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Top 5 Reasons To Choose Flutter For Your Mobile Application Development

Mobile applications have gradually become a part of our daily lives. This has made it vital for mobile app development companies to develop advanced mobile applications with rich features for consumers. While mobile applications were initially built by the native app development process, lately, cross-platform app development has taken the industry by storm. And why not? Cross-platform app development offers a time-saving and cost-effective alternative to native app development.  

Google’s Flutter is leading the way over other mobile frameworks in the cross-platform app development process. Choosing Flutter poses many benefits that range from rapid deployment to user-friendly UI and its unified code system and saving time and cost. These advantages make it gain the trust of brands like BMW,, eBay, etc. GoodWorkLabs, a Google-certified agency, is a prominent flutter app development company in Bangalore that has developed many amazing applications using Flutter. This novel framework has taken the application industry by storm within a few years of its launch.


So you must be thinking about what makes Flutter the ideal solution for app development?


Here’s a detailed guide to help you understand everything about Flutter – 

Flutter is an open-source mobile app SDK that supports both the iOS and Android platforms for the app development process that too by using a single codebase. Flutter is an ideal choice for small and large businesses as well as enterprises due to its various advantages. Let’s delve deeper into what makes Flutter app development better than other frameworks –

Single Code-base

Flutter works on a single codebase, and developers have to create the codes just once and it will run similarly for both iOS and Android platforms. Having a single codebase is really a great advantage as it shortens the development time. With the native app development process, developers have to write separate codes for both iOS and Android platforms that take up much more time and are eventually costly. While building an application with Flutter will save you time and is cost-effective. 

Native Performance

The Flutter toolkit includes all the components and widgets needed to recreate the native iOS and Android look and feel. Applications build on Flutter are stable and equal performing whether you build a single-page app or a video streaming application. 


Applications built on Flutter are easy to scale as needed. As Flutter applications are built using Dart, an object-oriented programming language it can be used for desktop (Windows, Mac, and Linux) and even web applications apart from iOS and Android. Hence you can get an all-device cross-platform solution at Flutter app development cost. 

Simple platform

Flutter provides various features and ready-to-use plugins that Google supports. If your app needs a plugin that is not available, Flutter can establish contact using platform channels between its Dart programming language and the native code. So this way, you can implement anything that a native app can do on a Flutter app.  

Pixel Perfect

The Flutter software uses an internal graphics engine, Skia, that supports iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS. This software allows not only faster development but also the app will look identical on all devices. Flutter doesn’t rely on any intermediate code representations that make it easier to deliver creative designs with better UI & UX. 

Is it worthwhile to build a business application on Flutter?


You can entirely rely on Google’s novel framework Flutter to build your business application. Furthermore, the stability of a platform, cost-effectiveness, and native performance makes Flutter the ideal choice for building applications. You can hire the best Flutter App Developers from GoodWorkLabs, a renowned flutter application development company in Bangalore. Their team Uses Scrum (Agile Development Process) so that you can be assured that the GoodWorkLabs Flutter app development team will deliver the best quality app that will help you succeed in your market segment.

So now you have got a fair idea about Flutter so in brief,

The Top 5 advantages of Flutter are –
  • the app UI and logic remains the same irrespective of the platform
  • faster code development & deployment
  • It saves time and cost
  • Increased time-to-market 
  • Performance is almost similar to that of native app 

Flutter is the promptest way to deliver an efficient cross-platform mobile application, and possessing so many advantages, soon, Flutter will become the ultimate cross-platform UI framework. So what are you thinking? Talk to our expert team and get all our answers!

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