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Kotlin Vs React Native: Comparison Between The Two

With ever-increasing technological innovations coming to the forefront, mobile app development has become immensely popular. Now is the best time to release an efficient mobile app and take advantage of the market mood. Moreover, different business organizations are adopting mobile apps to reach a larger mass. However, for that, you need to choose the best platform as cross-platform mobile applications are gaining more prominence day by day. If you are wondering what to choose between Kotlin and React Native to build your application then you must know Kotlin and React Native, both have their own pros and cons. In this blog we will discuss it in detail to help you make a better decision – 


Kotlin is one of the most popular programming languages developed and sponsored by JetBrains. It was released in 2011 and is still an absolute favorite of the developers. It runs on the Java virtual machine and makes usage of the LLVN compiler infrastructure. The endorsement from Google has given a boost to Kotlin’s popularity.

  • Fewer lines of code

One of the most beneficial aspects of Kotlin is that it needs only a few lines of code to operate. Moreover, the coding is concise and can be done with simple words. Furthermore, this reduces the chance of errors and increases code readability and maintainability. It makes it easy for developers to read, write and change codes with ease.

  • Increased stability

The Google endorsement of Kotlin has made the programming language even more efficient. It offers stable support via various testing levels. Kotlin resolves android fragmentation, which is one of the most talked-about issues that programmers face. Moreover, reverse compatibility also aids the developers.

  • Improved compatibility

Kotlin offers Java interoperability, which makes the programming language even more appealing. You can use Kotlin with Java which boasts of an environment with rich features.

  • Modular integration

Kotlin is not a framework; rather it is an SDK, making it popular among developers. It indicates that teams with previous apps can easily add the module without making big changes.

React Native

Developed and maintained by Facebook, React Native is a JavaScript-based framework. It is used to write native applications for both android and iOS. It was released in 2015 and still enjoys immense popularity.

  • Live Reload

Available in only a few frameworks, React Native offers the much-needed live reload feature. With this feature, developers can experience the code changes that have been done instantly. They can, in fact, observe the live results.

  • Open-source community

With the open-source feature, React Native has enjoyed the immense support of the community of developers. Moreover, it also has the backend support of Facebook. Moreover, the open-source feature allows developers to modify the code and make the framework even more efficient. Here, developers can leverage a wide array of benefits.

  • Code reusability

One of the biggest benefits of React Native is that you can reuse the code for different platforms. This reduces the resources requirement drastically and aids in saving a considerable amount of money. Moreover, it also offers flexibility to the developers.

  • Easy to learn

With React Native, having expertise and in-depth knowledge of JavaScript is enough. Moreover, the learning curve of this framework is easy. Besides, it also removes the need to maintain multiple teams for the Android and iOS platforms. With this, apps can be made compatible for both platforms.


These are some of the factors that you need to consider when choosing between React Native and Kotlin. However, if you find difficulty in making a decision, you can seek help from a professional. In that case, choosing the right application development company is ideal in order to get the best solution.  Check out GoodWorkLabs, based out of Bangalore, India. Being a renowned application development company, they will make sure that your application stands unique and fascinates users. To discuss further, contact here!

Top 5 Reasons Why Python Is So Popular

Launched in 1991, the programming language Python has no doubt undergone massive changes. It is one of the most popular programming languages in the world right now. Apart from being an absolute favorite amongst coders and developers, it has also made a name for itself in the corporate sector. With tech giants such as Google adopting Python for heavy usage, the language has gained even more popularity.

5 reasons that explain the popularity of Python

There are numerous reasons that indicate why Python is so prevalent nowadays. However, in an effort to make it easier for you to understand, we have compiled only five major reasons. Take a look –

Easy to use

Credited as an incredibly accessible programming language, Python has impressed both entry-level and professional programmers. The simplified syntax is rather less complicated. Apart from easy learning, Python codes boast of having fast execution times. In comparison to other programming languages, Python codes can be written with ease. That is why Python is often preferred as a second or third language for programmers. Beginners can get a grasp of the core principles of Python within one or two weeks.

