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What Does Your Business Needs First? Mobile App or Website?

People are using the internet for almost all of their needs like consuming news, ordering food, shopping, making friends, etc. Even the pandemic bought about a significant surge in the e-commerce industry more than ever before and this is changing online buying behavior. Thus as more and more people are going the digital way it has become a necessity for any business to have space in the digital world.  Having social media accounts is a normalized thing but having a dedicated website or a mobile application for your business is a vital thing nowadays. So, if you are in a dilemma what should you invest in first, a website or a mobile application? We will solve this for you. Both have different usage and significance and caters to a different set of audiences. GoodWorkLabs is an eminent web and mobile application company in Bangalore that develops robust applications. They can develop both mobile applications as well as a dynamic website for you. You can contact GoodWork’s team to get expert advice. But initially let us look at the differences between mobile app development and website development.


Choosing The One


Today the majority of the world’s population is using mobile phones. Smartphones have made lives easier for us and consuming content and engaging with brands using a smartphone, has become convenient. Therefore, having a dedicated app for your business will be a good idea to engage your audience, especially if you are an e-commerce company or deal in a B2C way. Whereas having a website makes your business look more professional and trustworthy for your customers. It does not matters which segment of the industry you belong to, having a website will give credibility to your brand. Hence, Having a website followed by a mobile application is the best approach to keep the audiences engaged. Optimizing your app and website to a mobile-friendly version makes the platform more convenient for people to search, navigate, and buy your products or services.

The focus should be on both – the mobile app and website. Having both – a great mobile application and an engaging website will provide you with an edge over your competitors. But, whenever a business tries to create an online or digital presence, there is one standard question – ‘Do they need a website or an application?’. If you have the same daunting question, then this blog post will help you make an informed decision.

When do you need a website?

Businesses belonging to any industry or niche need a website that showcases the brand information, service, and product offering. It also states the location, a map, success stories, and various other additional details. It is advised to have a custom-made website to keep your audiences engaged.

When developing your presence online through the website, you should keep the below in mind:

  • Have relevant information about your brand
  • Compatible with various devices like mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc
  • Showcase your products and services effectively
  • Include responsive web-design
  • Easy navigation & fast loading

When do you need a mobile application?

A business that wants to have regular and meaningful interactions with customers and that directly deals in B2C should focus to build an innovative mobile application. Mobile applications provide a wider range of plug-ins and features depending upon your objectives and key business goal. 

When developing a mobile application, you should consider the below:

  • The mobile application should support all devices – adapt to a large range of screen sizes and pixels
  • Host it on a cloud platform
  • Add new updates in the app form time-to-time
  • Follow best practices of the platforms – android, iOS, and windows

You need to define your audience and your goal before choosing. If you just want to give out the brand’s information to your audience a website is enough. But if you want to interact with your audience on a daily basis that having a mobile application is a must! However, mobile applications should be considered only when your business has a strong reason to connect with the audience. Remember that mobile applications can be uninstalled if your audiences do not find value in it. 

Lastly, while mobile applications are more interactive, personalized, and effective; and websites are simple and less expensive. You can choose one of them keeping the business objectives in mind. If you are looking forward to launching or enhance your business in the online world, then reach out to our expert team at GoodWorkLabs with your requirements

Top 5 Reasons To Choose Flutter For Your Mobile Application Development

Mobile applications have gradually become a part of our daily lives. This has made it vital for mobile app development companies to develop advanced mobile applications with rich features for consumers. While mobile applications were initially built by the native app development process, lately, cross-platform app development has taken the industry by storm. And why not? Cross-platform app development offers a time-saving and cost-effective alternative to native app development.  

Google’s Flutter is leading the way over other mobile frameworks in the cross-platform app development process. Choosing Flutter poses many benefits that range from rapid deployment to user-friendly UI and its unified code system and saving time and cost. These advantages make it gain the trust of brands like BMW,, eBay, etc. GoodWorkLabs, a Google-certified agency, is a prominent flutter app development company in Bangalore that has developed many amazing applications using Flutter. This novel framework has taken the application industry by storm within a few years of its launch.


