciPy, SQL Alchemy, Beautiful Soup, Tensor Flow, etc.

Supportive community

With a history of about 30 years, Python has slowly but steadily gained a loyal community. Here, programmers from entry-level to experts can receive adequate support. Moreover, there are numerous guides, literary articles, video tutorials, etc., available on the internet on Python for free. Lack of documentation or support can lead to issues with the programming language. However, with the Python community being incredibly active, developers here don’t face many problems. It is helpful at the much-needed times that ensure that there is no delay with the ongoing technical project.

Extremely reliable

Irrespective of the environment, Python is reliable, efficient, and works extremely fast. The versatility of this programming language means that you can use it for desktop applications, mobile applications, hardware programming, web development, etc. Moreover, programmers are not restricted to work in the same domain for the rest of their careers. With lucrative career options, coders can get high-paying salaries.

Highly flexible

The flexible nature of Python makes it all the more popular amongst programmers. Moreover, it gives them the opportunity to try new things. Experts in the programming language Python are not limited to building or creating the same things all the time. Furthermore, with Python, developing any application is not out of reach. The degree of freedom one gets from Python is unlikely to be available from any other programming language.


These are the top five reasons that give you an idea why Python has gained such popularity in the world. It is not only easy to learn but can be used in a wide variety of ways. That makes switching jobs for developers in another field easy. However, to develop the best Python-backed applications, you will need the assistance of the best web development company. Consult GoodWorkLabs, the web and product development company based out of Bangalore, India. GoodWorks’ experienced team will ensure that you get the best solutions always!

Free Sites Or Web Development Company: Which One Should You choose?

Searching for “Free websites” or “Free website builder” is popular in the Google search engine. If you have finally reached the point where you think a website can help your business, you are probably searching for website development companies or builders. It is natural that during the research, you will come across free sites or builders providing free services. However, it is vital that you understand the difference, pros, and cons before making any decision. What appears lucrative might not actually be a profitable decision for your company. 

Free sites



Free sites are exactly what they mean. Here, you can develop your own website for free. Building professional sites is now easy and simple. 


There are some advantages of free sites. These are – 

  1. The foremost advantage is the free charge. There is nothing cheaper than a free service. 
  2. There are some websites that offer different pre-existing layouts that you can customize.
  3. In most cases, you can see the preview of your website appearance before opting for it.



It is vital to keep in mind that free doesn’t always mean completely free. Confused? Check out the cons listed here. 

  1. You cannot use your domain name. Free sites will give you a URL that contains their URL plus your business name. 
  2. There is a limitation in the number of website pages.
  3. Ad placements are frequent, and the integration of affiliate links is not far-fetched.
  4. There is a distinct lack of professional appearance and impression. 
  5. Hidden fees can make an emergence. 

Web Development Company

Definition: What is a web development company?

A web development company is one that offers a wide range of services that primarily includes building websites. Here, you will have professionals working tirelessly to provide you an attractive and desirable site. 


There are numerous benefits that you can gain from hiring a web development company. These include –

  1. Apart from looking professional, the websites are reliable. Moreover, the experts will design it in a way that will attract clients and customers equally. 
  2. The professionals offer tech support in case the website crashes.
  3. It saves your time as building a website will take a considerable amount of time.
  4. Moreover, it is also cost-effective. The amount of money it will take to try and test your own designs and then discarding them will impact your budget.
  5. You can have the latest technology on your website
  6. Professionals offer quick loading screens for efficient services. 
  7. It saves you alot of time that is wasted in doing the stuff yourself.
  8. No matter how much you try, let’s be honest that you cannot match the work of professionals, who have been doing it for long.

However, there are some cons(not exactly cons, but checks) that you can get from a web development company. These are –

  1. They will charge a substantial amount of money. 
  2. You might make the mistake of hiring incompetent web developers.
  3. Miscommunication between you and the web developers can cause issues. 
Final Conclusion

In essence, understanding the needs of your company is a vital factor while making the decision. For instance, you can try out the free sites to see how the process works. However, thinking of it as a long-term solution is not an ideal option. It is completely unrealistic if you think you can gain a professional-level website for free of charge. 

Keep in mind that building websites are not easy and that you will need to dedicate substantial effort and time if you want to do it yourself. That is why most business organizations opt for professional services. And the cons can be eliminated if you do substantial research and hire the best web development company, who can exactly deliver what you need. 

If you want to have an attractive website, you can always get in touch with the best web development company based out of Bangalore, GoodWorkLabs! Being in the web development space since long, our team has extensive experience and we have an amazing portfolio of work. Check the clients we have worked with and shoot us an email to discuss your project now!