Numerous frameworks and libraries

Due to corporate sponsorship and an active community, Python can offer access to different frameworks and libraries. The availability of the libraries attributes to the rich features of Python that developers can use repeatedly in their programs. It is the extensive libraries present that make this programming language so desirable. Some of the most popular libraries include Numpy, SciPy, SQL Alchemy, Beautiful Soup, Tensor Flow, etc.

Supportive community

With a history of about 30 years, Python has slowly but steadily gained a loyal community. Here, programmers from entry-level to experts can receive adequate support. Moreover, there are numerous guides, literary articles, video tutorials, etc., available on the internet on Python for free. Lack of documentation or support can lead to issues with the programming language. However, with the Python community being incredibly active, developers here don’t face many problems. It is helpful at the much-needed times that ensure that there is no delay with the ongoing technical project.

Extremely reliable

Irrespective of the environment, Python is reliable, efficient, and works extremely fast. The versatility of this programming language means that you can use it for desktop applications, mobile applications, hardware programming, web development, etc. Moreover, programmers are not restricted to work in the same domain for the rest of their careers. With lucrative career options, coders can get high-paying salaries.

Highly flexible

The flexible nature of Python makes it all the more popular amongst programmers. Moreover, it gives them the opportunity to try new things. Experts in the programming language Python are not limited to building or creating the same things all the time. Furthermore, with Python, developing any application is not out of reach. The degree of freedom one gets from Python is unlikely to be available from any other programming language.


These are the top five reasons that give you an idea why Python has gained such popularity in the world. It is not only easy to learn but can be used in a wide variety of ways. That makes switching jobs for developers in another field easy. However, to develop the best Python-backed applications, you will need the assistance of the best web development company. Consult GoodWorkLabs, the web and product development company based out of Bangalore, India. GoodWorks’ experienced team will ensure that you get the best solutions always!

Scaled Agile For Enterprise(SAFe): Know How It Can Benefit Your Business

The scaled agile framework also referred to as SAFe, is a set of methodology and organizational patterns that allows organizations to implement agile practices on an enterprise scale. The complete formation consists of structured guidance on individual responsibilities and roles, like how to plan, manage and synchronize work, and promote alignment, collaboration, and delivery across multiple agile teams. 

Scaled Agile Framework is an Agile methodology that allows companies to implement Agile practices at an enterprise level. SAFe is similar to other scaling agile frameworks, but what makes it stand apart is that it constitutes Lean thinking in its Agile practice. The addition of Lean thinking in the agile practice makes sure that the software development process is going ahead with agility in minimum time. 

Why should your business decide to scale Agile?

Enterprises looking forward to a better way to manage the complex, ever-evolving challenges they face, look for ways to scale Agile. It will help them to track and measure the various processes and initiatives that run the business and gain insights from it. 

Going Agile will help businesses deliver projects faster & better, beat the competition, and seize opportunities. The scaled agile framework method is not just for the IT team but for other departments as well. 

Few other reasons why organizations decide to scale Agile are:

  • To synchronize the team towards a common goal.
  • Manage incoming projects better to manage work. 
  • To set well-defined team roles. 
  • Better communication within the team 
Top 5 ways through which SAFe will benefit your business –


1. Improving quality

Scaled Agile Framework has built-in quality practices that ensure that quality is maintained and followed across all levels and teams. Maintaining quality in all work practices and deliverables is crucial for organizations and it will eventually reduce reworks.

2. Increased level of Productivity

Scaled Agile Framework ensures that all the teams are well-aligned and works with collaboration until project completion. A clear understanding between stakeholders, team, and even customers increases the quality of work delivered and thereby overall productivity.

3. Shorter time-to-market

With scaled agile frameworks, organizations are able to deliver value to the market quickly. Delivering value in less time will ultimately lead to improvements in customer satisfaction and team engagement.