So you must be thinking about what makes Flutter the ideal solution for app development?


Here’s a detailed guide to help you understand everything about Flutter – 


Flutter is an open-source mobile app SDK that supports both the iOS and Android platforms for the app development process that too by using a single codebase. Flutter is an ideal choice for small and large businesses as well as enterprises due to its various advantages. Let’s delve deeper into what makes Flutter app development better than other frameworks –


Single Code-base

Flutter works on a single codebase, and developers have to create the codes just once and it will run similarly for both iOS and Android platforms. Having a single codebase is really a great advantage as it shortens the development time. With the native app development process, developers have to write separate codes for both iOS and Android platforms that take up much more time and are eventually costly. While building an application with Flutter will save you time and is cost-effective. 


Native Performance


The Flutter toolkit includes all the components and widgets needed to recreate the native iOS and Android look and feel. Applications build on Flutter are stable and equal performing whether you build a single-page app or a video streaming application. 



Applications built on Flutter are easy to scale as needed. As Flutter applications are built using Dart, an object-oriented programming language it can be used for desktop (Windows, Mac, and Linux) and even web applications apart from iOS and Android. Hence you can get an all-device cross-platform solution at Flutter app development cost. 


Simple platform

Flutter provides various features and ready-to-use plugins that Google supports. If your app needs a plugin that is not available, Flutter can establish contact using platform channels between its Dart programming language and the native code. So this way, you can implement anything that a native app can do on a Flutter app.  


Pixel Perfect

The Flutter software uses an internal graphics engine, Skia, that supports iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS. This software allows not only faster development but also the app will look identical on all devices. Flutter doesn’t rely on any intermediate code representations that make it easier to deliver creative designs with better UI & UX. 


Is it worthwhile to build a business application on Flutter?




You can entirely rely on Google’s novel framework Flutter to build your business application. Furthermore, the stability of a platform, cost-effectiveness, and native performance makes Flutter the ideal choice for building applications. You can hire the best Flutter App Developers from GoodWorkLabs, a renowned flutter application development company in Bangalore. Their team Uses Scrum (Agile Development Process) so that you can be assured that the GoodWorkLabs Flutter app development team will deliver the best quality app that will help you succeed in your market segment.

So now you have got a fair idea about Flutter so in brief,

The Top 5 advantages of Flutter are –
  • the app UI and logic remains the same irrespective of the platform
  • faster code development & deployment
  • It saves time and cost
  • Increased time-to-market 
  • Performance is almost similar to that of native app 

Flutter is the promptest way to deliver an efficient cross-platform mobile application, and possessing so many advantages, soon, Flutter will become the ultimate cross-platform UI framework. So what are you thinking? Talk to our expert team and get all our answers!

Top 6 Benefits Of Xamarin Over Other Platforms

As the usage of smartphones has increased among customers, application development has been growing at a rapid pace. In terms of global market share, Android tops the list. The next in line is Apple’s iOS and Windows, respectively. As a mobile app developer or a business owner, it gets confusing at times to choose the best platform for developing an application, other than its native platform. 

Learning a new language, knowing the API’s, etc. is not only tedious but also a time-taking process. In that case, Xamarin will come to your rescue. With Xamarin, you can build cross-platform mobile applications to facilitate similar functions like platform native apps. You can directly develop apps for Android, iOS, and Windows apps from the Visual Studio itself.

Benefits of Xamarin Over Other Platforms

We bring you some of the profound benefits of Xamarin has over other technologies –

Reusable Code

All of the Xamarin apps can be entirely built in Visual Studio. Xamarin takes the help of C# integrated with a.Net framework for creating apps for a mobile platform. Thus, you get to reuse about 96% of source code leading to a speedy production of the application. cycle.