Want To Have A Mobile Application For Your Business? Points To Remember

So, you are on your way to having a dedicated mobile application for your business? A customized mobile app will addon to your brand’s value and give credibility. But there are some factors you must consider while developing your app. The points mentioned below are often ignored, but they are crucial for the success of your application. GoodWorkLabs, a renowned app development company in Bangalore, follows these to develop next-gen applications with all the vital factors in mind. Read the tips below to understand –


High-Speed Navigation 


You must make sure that your mobile application isn’t slow to navigate or reload. Rather, it should be rapid and responsive with a high response time. It is a crucial factor on which the overall success of your application will depend, as a slow application that makes people wait around, resonates with none. 


Hassle-Free Sign Up

You have a limited time to make any user stick to your application.  Make every moment count! Do not let the user struggle to register, sign up, or fill out forms. Try to make the sign-in experience short and crisp & eliminate every possible click from the design to make it quick and easy. Ask for as little information as possible(keeping in mind the security concerns).


Alternate Logins

Along with the usual login/sign-up process, you should also allow users to log in through their social media accounts such as Facebook Connect or their email accounts. Along with it, also dont forget to give a hassle-free way to retrieve their user name/password.  


Feedback system

Your new application must take feedback from its actual users to further enhance and debug the whole application. Tell your app development company to add a way in the app, to take feedback. It will provide you with suggestions on areas to improve and make the app more user-friendly.  Even users will appreciate that you consider their feedback. 


Easy Usability

The mobile application should feature an user interface that focuses more on usability. You can follow the usual application flows of other similar widely-used apps to get an idea for your own mobile app development. A neat and simple interface will speak for itself!


Simple UI/UX

Adding lots of features to your application will not make it attractive rather confuse the users. Let the few basic things be clear for users to do what they want in less time than searching for features and getting lost in them. Delivering a richer experience compactly and effectively, with simple UI/UX, is the key here!


Similar web & mobile version

If you are converting a web-based system to a mobile app, or vice-versa, make sure not to omit any features. The web-based or mobile application should be completely similar in all aspects. What’s even better? Connect with GoodWorkLabs, the Google certified agency in Bangalore that provides Flutter application development services. Flutter uses the same codebase for both web and mobile-based applications, hence the chances of errors are omitted.


Include analytics

One key element that your app development partner should include in your mobile app is analytics. Using the data gathered from analytics, you will be able to track and identify users’ responses, experiences, and actions. This will further help to make better decisions and encourage better updates.  


Include Offline capabilities

Adding something in the application that works even without the internet is not a bad idea! It can be a jigsaw puzzle, or a simple game, or pieces of information. Check with your app development agency, what can be added to make the app more interactive even without any signal. 


GoodWorkLabs, your App Development Partner

Whether you are looking ahead to have an Android or iOS app for your business, keeping the above points in mind will make your app more engaging for users. Want to have an amazing business app? Connect with GoodWorkLabs, a mobile app development company in Bangalore that specializes in Android and iOS applications. The team of developers in GoodWorkLabs is well-versed with the on-going market trends and making the app engaging for users. 

Tell us more about your idea and we will develop a high-end application for you!
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Top 5 Benefits to Hire A Dedicated Agency for Your Business

Every business requires a solid digital presence in today’s world. Having a website or a mobile application is a necessity that gives credibility to your business. But to have a full-fledged application, one requires dedicated infrastructure and a team to build world-class apps or digital products. But hiring the whole team, building the IT infrastructure, and robust delivery centres requires investment and time. To deal with these problems, the best solution is to outsource your work to an external agency. If your core business is not into technology or you are yearning to augment your existing development team, you might require to outsource the business viability but also other significant determinants.

You might also think to hire freelancers rather than an offshore development team. But outsourcing our work to reliable agency is always better than hiring freelancers. As hiring freelancers has many limitations when compared to hiring a dedicated team of developers. For small and limited-budget projects, freelancers may be the preferred choice, but for projects requiring special attention and the ability to scale as and when needed, having a dedicated development choice is the most suitable option.


Here are the top 5 reasons to hire a dedicated agency for your business
Improve Project Outcomes

With I.T. development projects, there are many domains for problems to crop up. Delays in project execution can occur, or design problems may be encountered. Individual freelancers are reluctant to step in and assume overall team responsibility. With remote developers, however, the team structure makes clear from the very start who is responsible for keeping the project on track. The dedicated development team is committed to seeing your project through to completion from beginning to end. This factor alone can improve your project outcome several times over.


