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GoodWorkLabs has the right expertise and experience in 2d game development with the most awesome and trendy graphics, characters, concept art, and backgrounds. Our expert 2D art outsourcing team understands the changing needs of the gaming industry across the world. Most of our clients are from Europe and North America, and hence we know what visuals and graphics the global audience prefers and finds engaging.
At GoodWorkLabs, we use Agile game development methodologies (SCRUM) for 2d game development. We use the best 2d game development tools. We rapidly go from concept art, storyboarding, character sketches to creating the final high-quality 2D and 3D characters, backgrounds, animation, and the entire ecosystem required to produce a great game. We excel in building 2D game development software. GoodWorkLabs, the renowned Game Studio in Bangalore, has worked on tens of projects on the console game 2D game art development, mobile app 2D game art design, Xbox and Sony Playstation game art 2d Design, web and HTML5 game, 2D game art outsourcing, and development and so on.
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Core _ Casual Game Designing

Art direction designing

Our expert team has all the experience required to control the artistic aspect of 2D design products at all stages. Our art director will turn your every idea into a full-fledged game that is played by millions of people, making us the best 2d game development company in India.
Core _ Casual Game Designing

Illustration Designing

Our team at GoodWorkLabs creates creative 2D illustrations that align well with the overall game. We pay close attention to details and our 2D illustrations are focused on gaining the maximum user engagement.
2D and 3D Games

2D Character Designing

Our team excels in creating characters that match the theme and storyline of the game. We use the best 2d development tools and create characters that are eye-catching and engaging.
2D and 3D Games

2D Theme Design

Our 2D art team very well designs the overall look of the game, such as the outdoor and indoor environment, and aesthetically gives an amazing look and feel to the overall game.
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