As Good as Native Platform

The performance of Xamarin also meets the standards of native application development. With Xamarin, a cross-platform app can still get classified as a native app. The performance metrics can be easily compared with those of Java for Android and even Objective- C, or Swift to create a native app for iOS.

 Visual Studio provides a total option to build, test, and track the performance of an app.

Native User Experience

With Xamarin, you can create a superb experience with the help of platform-specific UI elements. A lot of simple apps for iOS, Android, and Windows get designed with the help of Xamarin. The use of Xamarin with the Forms tool brings about a significant increase in the pace of application development. With such a speedy process of development, it becomes a fantastic option for business-oriented projects.

Hardware Support

Xamarin provides your solution with native-level app functions. The tool eliminates every hardware compatibility issue through plugins and particular API’s. This allows Xamarin to work with conventional device functionality across all platforms.

With access to platform specific API’s, Xamarin provides the function of linking native libraries. It gives a better degree of customization and a native-level functionality with just a little added cost.

Strong Corporate Support

When Microsoft acquired Xamarin in the year 2016, the licensing policies underwent quite a lot of significant changes. Xamarin SDK, with runtime, command line tools, and libraries have all become open sourced and available as per MIT license through Visual Studio.

The cost of license tends to be a significant barrier, and by eliminating this, Microsoft opened up the doors to further development of this platform

Ease in Maintenance

Because of its cross-platform ability, Xamarin makes maintenance and providing updates easier. Developers can deploy the changes or updates to the source file itself. These updates then automatically get applied to both the iOS and Android applications.

It is important to note that this only works for the applications running on Xamarin. In short, with Xamarin, you save a lot of time and money spent on keeping your apps up to date.


GoodWorkLabs is one of the renowned company in Bangalore that uses Xamarin for mobile app development. The feature-rich layout and subsequent benefits make Xamarin an almost perfect option for cross-platform development. We at GoodWorkLabs have highly skilled developers who’ve delivered critical solutions based applications, for enterprises from different domains.

Shoot us an email at [email protected] to discuss your requirements.

What makes iOS Applications More Secure Than Others?

Smartphone applications have become a part of peoples’ daily life. Security isn’t the first thing we think of while purchasing an application, but it is a matter of concern. iOS users stand at an advantage here. Though Android also has the required security protocols in place, but it is iOS that has the upper hand in terms of security. iOS applications mitigate the risk of data leakage and security harms. The apps developed in iOS are much more secure than the Android application. 


So are you thinking, what makes iOS applications so secure?


Here are the top features that make iOS applications so secure – 


Data Protection API: All versions of iOS, after iOS 4, have an inbuilt security feature of Data Protection. The feature allows the iOS app to encrypt and decrypt its files automatically. This feature is by default activated in iOS apps, but you can configure it as per your need. 


KeyChain API: Keychain is a hardware-oriented secure data storage that stores small data such as passwords, certificates, and credentials. The iOS has its own dedicated space in the Keychain that does not allow access to other apps. This way, the system provides you the highest level of security.


CloudKit: The CloudKit allows you to store data in Apple’s iCloud by using your Apple ID. It enables the security feature by which your app and the server’s commutation can be done using Apple’s client-side CloudKit framework. 


Verifying Signature: iOS applications use verified signatures. Before sending a message, you need a private or public key pair. This signature is then sent together with the receiver’s actual data, using the public key to validate the signature.


Encrypted Data Transfer: The airdrop got introduced with IOS 7. It allows you to share files with just a tap. The files are encrypted, but this service lets you be visible only to your contacts by default. If you require, you can change the settings. 


Highly Secure Authentication: iOS is known for its authentication feature. Face Recognition, fingerprint authentication, and eye recognition are some of the features that iOS bought it first in the industry. 


HTTPs: iOS launched a new feature called App Transport Security (ATS) that improves the security of the connecting network by blocking HTTP connections. Otherwise, HTTP connections are not that firm.  


Why iOS?

