Why Is PHP Considered A Loosely Typed Language?

Why Is PHP Considered A Loosely Typed Language?

Loosely typed languages refer to those programming scripts that do not require defining the variable. To put it simply, while declaring a variable in these programming scripts, there is no need of defining or classifying the data type stored in them. While working with these programming scripts, you can create a new variable, namely $string and assign it the integer value. One of the most popular examples of a strongly typed language is the C#. If you choose to work on this script, then you will have to define the variable type while declaring it.

Why is PHP considered a loosely typed language

What is PHP?

Quite contrary to these programming scripts, PHP does not require defining the variable type. As a result, you are not restricted to a limited type of data. Quite inevitably, it proves to be highly beneficial for programmers, as they enjoy optimum flexibility.

Currently, there has been an upsurge in the use and popularity of the PHP script. As a loosely typed language, this particular script offers golden opportunities to programmers for designing great software programs. But, that will only be possible if programmers are also aware of the major challenges associated with it. Breeze through the article and develop an idea on the why’s and how’s of PHP, the most popular typed programming language.

Optimum flexibility

While creating dynamic applications, it is the flexibility of a loosely typed programming script that renders the most useful assistance. Because of their nature, dynamic applications are quite tough to work with. Often, these applications have to determine actions based on unknown data. Using the PHP programming script proves to be the best shots, in this context. It does not enforce data types on variables, and hence offers complete flexibility in complex programming.

Complete programming liberty

In cases of strongly typed languages, the programming rules are already pre-set and pre-determined. Therefore, the programmer has precious little to do, in this context. However, situations are completely different with PHP. By allowing programmers to set their own programming rules, this particular programming script offers them freedom of operation.

Scope of experimentation

PHP programming script offers umpteen scope of experimentation to programmers. Not only do they get knowledgeable about its major benefits and opportunities, but also develop an idea of the major challenges associated with it.

The drawbacks

Although this programming script has gained traction with ingenious programmers and has become their current favorite, it is not completely without a fair share of drawbacks as well.

The issue of vulnerability

While working with PHP, it happens to be essential for programmers to gain profound knowledge of data typing. Without that knowledge, they are actually creating vulnerable programming codes. As a loosely typed language, PHP creates some major possibilities of errors. Say, for instance, your code needs integer input, and your variable is in a string. As the most undesired output, the entire function will break. However, it is possible to overcome this issue by creating a properly-structured and organized programming code.

The several reasons stated above, define why PHP is popularly known as a loosely typed programming language along with the various benefits and disadvantages associated with it.Do write in to us and let us know if you too consider PHP as a loosely typed programming language?

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