4. A specific set of practices

Scaled Agile Framework offers a specific set of practices, mainly agile and lean practices that are utilized by teams to develop software. This aligns the teams towards a common mission and results in producing high-quality software.

5. Offers complete transparency

Scaled Agile Framework offers complete transparency in the software development process from the beginning to the end. This level of clarity generates confidence for both the internal team members and the clients. 


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Applying Scaled Agile Framework helps organizations deliver value and even increase customer satisfaction levels. It also creates a more productive environment for the team.  

Organizations look forward to scaled Agile to increase visibility across the enterprise. When a greater level of transparency and clarity is there, it helps everyone in the organization to identify opportunities to accelerate delivery. It also increases product quality, and space for continuous improvement, creating overall a more sustainable system. Various top brands like FitBit, Accenture, Sony, Cisco, etc has made SAFe a part of their journey.


Wrapping Up

Summarizing all the aspects that we have discussed so far, adopting the scaled agile framework for your organization will be fruitful in many ways. Be it higher productivity, increased quality, better team collaboration, and shorter time to market, SAFe is making the software development process easier and faster. 

Want to know more about how your organization can benefit from it? Get customized solutions and a free consultation with GoodWorkLabs, the renowned software development company that develops world-class products through Agile methodologies. Contact us now!

Top 5 Benefits to Hire A Dedicated Agency for Your Business

Every business requires a solid digital presence in today’s world. Having a website or a mobile application is a necessity that gives credibility to your business. But to have a full-fledged application, one requires dedicated infrastructure and a team to build world-class apps or digital products. But hiring the whole team, building the IT infrastructure, and robust delivery centres requires investment and time. To deal with these problems, the best solution is to outsource your work to an external agency. If your core business is not into technology or you are yearning to augment your existing development team, you might require to outsource the business viability but also other significant determinants.

You might also think to hire freelancers rather than an offshore development team. But outsourcing our work to reliable agency is always better than hiring freelancers. As hiring freelancers has many limitations when compared to hiring a dedicated team of developers. For small and limited-budget projects, freelancers may be the preferred choice, but for projects requiring special attention and the ability to scale as and when needed, having a dedicated development choice is the most suitable option.


Here are the top 5 reasons to hire a dedicated agency for your business
Improve Project Outcomes

With I.T. development projects, there are many domains for problems to crop up. Delays in project execution can occur, or design problems may be encountered. Individual freelancers are reluctant to step in and assume overall team responsibility. With remote developers, however, the team structure makes clear from the very start who is responsible for keeping the project on track. The dedicated development team is committed to seeing your project through to completion from beginning to end. This factor alone can improve your project outcome several times over.


Better Turnaround time

A good turnaround time for project delivery is one of the reasons why maximum companies favour hiring a development team. They accord you the highest quality development in the shortest period. As they have plentiful resources that are possible with companies that administer these services. If you have any critical projects to be performed, they will live up to your expectations and meet the demands.


Better Collaboration

With a professional company, you will not face any issue with lack of communication. Offshore web developers are highly professional and very stringent about client satisfaction. They regularly keep their clients in the loop, share necessary updates, and keep them informed of the proceedings in the backdrop.


Business-oriented strategy

After having worked on hundreds of websites previously, across multiple business industries, mobile and website programmers have a fair understanding of every minute details that goes behind a successful project. Along with this, they also adhere to a business-oriented path when it comes to working. An accomplished software company manages your job, in stages, while keeping you in the loop with each stage completion so that you can have tabs on your project. Additionally, the job technically doesn’t get delayed even if a person gets unavailable. There always is an entire group to back up if one of the developers isn’t available.


Stability and Continuity

While working with freelancers, it happens that somebody can’t continue work for some of the reasons. In that case, you are will be left out in the middle of a project and things messed up. But with a dedicated team, you will not be left alone with the project half-done. There would always be somebody who would temporarily sustain the process until the replacement is found.


Outsource your project to GoodWorkLabs

You will get all these benefits of hiring a development agency when you choose the right agency to work on your project. GoodWorkLabs, the eminent product development and UX design studio our project with diligence and complete it within the deadline. 

