iOS 8 versus iOS 7: Developer’s Kit – Part 2

This is Part 2 of the iOS8: Amazing New Features series. You can read Part 1 here.

With the release of the new iOS 8 SDK (Software Development Kit) in June 2014, the app developers are in for some really good news. This Developer’s kit includes 4000 new APIs (Application Programming Interface), which will help the developers to add new features and capabilities to their apps that will assist in enhancing the apps’ performance.


Following is a list of the various new kits and/or features that come with iOS 8 SDK.

Advantages of iOS 8 v/s iOS 7 Features:


Technology improvements in iOS 8 make it easy for iOS game developers to implement their game’s graphics and audio. 

  • SceneKit helps create 3D animated effects and scenes into apps.
  • SceneKit integrated with SpriteKit helps create high-performing and battery-efficient 2D games.
  • Metal offers streamlined API, a unified graphics and shading language. Modern architectural considerations, such as multiprocessing and shared memory, make it easy to parallelize the creation of GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) commands.

App Extensions:

App extensions lets the developers create actions or buttons separately, which can be used in other apps as well.

  • Your app can now share photos, videos, files and website links with social networking sites and other such websites.
  • You can also customise your own action buttons to help users complete various functions like translating text into another language or editing documents, and so on.
  • Developers can now get their apps to display widgets such as news stories, in the ‘Today’ section of the Notifications centre.
  • Also, your apps can provide storage location which other apps can also access. This helps users to edit one file using several apps.
  • Create custom keyboards that users can install and use universally.


  • Developers can now store and retrieve their app data in a more structured, secured and efficient manner directly on the iCloud.
  • They can also make the users anonymously log in to their apps with their iCloud Apple IDs.
  • Now there is no need to write server-side application logic. With CloudKit, developers can solely concentrate on client-side app development.

Touch ID:

  • Developers can now make use of Touch ID, the way User IDs were used to gain access to certain contents in the app.
  • Touch ID cannot be accessed by iOS or any other app, and is well protected.


  • Now create apps that can directly edit photos in the camera roll. Previously, users had to first import the photos.
  • Other attributes include fetching objects and requesting changes, thread-safe architecture for caching and loading thumbnails, and knowledge of changes made by other apps.

Manual Camera Controls:

  • Now users can use your apps and directly control the exposure settings, camera focus and white balance.
  • Also, they can click pictures with different exposure settings with the help of ‘bracketed exposure captures’.


  • With HealthKit, all health-related information shared by the users is stored in one secured location.
  • iPhone or iPad App Developers can gain access to all the information as soon as the users share them with their app. This helps the developers to provide users with a complete health-report instantly.


  • Developers can now create apps that will help users to locate other iOS devices in their house, for quicker configuration.
  • Your apps can also control the devices with the help of certain actions.


  • iOS 8 can make users continue using an app on another device, from right where it left off on the previous one.
  • Your apps also have the option of doing the same.


  • Swift, as the name suggests, is the new fast programming language which is highly secured and interactive.
  • It is used for Cocoa and Cocoa Touch.
  • Writing Swift code within Xcode 6 shows immediate results before compilation into native machine code.
  • Code your apps in playgrounds before moving it into projects.

Here’s part 1 of the iOS: Amazing New Features series.

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iOS8: Amazing New Features – Part 1

Here’s a 2 part series to get a glimpse of the amazing new features Apple has come up with for iOS8 over iOS7.

Part 1 – Differences between iOS 8  v/s iOS 7  

On June 2, 2014, at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2014, Apple Inc. announced the eighth major release of its iOS mobile operating system. It has succeeded iOS 7, which was released in September 2013. There are some exciting new features for both iPhone users and iPhone mobile app developers.


The new iOS is an improved and advanced version of the previous operating system. Following is an overview of the different new features of iOS 8, in comparison with iOS 7.

Keyboard Difference between iOS 8 and iOS 7:

  • The new QuickType feature helps in typing faster by providing word suggestions in iOS 8.
  • It suggests what word to type next in accordance with the people you are interacting with, whether they are friends or colleagues or a complete stranger.
  • Users can now also install a third-party keyboard, like Swype or Swiftkey.

Interactive Notifications:

  • Now reply to a message without leaving the app you were using. This is also possible for third-party apps like facebook, where you can like or comment through the notification without opening facebook at all.
  • This also works on the lock-screen.
  • In iOS 7, double-tap could only get you in touch with the opened apps. In iOS 8, the same option can now get you in touch with your favourite contacts instantly.