Better Turnaround time

A good turnaround time for project delivery is one of the reasons why maximum companies favour hiring a development team. They accord you the highest quality development in the shortest period. As they have plentiful resources that are possible with companies that administer these services. If you have any critical projects to be performed, they will live up to your expectations and meet the demands.


Better Collaboration

With a professional company, you will not face any issue with lack of communication. Offshore web developers are highly professional and very stringent about client satisfaction. They regularly keep their clients in the loop, share necessary updates, and keep them informed of the proceedings in the backdrop.


Business-oriented strategy

After having worked on hundreds of websites previously, across multiple business industries, mobile and website programmers have a fair understanding of every minute details that goes behind a successful project. Along with this, they also adhere to a business-oriented path when it comes to working. An accomplished software company manages your job, in stages, while keeping you in the loop with each stage completion so that you can have tabs on your project. Additionally, the job technically doesn’t get delayed even if a person gets unavailable. There always is an entire group to back up if one of the developers isn’t available.


Stability and Continuity

While working with freelancers, it happens that somebody can’t continue work for some of the reasons. In that case, you are will be left out in the middle of a project and things messed up. But with a dedicated team, you will not be left alone with the project half-done. There would always be somebody who would temporarily sustain the process until the replacement is found.


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What Does Your Business Needs First? Mobile App or Website?

People are using the internet for almost all of their needs like consuming news, ordering food, shopping, making friends, etc. Even the pandemic bought about a significant surge in the e-commerce industry more than ever before and this is changing online buying behavior. Thus as more and more people are going the digital way it has become a necessity for any business to have space in the digital world.  Having social media accounts is a normalized thing but having a dedicated website or a mobile application for your business is a vital thing nowadays. So, if you are in a dilemma what should you invest in first, a website or a mobile application? We will solve this for you. Both have different usage and significance and caters to a different set of audiences. GoodWorkLabs is an eminent web and mobile application company in Bangalore that develops robust applications. They can develop both mobile applications as well as a dynamic website for you. You can contact GoodWork’s team to get expert advice. But initially let us look at the differences between mobile app development and website development.


Choosing The One


Today the majority of the world’s population is using mobile phones. Smartphones have made lives easier for us and consuming content and engaging with brands using a smartphone, has become convenient. Therefore, having a dedicated app for your business will be a good idea to engage your audience, especially if you are an e-commerce company or deal in a B2C way. Whereas having a website makes your business look more professional and trustworthy for your customers. It does not matters which segment of the industry you belong to, having a website will give credibility to your brand. Hence, Having a website followed by a mobile application is the best approach to keep the audiences engaged. Optimizing your app and website to a mobile-friendly version makes the platform more convenient for people to search, navigate, and buy your products or services.

The focus should be on both – the mobile app and website. Having both – a great mobile application and an engaging website will provide you with an edge over your competitors. But, whenever a business tries to create an online or digital presence, there is one standard question – ‘Do they need a website or an application?’. If you have the same daunting question, then this blog post will help you make an informed decision.

When do you need a website?

Businesses belonging to any industry or niche need a website that showcases the brand information, service, and product offering. It also states the location, a map, success stories, and various other additional details. It is advised to have a custom-made website to keep your audiences engaged.

When developing your presence online through the website, you should keep the below in mind:

  • Have relevant information about your brand
  • Compatible with various devices like mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc
  • Showcase your products and services effectively
  • Include responsive web-design
  • Easy navigation & fast loading

When do you need a mobile application?

A business that wants to have regular and meaningful interactions with customers and that directly deals in B2C should focus to build an innovative mobile application. Mobile applications provide a wider range of plug-ins and features depending upon your objectives and key business goal. 

When developing a mobile application, you should consider the below:

  • The mobile application should support all devices – adapt to a large range of screen sizes and pixels
  • Host it on a cloud platform
  • Add new updates in the app form time-to-time
  • Follow best practices of the platforms – android, iOS, and windows

You need to define your audience and your goal before choosing. If you just want to give out the brand’s information to your audience a website is enough. But if you want to interact with your audience on a daily basis that having a mobile application is a must! However, mobile applications should be considered only when your business has a strong reason to connect with the audience. Remember that mobile applications can be uninstalled if your audiences do not find value in it. 

Lastly, while mobile applications are more interactive, personalized, and effective; and websites are simple and less expensive. You can choose one of them keeping the business objectives in mind. If you are looking forward to launching or enhance your business in the online world, then reach out to our expert team at GoodWorkLabs with your requirements

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