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How To Manage an Offshore Development Team Proficiently?

Managing an offshore development team located miles away from you is challenging, but it is the best alternative for companies that want to enhance their business performance but are facing talent shortages.  With an offshore development team, companies get benefitted as it is a cost-effective method for getting talented employees and a large talent pool. GoodWorkLabs provides the best staff augmentation services in Bangalore that give you the ideal team of developers to complete your project. But are you finding it challenging to manage an offshore development team? No worries, here we have jotted the everyday challenges of collaboration with offshore software development teams – 

There are some points to consider before starting to interact with the offshore development team. This will help you to get ready for the various challenges and find profitable solutions for any issue. Firstly, there are working around time differences. If the development team and your time zone do not match, it creates some difficulty in day-to-day collaboration. There are also language barriers while establishing the right communication, if so, it will be extremely difficult to create an effective workflow. From Time-to-time, it also becomes challenging to keep the team updated and with the latest strategy changes. All these issues certainly influence the entire company’s workflow. That is why it is critical to think over how you can effectively organize the process and get the most of your employees’ productivity.


How Can You Effectively Manage Offshore Software Development Team?

Let’s get into details of how you can enhance the workflow and improve the communication with your offshore development team. Here are some effective tips for you:


Give the basic & key project knowledge to your team

Giving the basic knowledge to your team about your brand, product, etc will help them in the long term to work on your product and influence your new staff’s working performance. By giving all the project knowledge to your team members, you will be able to organize the processes more effectively and get the work done much better.


Establish Clear Communication

Clear communication with your offshore team is critical. The language barrier can sometimes make it difficult to communicate effectively, so you need to take care of it. You can also keep some software to combat any issues.


Focus on improving the working conditions 

Companies have now realized that it is important it is to retain qualified and talented workers. By improving optimal working conditions, training opportunities, and fair compensation, you will be able to prepare a professional offshore development team. This will also make your company attractive for new talented employees. 


Defined the method & tools for work

Many times due to a lack of understanding of the idea and product, you end up getting the poor quality of software, with lots of bugs. To prevent this problem, it is significant to define the processes and all basic details of the project for all remote employees. This will ensure that your remote development team works effectively.

Having comprehended the offshore working processes, your company will be able to hire talented workers from different parts of the world. Furthermore, by enhancing the workflow processes of your company and the offshore teams, you will significantly increase the quality of the projects done and take your company to the next level of development.



All in all, the offshore team implementation has become a useful and profitable method for companies to perform their tasks effectively. But having a dedicated development team, the companies can actually get a lot of benefits for their development and ROI improvement. Our professional team at GoodWorkLabs enables various companies and their workforces with innovative solutions.

So, if you are looking to hire a remote development team, talk to our expert team and get the full advantage of collaborating with an offshore team! 

Why is IoT Application Development Services On The Rise?


With the increasing popularity of smartphones, mobile app development is an emerging trend and is bound to stay in the coming future. Mobile apps offer convenience, making it desirable for customers to access different services such as shopping, ordering food, playing games, etc. This emerging demand for apps has driven companies to build compelling mobile applications that will fulfill consumers’ needs. Mobile app development companies and mobile app developers are leveraging the Internet of Things to develop better applications. As the number of connected devices grows every day, technologies such as IoT & AI open up new opportunities for companies. 


IoT devices come with the privilege of having things connected to each other and various other benefits; therefore, companies are looking forward to IoT to develop applications. As IoT can help companies build next-gen applications, that is why it is on the rise nowadays. Let’s delve deeper into how IoT applications are making lives easier for us –

Increases Efficiency and productivity

Iot brings automation to many redundant tasks. With IoT applications that use sensors, many routine tasks can be automated and optimized. It also allows analytical monitoring in real-time. Customers also enjoy accessibility. The integration of IoT and mobile app development enables consumers to access any interconnected physical object with just a touch of the button on their smartphones. 