Nowadays, many entrepreneurs and businesses are investing in iOS app development for a secure and reliable mobile application. The primary reason being the security features. But there are much more benefits of the iPhone Operating System. With every new launch of iOS versions and updates, its security features are becoming more sturdy. Leading the way with innovation, iOS focuses to make data encrypt and firm. Though the iOS devices come with high prices than other operating systems, their users know its value and are ready to pay for it. 

Creating a reliable, secure, and powerful iOS is not an easy process. Data security is the highest priority & iOS always tries to perform in terms of safety. 


Choose GoodWorkLabs

If you are looking for an iOS app development company, GoodWorkLabs is an eminent iOS app development company in Bangalore. We build iOS apps with complete safety and security to give your business a dynamic application. Want to know more details?
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Important Factors to Consider While Developing Your Mobile Application

So, you are on your way to having a dedicated mobile application for your business? A customized mobile app will addon to your brand’s value and give credibility. But there are some factors you must consider while developing your app. The points mentioned below are often ignored, but they are crucial for the success of your application. GoodWorkLabs, a renowned app development company in Bangalore, follows these to develop next-gen applications with all the vital factors in mind. Read the tips below to understand –


High-Speed Navigation 


You must make sure that your mobile application isn’t slow to navigate or reload. Rather, it should be rapid and responsive with a high response time. It is a crucial factor on which the overall success of your application will depend, as a slow application that makes people wait around, resonates with none. 


Hassle-Free Sign Up

You have a limited time to make any user stick to your application.  Make every moment count! Do not let the user struggle to register, sign up, or fill out forms. Try to make the sign-in experience short and crisp & eliminate every possible click from the design to make it quick and easy. Ask for as little information as possible(keeping in mind the security concerns).


Alternate Logins

Along with the usual login/sign-up process, you should also allow users to log in through their social media accounts such as Facebook Connect or their email accounts. Along with it, also dont forget to give a hassle-free way to retrieve their user name/password.  


Feedback system

Your new application must take feedback from its actual users to further enhance and debug the whole application. Tell your app development company to add a way in the app, to take feedback. It will provide you with suggestions on areas to improve and make the app more user-friendly.  Even users will appreciate that you consider their feedback. 


Easy Usability

The mobile application should feature an user interface that focuses more on usability. You can follow the usual application flows of other similar widely-used apps to get an idea for your own mobile app development. A neat and simple interface will speak for itself!


Simple UI/UX

Adding lots of features to your application will not make it attractive rather confuse the users. Let the few basic things be clear for users to do what they want in less time than searching for features and getting lost in them. Delivering a richer experience compactly and effectively, with simple UI/UX, is the key here!


Similar web & mobile version

If you are converting a web-based system to a mobile app, or vice-versa, make sure not to omit any features. The web-based or mobile application should be completely similar in all aspects. What’s even better? Connect with GoodWorkLabs, the Google certified agency in Bangalore that provides Flutter application development services. Flutter uses the same codebase for both web and mobile-based applications, hence the chances of errors are omitted.


Include analytics

One key element that your app development partner should include in your mobile app is analytics. Using the data gathered from analytics, you will be able to track and identify users’ responses, experiences, and actions. This will further help to make better decisions and encourage better updates.  


Include Offline capabilities

Adding something in the application that works even without the internet is not a bad idea! It can be a jigsaw puzzle, or a simple game, or pieces of information. Check with your app development agency, what can be added to make the app more interactive even without any signal. 


GoodWorkLabs, your App Development Partner

Whether you are looking ahead to have an Android or iOS app for your business, keeping the above points in mind will make your app more engaging for users. Want to have an amazing business app? Connect with GoodWorkLabs, a mobile app development company in Bangalore that specializes in Android and iOS applications. The team of developers in GoodWorkLabs is well-versed with the on-going market trends and making the app engaging for users. 

Tell us more about your idea and we will develop a high-end application for you!
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How To Choose The Ideal Mobile App Development Company?