Health Kit:

  • iOS 7 had separate apps to measure blood pressure, heart rate, calories burnt, diabetes and other such metrics. With the new Health Kit in iOS 8, now keep all these measurements in one place.
  • It’s personalised as well! The kit recognises your readings and acts accordingly. For instance, if your blood pressure is higher than what it usually is, or your heart rate has increased abnormally without having done any activity, it will instantly notify a hospital, and a doctor will contact you immediately.
  • For this, Apple has also tied up with Mayo Clinic and several other hospitals.


  • Spotlight is enhanced, providing you with results from multiple sources. For instance, if you search for a movie, you will get results from iTunes, as well as its current running show-time in theatres.


  • Delete mails, mark as unread, or flag, by simply swiping the mail in the inbox.
  • While composing emails, if you want to access other emails, you could now just swipe down the composing mail and check your inbox.


  • This app has become tidier, as you can now choose to hide the sidebar containing bookmarks, shared links and reading lists.
  • It also provides a bird’s eye view of all the websites that you have opened, grouping the tabs which are from the same site.
  • Scanning the credit card and make purchases without entering your details.
  • By holding the ‘+’ icon, open a recently closed tab.
  • Now enter into privacy mode for only select sites, unlike previously, when under privacy mode, all opened tabs went into that mode.


  • Configuring your device in accordance with your organisation has become as simple as it can be.
  • Also, there is better privacy option with passcode protection for all apps – calendar, contacts, mail, messages, notes, reminders, third-party apps (eg. fb).


  • If you now say ‘Hey Siri’, the Siri is activated right away. You don’t even need to touch the phone at all.
  • It even recognises songs playing in the background.
  • Ask it to purchase that song for you, and it will take you to the iTunes store.
  • It also supports 22 new dictation languages.


  • With iOS 8, you can now have all Apple products synced together.
  • Switch between devices and pick up from where you left off, and that too, without manual configuration.
  • You can now also Airdrop files between Mac and iOS devices.

iCloud Drive:

  • In iOS 8, if you make any changes on the documents that are saved in the iCloud drive, you instantly have it on all your synced devices.
  • You also get the first 5GB data storage for free.


  • In iOS 8, now share audio and video files instantly and also share locations.
  • Have group conversations, add or remove people, and switch to ‘do not disturb’ mode to mute a conversation, or leave the group entirely.


  • Editing features for photos in iOS 8 has become smarter than before.
  • Also, photos can now be easily searched for by typing their timeline, location or name of albums.

Family Sharing:

  • With this new feature, add up to six members sharing the same credit card.
  • Share as many photos, movies, songs, documents, lists or calendar reminders with family.

End of part 1. In part 2 we will discuss the Developer’s Kit. 

Update: Read the Part 2 – iOS8 versus iOS7 Developer’s Kit here

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Top 6 iPad Edutainment Game Apps

What is edutainment you ask? Simple, when education meets entertainment. Right? But, getting the right blend in a game is quite a task. How do you make a fun game educative or an educative game entertaining? Well, there are many iPad game apps, which have been able to get this combination right. These games are epitomes of what we call ‘edutainment’. We recommend you try the following 6 best iPad game apps today and see what new things you get to learn while having fun. Fair warning some of them can be quite challenging, addictive and can bring out the challenger in you. Let the games begin.


#1 – QuizUp

This game has taken the world by storm.  It has been ranked #1 overall in the Apple App Store. Challenge random strangers, or connect with your Facebook or Google+ friends to earn more points and level up. It boasts of an overwhelming number of topics, with which the user can choose to challenge others. Be it from Grammar to Sports to World Capitals.


  • Almost 600 topics to choose from
  • Connect with Facebook or Google+
  • Chat with players with similar interest

Addiction Level: 10/10



#2 – 2048

2048 is an addictive, fun and a very simple puzzle game. The objective of this educational game is to swipe the tiles on the grid, and combine them to get a tile with a number 2048. For example, 2+2=4, 4+4=8, and so on, and when the player creates a tile with the number 2048, he wins. And, if you are a Chemistry geek Isotopic 256 is a brilliant spin off.


  • Leader board to see your ranking against your Facebook friends
  • Frequent game improvements
  • Game auto-save feature

Addiction Level: 10/10



#3 – Smart Kitty

Why should adults have all the fun? This is a simple and educative game for toddlers and children. The game comprises of interesting activities, colourful and attractive special effects and an enjoyable and pleasant music for children between the ages of 1 to 6. This is an excellent app for kids to improve their logical thinking and memory skills in an easy and fun way. Word on the street is that adults also love this game app.