Simplifies day-to-day work 

IoT applications provide many advantages to companies, employees, and also households. In companies, it benefits the employees in things such as remote work management, gathering real-time information, increasing productivity levels, etc. IoT applications and devices simplify the lives of employees and increase the employee satisfaction rate.  


Collects Data that can be used for Future Insights

The IoT devices have sensors in them, with which they can collect a large amount of data in many different areas. The collection of large data helps the company to analyze the trends in the data that can be further utilized to improve the features of the device. Research even suggests the total market value of IoT is set to grow to over $3 trillion annually by 2026.


Forms as a Base to Emerging Businesses

As companies realize the power of IoT, more and more devices are coming into the market. The use of The Internet of Things will benefit the economy in the long run, such as increasing operational efficiency. The arrival of new IoT products in the market will enhance productivity and help solve problems that will affect every person’s well-being worldwide.


Gives Better Quality of Life to the World

All technologies and science are developed to benefit humanity and provide a better quality of life, IoT is one of them. It is great to have someone do regular tasks for you to focus more on important ones. The IoT application development service provided by tech companies aims to improve your lifestyle in many ways. For example, wearable devices track the heart rate, body temperature, etc. that help during exercise and even detect any abnormality in the body.  This is possible only with IoT applications and the IoT application development companies that make such devices.

Want To Build An Amazing Application by leveraging IoT? Contact GoodWorkLabs

GoodWorkLabs mobile app development team has extensive experience in developing IoT-based mobile applications. We understand your business’s needs and IoT application development services by us will deliver the ideal solution for your business.

So, what are you waiting for? Your chance to get the high-end applications built with the power of IoT technology is here. Get in touch with us today to discuss your idea and integrate IoT into your mobile applications.  Explore the limitless benefits of this modern technology and grow your business! Contact us here


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Top 5 Benefits to Outsource your Software Development Project to an External Agency

Having a software-enabled business model has become a vital need for companies to survive in today’s globally competitive markets. Firms all around the world are outsourcing their software needs to external agencies to reduce cost & time to market and gain expertise, which is hard to recruit internally. Firms prefer to choose the software development company that can design, develop and maintain their software over the long term to ensure their businesses flourish.


When deploying a comprehensive IT team does not seem feasible for your organisation, the next best solution is to outsource to a software development company.  But then what should we look for in an IT Outsourcing Service Provider? Let’s do a deep dive into this blog post. 


“Most progressive entrepreneurs realise the unstoppable power of outsourcing to handle aspects of their business that are essential but simply don’t make sense for them to deal with personally.” – David Walsh.

It’s just not about the reduced cost; rather there are benefits beyond cost in having a committed team with the required expertise to work for you. The major benefits are – 


Focus on Core Business

Outsourcing your software development allows you to focus more on your core business ideas and activities. As the work is not completed with making the software, there are other steps associated with it such as branding,  research and development, sales, etc. So the technical part is better left to an external software development company. They can even guide you through the technology trends to implement the best solution to your software. 

Cost & Time Effective

Time & Cost are both simultaneously valuable for any company. Outsourcing the software development process is not only cost-effective, but it also saves time for the company. Deploying an entire in-house team involves a lengthy recruitment process; moreover, it is too costly compared to outsourcing the whole process. So why go a long way when you can get your things done the outsourcing way easily. 


Fast Delivery of Project

The end-to-end product development cycle can take a lot of time. For example, a cross-platform hybrid app might take less time, and solutions with AI and Machine Learning implementations take considerably longer. But outsourcing the development part to a reliable software development company will save you time than deploying an in-house team. The reason being they would have an integrated team of Tech Architects, Subject Matter Experts, QA Experts, Project Managers with better technical knowledge and required experience.  


Adapt Latest Technology

Technology is changing at a fast pace, and a business should always bear in mind to be future-proof to any changes that come up. An experienced software development company builds software with a futuristic approach, to meet any unexpected consequences. They are also well aware of the latest technology that dominates the market and thus your product stays at a safe hand. 