Have you decided to launch a customised mobile application for your business? If yes, this is a great step that will take your business to the next level!  As the number of smartphone users is growing exponentially, mobile applications have completely evolved consumer’s lifestyle. Smartphone users utterly rely on mobile apps for shopping and for various other activities like cab booking, playing games, connecting with people etc.  So, if you have a unique idea in your mind that could be turned into an impressive application, you must not delay any more. There are numerous mobile app development companies in the market that can develop your application and turn your idea into a reality!


But the question arises, among these numerous companies, how will you choose the ideal mobile app development company?


To get started, here’s a comprehensive guide to help you hire the right company for your project. Following the points mentioned below, will help you to plan the steps involved in mobile app development and choose the right company. 


Do your HOMEWORK beforehand

Be clear about your idea and what exactly you need from the application before approaching any agency. Having a sound understanding will not only help you in the app development process but also in filtering the mobile app development companies. For example: If you want to develop a grocery delivery app then choosing the company that has prior experience in developing delivery apps will be an advantage. 

Also, you need to identify – 

  • What features you need in the app?
  • How will you earn from the application?
  • How will you market the app after development?
  • How much are you willing to spend?

Know the basics and furthermore, the mobile application development team will guide you. 


Searching the right development company

After you have a basic idea about your application and how things should look like, next is to search for the right mobile application development company that will design and develop your product. Choosing a mobile app development company in India will be more cost-effective than the ones in western countries. Shortlist few companies as per your product, location, cost etc and contact them. Check out their portfolios and get to know their previously developed applications.

Moreover, you also need to check whether they provide customisation for each application they develop, as you would never want to look like any other app already in the play store. 


Check the background of the mobile app development company

Whether you choose a mobile app development company in India, or anywhere else, knowing the background of the company is a must. So, how will you scrutinize it? Check the portfolios to know if they have worked on your business niche. Study the client reviews and the website thoroughly. You will also get a fair understanding of the company from the way it represents itself in its social media pages. These steps will help you know the company better. 


The necessary questions to ask the app development company
  • What are the types of application they develop? There are many types of applications such as iOS app development, Android app development, Web app development etc.  Get to know which one is the best for you.
  • Whether they follow the agile methodology in project management? Staying in constant touch with the development team at every stage of app development is both crucial and beneficial for both the parties. 
  • Is the app development company well aware of the latest trends and technologies? Get to know the knowledge and experience of the developing team as they will be the ones putting the pieces together of your dream project!
  • Will the company maintain the confidentiality of your idea? This is a vital point. Discuss clearly and get the agreements in place, to avoid losing your idea. 
  • Will they help in the promotion of your application? Just developing an app will not work, you also need to promote it vigorously to let the public know that your product exists. So, check with the development company if they provide promotional services too. 

Most importantly, ask whether the app development company is Google Certified or not? Because that will certify whether the company is really good or not. Google certifies only a handful of agencies in the world. GoodWorkLabs for example is a Google Certified Mobile App Development Agency. They are trained on all the latest technologies directly by Google, that’s a big advantage.

Also, check whether they work closely with Apple. Apple helps developers through official training and helping companies make better apps for iOS users. For example, GoodWorkLabs is an Apple partner agency.


Make the final call

After reading the above guide, now you know the initial steps to get the right mobile application development company for your business. Your idea is powerful, only if you get the right hands to work on it. At Goodworklabs, we have dedicated and skilled developers who will understand your idea and create a brilliant mobile application. You can check out our portfolio here. Stay tuned at this space to guide you further in the development journey!  


Forecast 2021: Mobile App Development 

Top mobile app trends to watch out in 2021


Decades have passed since mobile phones made their way to our lives. From click to touch, they have only been evolving year-on-year to give the best possible experience to the consumers. Likewise, mobile apps have introduced creativity and changed the way people live, work, shop, play, connect, and relax. The year 2020 came in to completely change our lifestyles and taught us to embrace multiple technological developments. These changes had a positive effect on the mobile app development industry; which eventually led to the growth of small, moderate, and large companies.