  • Six different difficulty levels
  • Starts with simple and then gradually moves on to complex tasks
  • The game is available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian

Addiction Level: 8.5/10



#4 – Calculords

Calculords is an unconventional card game, which incorporates number puzzles and turn based tactical combat. The game mechanism is clever, strategic and creative. Unlike the other games where in the player needs to reach at a higher level to play with powerful cards, here you can use math to play any card that is in your hand.


  • Puzzle driven collectable card gameplay
  • Over 200 unique cards

Addiction Level: 8/10



#5 – Lost Light

Lost Light is an adventure puzzle game from Disney. Every stage in this game has a series of blocks, which rise upwards. The players’ goal is to match same-numbered tiles by sliding a numbered tile to any tiles besides it, thus connecting the tiles and becoming the total sum.


  • Up to 225 levels
  • 9 unique challenges types
  • 3 level conquering power-ups

Addiction Level: 8.5/10



6. Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey

Are you a word game fanatic? Then, this is the perfect match for you.  This educational game has a simple, yet engaging concept. The player has to spell words and fight his way through 40 exciting stages and help Grimm and Rose on their adventure through a world filled with monsters and also treasure.


  • 40 stages with 4 unique ways to play each
  • More than 30 monsters to compete with
  • Compete with your friends and see your ranking on the leader board.

Addiction Level: 9/10



We loved these 6 iPad games apps but we feel we should warn you; they might take over your life as they are extremely addictive. Happy Gaming!



5 Steps to Market Your iPad Applications

Creating an iPad application is just the beginning; the main load of work comes just after. That is marketing it. There is a plethora of apps available in the Apple App Store. Hence to stand out from the rest the right kind of marketing is a necessity. How can you be different? Well, we suggest you follow the following 5 steps.


Step 1: Describe and also get described.

A simple but clear description about your app is an absolute must. It should not be the bare minimum. But then again, it should not be a long essay either. The trick is to make it interesting so it can grab the consumer’s attention. Ensure that the description is written well, along with all the details and the key features, which would compel the user to download the Ipad app. Attaching screenshots of the App, would also be an advantage. To have a better idea, look out for similar apps in the Apple App Store that are successful, to get an idea of what is working for them.

By getting described we mean get good reviews and ratings. Getting good reviews and ratings would put the iPad app at a higher rank in the App Store. One does not need to hire a PR Agency to market their app. You can simply do a Google search of your app’s topic. This will lead you to finding relevant newspaper columns and blogs, which you can target with a press release. Mention that promo codes are available for whoever would like to review the app. This can be a clever form of marketing.

Step 2: Are you making your Ipad App social?

This question determines how well you can market your Ipad app. In the current times, promoting an app mostly happens online and social media is the key. Using popular social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and others, to promote your app is a common and effective method. Liking, sharing and commenting have become a big way to sell your app to people. This, basically increases the visibility of the app. Another way to boost sales for your Ipad apps is by following pages of app development, marketing, sales, etc. Being connected to likeminded people will help you understand better.

Step 3: Be smart

We advice that you do not charge the customer for your app at the first go. Consider offering a “lite” or a “trial” version of your Ipad app. It should contain adequate key features of the main app, so that the consumer knows what he will be purchasing. Also, it ensures that he is adequately excited about it.

Here, we divulge a bit and tell you that, it is important to know how to monetize your apps. Marketing takes time and till then one must keep afloat. Do read our previous blog on the same to get a fair idea on how to do so. Click here.

Step 4:  Get Your iPad App on the Web

It is not a necessity to spend a fortune on a website. It could be just a standard WordPress site, which would work just as fine. What you need to consider is the quality and the content on the website. It should not look amateurish. Your website will act like an online business card. It will give the customer an idea about your company and your app. The trick is to make sure your website creates curiosity. We tend to remember those, that makes us curious.

Next, SEO (search engine optimisation) of your website is very important. Identify the keywords for your app, optimize the content for these keywords and ensure you drive traffic to your site through search engines. This is called organic traffic and is the cheapest, the best and the most relevant traffic you can ever get. Also, once the visitors land on your site, make sure you convert them into your clients by continuously improving your website.

Step 5: Here comes the iPad App!

Now comes the time to launch your app. All the strategizing, planning and marketing has led you up to this. Ensure the visibility of your Ipad app is high. Making noise about your app at this stage is the way to go. Get in touch with bloggers, journalists, etc. to spread the word about your app. Getting people interested in the app is the first step to having a successful iPad App. But do make sure you have an app that is clean, bug free and unique. It can be the same old story but with your unique twist.

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