Get the Best Technical Expertise

A software development company, whose work is to develop software for businesses day and night, has much more technical expertise than you. Yes, that is the hard truth. Being experienced, they will have the solutions to your problems. And that gives you the advantage of having your software built through the best technical minds.


Wrapping Up

Software development companies in India are major outsourcing destinations for companies around the world. The reasons are many, but the major ones are sound technical knowledge and cost-effectiveness of India’s software companies. In a nutshell, outsourcing possesses immense advantage and lets you hire the best talent which you would not have got otherwise. 

GoodWorkLabs, the IT solutions provider in Bangalore, the 3rd Fastest Growing Tech Company in India (FT1000) can be your preferred IT partner to turn your product dream into reality. Want to know more about it? Talk to us and get your solutions here.


Important Features For E-commerce Platform Development

Today, the e-commerce business is growing exponentially than ever before. Followed by the current pandemic, consumers have whole-heartedly welcomed this digital buying trend. While there are hundreds of e-commerce platforms, only a few survive and continue to make great profits year-on-year. E-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, bigbakset, Swiggy, Zomato, etc have seen tremendous growth in the last few months.

There is a no secrete recipe to their success. They do things that everybody else does, but they do so differently. Their mobile applications cover all the touch-points by having a clear focus on the fundamentals like UI UX design, easy-to-navigate, security, speed, etc. It is on these fundamentals that they built their e-commerce mobile application and website.

While there may be many trends like animation, 360-degree view, dynamic product search, etc in the e-commerce website and app design, they, however, do not guarantee the conversion rates. To have the best result and deliver great user experiences, the e-commerce website and application must stay relevant and competitive by having the fundamental features plugged in.



Here are some of the must-have features that can help you scale your e-commerce business:


User-Friendly Website or App

The most important characteristic of any website or app is the ease of use, and the same applies to the e-commerce businesses as well. The objective of an e-commerce website or app is to help users find what they want faster without having to go through a complex process or clutter. So, the basic is to have a clean visual design by clearly stacking products in a category for easy navigation. Remember that online buyers have very less attention span, so if the e-commerce website or app is too cluttered, the user will never make a purchase as you have left them confused and frustrated.

Always remember this one line: Simplicity should be a goal in good design and you do not have to sacrifice elegance to achieve it.


Integration of Multiple Payment Gateways

You are catering to people from diverse backgrounds and demographics, therefore the best option is to have multiple payment gateways. From debit card to net-banking to payment wallets to credit cards to UPI, you should have them all. You may lose a set of users if you chose to limit your payment options. You definitely do not want that. Do you?


The Shopping Cart

Very important for any online shop or store. How do you expect your users to shop without a cart and keep a track of what they are buying? The cart helps them to place all the selected products from the store, review, and check-out. Having a flexible shopping cart that helps both guest and registered users to proceed with the checkout is one of the best options.


Inventory Management 

Having your inventory management system linked to your e-commerce website or app will help your business function effortlessly. Having an end-to-end integration of your inventory management system will simplify various activities and assist you to ensure that all the orders are successfully acknowledged and completed. This integration will also help you track all cancellations, refunds, status updates, exchange, etc.



Shopping online and online transactions go hand-in-hand. Majority of the people today chose to make digital payments, therefore it is extremely important to provide a secure and private payment gateway. You should make sure that the data of your customer is protected as you are liable for it. It is suggested to have the SSL certification in place. You can include additional security by having a two-factor authentication through text or email. Note that the privacy policy link should be carried in the footer section of your e-commerce website.


While there are many e-commerce players selling a different range of products, it is how they have incorporated the e-commerce features in their website or app sets them apart. While the aforementioned list of key features will definitely help you in setting up your e-commerce platform, there are many more such features that can help you scale. Contact us with your e-commerce requirements, and we shall help you build an interactive e-commerce platform with relevant features.


Connect with us for E-commerce Platform Development at +91- 9863077000 or [email protected]


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