In research by Statista it is predicted that by 2021 the number of mobile users worldwide will grow by 3.8 billion. Therefore, it can be concluded that enterprises and businesses will easily meet their goals with the mobile app optimised with advanced technologies.

In this article, we discuss which technologies are expected to be deployed in 2021 and beyond. To make the best use of the mobile app in 2021, below are the top 3 possibilities to discover the leading trends in mobile app development:


Top 3 mobile app development trends in 2021


Data, AI, and ML will continue to lead

Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML) have completely redeveloped the face of mobile app development in the last few years. The use of these leading technologies in mobile app development has exponentially accelerated the growth of businesses and companies across the globe. A perfect combination of AI and ML backed with data can save companies a lot of money, grab user attention, and increase revenue. A basic example of AI incorporation: Today, many organisations tend to incorporate AI chatbots into their mobile applications – the use of this is increasing daily.


Apps optimised for wearables 

Over that last few years, portable and wearable technology has seen a great expansion in the market and expected to grow further in the coming year. Smartwatches, health monitors, and training straps are the most trending wearables. It is noted that wearable technology has grown by 15% in the last four years. Therefore, developing applications that better link to portables and wearables through smartphones using IoT is the need of the hour.


Mobile applications with a touch of reality – AR and VR

An Augmented Reality (AR) app is a software application that blends the real-world environment with interactive visual, audio or other content. Businesses and companies can better engage their customers and increase their revenue by using VR and AR technologies in their mobile applications as they provide an unforgettable experience to the users. Globally, these innovations are used for smartphone users to create improved customer interface that can help marketers boost profits. Therefore, the use of AR and VR is expanding every day across the industries – from healthcare to games to travel to education to sports.


GoodWorkLabs, leading mobile app development company

GoodWorkLabs is one of the leading mobile app development company in India, the USA, and Europe. We have a proven end-to-end experience of developing successful mobile applications for many of the world’s leading brands and companies. Should you be looking for a mobile app developer, then connect with us at +91- 9863077000 or [email protected] for a free 1-hour consultation of how we can help you.


What Are The Top Features Of a Successful Fitness Application?

The idea of living a healthy and fit life has widely been accepted by people in the last few years. HIIT, yoga, personal training, and diet plans have become buzzing activities amongst the boomers, millennials, and gen z. Also, recently when the world was locked-down during the COVID pandemic, many people have successfully invested their time and energy in health and fitness activities than ever before. During this time, social media had a movement of #WorkoutFromHome. This has lead to the growth of in-demand fitness applications that help people to workout from the comfort of their homes.

The modern trend of blending fitness and technology is growing very rapidly. Today, smartphones, wearables, and fitness mobile applications have become an integral part of our fitness regimes. The easy accessibility of fitness mobile applications is making people better, healthier, and fitter. They are here to stay and disrupt the traditional fitness industry.

In this article, our experts highlight the top features that help in developing successful fitness applications.

Before we start listing the features, let us acknowledge that there are a variety of fitness applications:

  • Home Workout Apps
  • Nutrition and Diet Apps
  • Activity Tracking Apps
  • Fitness Training Apps – HIIT and Yoga
  • Meditation Apps


Top Features of Fitness Apps:

Easy Sign-up and Profile Creation 

Creating personal accounts using the phone number or email id or social media account is very important as this allows users to save and maintain their records even if they, later on, change the devices. A complex and lengthy registration process will only make user disinterested, ask for only important, yet minimal information. The easiest way for profile creation is by providing an option to sign-up using their social media account.


Tracking Daily Regimes and Activities 

A person performing fitness activities using fitness application is always goal-oriented. They want to know and understand their progress and how far are they from their goal(s). A simple fitness tracker, help users gauge the number of calories they have burnt, hours they have slept, number of steps they have walked, amount of calories they have ingested, the weight they have gained/lost, BMI, etc. Therefore, a fitness application without this track-able feature is of zero use to anyone.


