Cross Platform Mobile Application Development

Cross Platform Mobile Application Development


Cross Platform Mobile Application Development in Bangalore, India

With the proliferation of mobile platforms, the cumulative costs involved in maintaining and building, native and unique solutions for each platform have escalated to a great extent. Hence, a latest trend for mobile apps for various market and business needs is to build them as cross platform applications for considerable reduction in the cost and effort. GoodWorkLabs has the best cross platform mobile app development team, providing cross platform apps for all the leading mobile operating systems including iOS, Android, Blackberry OS and Windows Phone.

Cross platform apps are not recommended for all types of applications, especially some high-end games or scalable visually rich consumer apps. GoodWorkLabs will understand your requirement and suggest whether cross platform apps are best for your business or not.

Given the numerous inherent benefits and drawbacks of cross platform app development, it is quite imperative to invest in the right development partner to unlock all the advantages. GoodWorkLabs is a best-in-class provider of cross platform mobile apps development.

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Having a kick-ass team of cross platform developers and HTML5 experts in our Bangalore centre, India, and with sales presence around the world, GoodWorkLabs can build cross platform apps for any business or requirement. We clearly understand that each platform is unique, have different attributes and capabilities and therefore we carefully craft your app to ensure it reaches its full potential for a particular platform.

We have the proven track record for creating and developing outstanding cross platform mobile applications by employing diverse frameworks like Rhomobile, Appcelerator Titanium, MoSync, WidgetsPad, PhoneGap, Whoop, HTML5, etc. The robust features of these technologies provide an advanced functionality to the app while enhancing its business value. We also provide a mechanism to make website responsive hence rendering them perfectly for all screen sizes, be it mobiles, tablets or laptops.

The cross platform mobile application developed by us offers the following benefits-

  • Beautiful, usable, real-world apps
  • Test it thoroughly through unit testing, test automation, testing on various platforms and devices, testing on different screen sizes, etc, before the apps goes out in the wild.
  • Better user experience in terms of functionality, improved usability and interactive designs.
  • Great performance with super fast response times
  • Better communication and quick turnaround times
  • Iterative design and development of apps through Scrum and Extreme Programming Methodologies
  • Post development support through your preferred communication medium
  • Assured customer satisfaction and continuous improvement for all your apps

We have build the most innovative cross platform mobile applications for several categories and industries including travel, music & video, news, entertainment, photography, e-commerce etc.

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GoodWorkLabs usually handles the end-to-end cross platform apps development (using Sencha, PhoneGap, Appcelerator Titanium, etc) including requirement gathering, architecture, design, development, testing, deployment and even your go-to market strategy. However, if your requirement is to just add more awesome HTML5 and cross platform app developers who can work remotely or from your location, you can hire our app developers and kick start your work immediately.

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