5 Steps to Market Your iPad Applications

5 Steps to Market Your iPad Applications

Creating an iPad application is just the beginning; the main load of work comes just after. That is marketing it. There is a plethora of apps available in the Apple App Store. Hence to stand out from the rest the right kind of marketing is a necessity. How can you be different? Well, we suggest you follow the following 5 steps.


Step 1: Describe and also get described.

A simple but clear description about your app is an absolute must. It should not be the bare minimum. But then again, it should not be a long essay either. The trick is to make it interesting so it can grab the consumer’s attention. Ensure that the description is written well, along with all the details and the key features, which would compel the user to download the Ipad app. Attaching screenshots of the App, would also be an advantage. To have a better idea, look out for similar apps in the Apple App Store that are successful, to get an idea of what is working for them.

By getting described we mean get good reviews and ratings. Getting good reviews and ratings would put the iPad app at a higher rank in the App Store. One does not need to hire a PR Agency to market their app. You can simply do a Google search of your app’s topic. This will lead you to finding relevant newspaper columns and blogs, which you can target with a press release. Mention that promo codes are available for whoever would like to review the app. This can be a clever form of marketing.

Step 2: Are you making your Ipad App social?

This question determines how well you can market your Ipad app. In the current times, promoting an app mostly happens online and social media is the key. Using popular social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and others, to promote your app is a common and effective method. Liking, sharing and commenting have become a big way to sell your app to people. This, basically increases the visibility of the app. Another way to boost sales for your Ipad apps is by following pages of app development, marketing, sales, etc. Being connected to likeminded people will help you understand better.

Step 3: Be smart

We advice that you do not charge the customer for your app at the first go. Consider offering a “lite” or a “trial” version of your Ipad app. It should contain adequate key features of the main app, so that the consumer knows what he will be purchasing. Also, it ensures that he is adequately excited about it.

Here, we divulge a bit and tell you that, it is important to know how to monetize your apps. Marketing takes time and till then one must keep afloat. Do read our previous blog on the same to get a fair idea on how to do so. Click here.

Step 4:  Get Your iPad App on the Web

It is not a necessity to spend a fortune on a website. It could be just a standard WordPress site, which would work just as fine. What you need to consider is the quality and the content on the website. It should not look amateurish. Your website will act like an online business card. It will give the customer an idea about your company and your app. The trick is to make sure your website creates curiosity. We tend to remember those, that makes us curious.

Next, SEO (search engine optimisation) of your website is very important. Identify the keywords for your app, optimize the content for these keywords and ensure you drive traffic to your site through search engines. This is called organic traffic and is the cheapest, the best and the most relevant traffic you can ever get. Also, once the visitors land on your site, make sure you convert them into your clients by continuously improving your website.

Step 5: Here comes the iPad App!

Now comes the time to launch your app. All the strategizing, planning and marketing has led you up to this. Ensure the visibility of your Ipad app is high. Making noise about your app at this stage is the way to go. Get in touch with bloggers, journalists, etc. to spread the word about your app. Getting people interested in the app is the first step to having a successful iPad App. But do make sure you have an app that is clean, bug free and unique. It can be the same old story but with your unique twist.

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