Social Media Integration 

Fitness related content is one of the most shared content on the social media platform. People love sharing their fitness routines, trackers, and fitness achievements on their social media handles. This helps them build a network of like-minded people. Therefore, enabling the user to share their fitness updates on the linked social media channels is of utmost importance today.



It is always necessary to keep your users hooked and engaged. While they are using your application for tracking and following the best fitness routines, you should also help them earn some instant gratification to make them feel valued. Fitness applications must-have features like – enabling user to compete, win rewards, upgrade to badges, and scale their progress bars.


Integration with Wearable Devices 

Syncing mobile application with various fitness wearables is the most important feature. This helps users seamlessly perform their fitness routine and track their progress in a much detailed manner. These wearable devices can detect the physiological factors (blood pressure, pulse, heart rate, etc) and store the information in the mobile application. Also, they help you compare the data of weekly, monthly, and yearly reports. All these captured information can help the virtual trainer to monitor the user more effectively.

It is the combination of the discussed and other features with friendly UX/UI that enables the fitness application to grow and succeed. A happy user will recommend the application to peers and like-minded groups which can further add to the success of your fitness application.

If you are looking to develop a fitness application or improve your current application, then GoodWorkLabs is the tech partner you need. GoodWorkLabs is the leading mobile app development company in India, the USA, and Europe. We come with hands-on experience in building end-to-end mobile applications. We look forward to providing you a one hour free consulting, reach out to us at +91- 9863077000 or [email protected].


Best Features To Build The Most Successful And Impactful Education App

The education system has gone through 360-degree revolutionary changes in that last few years. With more and more proliferation of smartphones to every nook and corner of the world, online education has become an acceptable norm today. Also, post the COVID-19 pandemic effect, almost all the schools and colleges have changed their teaching methodologies and have successfully incorporated online education. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that the pandemic has further leveraged the growth of online learning or e-learning platforms across the world.

With digital learning becoming the order and norm of the day, there is a tremendous growth opportunity for EdTech players. From school education apps like Byjus to Vedantu, and professional learning apps like UpGrad to Edureka all have seen an exponential growth post-CVOID-19 phase. With the rising demand for education applications or e-learning mobile applications, the competition to leverage and sustain has also increased. Therefore, to grow during times like these, EdTech applications will have to incorporate some relevant and fascinating technology with engaging content.

Let us look at some of the technologies that aspiring EdTech start-ups can incorporate in their e-learning apps:


The right use of AR and VR technologies

Now that the children are learning from home their practical exposure to the theories have taken a back step. Though there are tremendous online videos to understand the practicality of the subject, it is not very effective. For students to understand a practical concept in-depth the ideal way is for them to perform an experiment and learn from their experience. AR and VR technology can help them get closer to reality and provide an immersive experience while they are seated in the safety and comfort of their homes. The right use of these technologies can help students learn geography, perform chemical reactions, watch a plat grow – all of this and more while they are learning from home.


Using AI to help kids learn and grow at their speed

The learning and grasping power of every student is different. Few learn a concept in the day and few take a week to understand them. In a traditional set-up, teachers get a chance of interacting with students in-person and understanding their learning speed. This helps them understand which students require more of her time and help to learn a concept. As the student and teacher interaction has now got digitised, it is difficult for teachers to have a closer understanding of the student’s learning behaviour and patterns. This is when the use of artificial intelligence (AI) can help teachers understand which students require more of her help and time in the respective modules. EdTech apps can host an algorithm to analyse student’s learning pattern by throwing questions at the end of each module, analysing the number of replays, etc. The data so collected, can help teachers break down the concept into smaller understandable fragments. This personalised feature can do wonders for education apps, and this should be on top of every EdTech app’s checklist.


Live learning 

While most of the EdTech applications have this feature, it is very important if you are planning to develop an EdTech mobile app. This feature can not be overlooked, as this provides the most immersive, personalised, and real-time experience for every student. Live interaction with teachers can help students learn concepts faster, clear their doubts quicker, and ask more candid questions. Irrespective if an application is dedicated to a student or professional user, this feature can make or break your EdTech app experience.

Whether you are a school, college, institute, university, or an EdTech start-up – we would like to tell you that this is the best and right time to invest in the development of an e-learning app. These apps are very much in demand today and are growing exponentially as we discuss. This is the time when you can take advantage of the current situation and pick a pie for yourself.

Should you be looking forward to developing an EdTech or e-learning mobile application, GoodWorkLabs should be the best tech partner for you. GoodWorkLabs has a proven experience in developing immersive Edtech apps for Sesame Street and EkStep Foundation. Our work for Ekstep Genie App is a milestone. The app was recognised by the International Design Center in Berlin and was further nominated for the IDC UX design awards. You may connect with us at +91- 9863077000 or [email protected] for a free 1-hour consultation of how we can help you.


Factors to Consider while Selecting the Best Mobile Application Development Company

In the previous decade, the requirement for enterprise software development, particularly from mobile application development companies has expanded exponentially. To foster a seamless user experience, Fortune 500 companies, SMEs, start-ups, and budding entrepreneurs are investigating every possibility. Consistently many businesses are venturing into the development of mobile applications intending to engage users and generate more business. A compelling mobile application has a key part in a business’ success. Therefore, organisations and entrepreneurs must choose a custom-built mobile application to improve their operations and ROI.

Choosing the best mobile application company can be an extreme assignment for some business visionaries. The explanation is simple, today there are a large number of mobile application development agencies which makes it hard for them to make an informed decision. Truth be told, each entrepreneur ought to consider some key factors before on-boarding a tech partner to develop a mobile application. It requires a precise examination to get the desired assistance for your business. Also, mobile applications have become the endurance and sustenance unit for each online business. It is the coolest method to connect with your intended interest group and meet your objectives of significant growth, expansion, and increased ROI.

Let us look at the parameters you should consider while choosing a mobile app development company:


Understand your requirements:

Create a comprehensive list of features you need in your application and the assistance you require to develop your mobile application. You ought to have the option to characterize the specific things you are searching for in a mobile application. This would depend on your business domain and the sort of products or services you are attempting to offer. Regardless of whether you are looking to set-up a not-for-profit mobile application, you should have rightly characterized its usefulness. Also, not to forget, you must be unique.


Look for an Innovative Company

Choosing mobile application companies that develop inventive applications or create out-of-the-box software will be an extraordinary decision. By employing such an imaginative mobile application developer, it will be easier for you to create an application that is attention-grabbing, unique, effective, and efficient. At large, your application can increase the user traffic if you employ an innovative mobile app development company for your requirements. The explanation to this is, that they create mobile applications that can stand the test of times, as they are developed with high-customisation and user insights at their core.


Development Approach:

The approach that an app developer takes can have two direct effects on your project and business: time and budget. Each application requires a customised development model which can help it to be unique and extraordinary. During the development phase, if a mobile app development company takes a ‘one size fits all’ approach, it might end up being a failure. If this is not taken care of, the outcomes could be delayed in addition to other complications.


Check for the company’s experience:

Experience is another main consideration that helps entrepreneurs in shortlisting the best mobile application development company. The organization you choose must have experience in developing a similar application. More than the number of applications created by these developers, it is the quality of the developed application that matters more. Building a great mobile application isn’t a simple assignment. It requires core domain knowledge, exceptional aptitude, business understanding, and innovative mind of mobile application developers.

To develop a seamless, effective, and engaging mobile application, you must check the aforementioned crucial factors while on-boarding a mobile app development company. If you invest some time in this process and choose the right partner for the development of your application, then you are sure to receive most fruitful benefits in return.


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