What Makes CakePHP So Popular

What Makes CakePHP So Popular

PHP has been one of the earliest, most consistent and most popular programming languages for a long time now. However, it too suffers from few inadequacies like an inconsistent naming convention, lacking of certain important features, disorganization, security vulnerabilities. These lacking are duly overcome by platforms like CakePHP. Based on the same PHP basic, CakePHP offers a highly flexible architecture that is being used by developers globally to develop, maintain and deploy several types of applications. The best part of CakePHP is that it reduces the mundane scripting part to a great extent, allowing the developer to be creative. The popularity of CakePHP has made it grow through the decades. It is being constantly updated and the latest version (v.3.0) allows high build quality, a friendly license, clean MVC conventions, secure scripting, zero configuration and built-in authentication.

What makes CakePHP so popular

Here are the several reasons why CakePHP has been widely accepted in the developer community globally:

Open source

At the heart of CakePHP is open source architecture, making it the common goal of every developer. Being open source ensures that developers get access to the latest development tools and don’t have to spend huge amount of time and energy in writing the same source codes. This helps add robustness to applications, thereby improving their performance.

MVC pattern

Based on an MVC framework, CakePHP developers can access, insert, delete and modify data directly from the database. Further, the platform facilitates support data on the screen to assist developers through a friendly process. A controller process always responds to events on identification of errors, ensuring an immediate modification even before it has interacted with the database. Overall, the MVC pattern makes it quite easy to differentiate logic from the presentation.


As hinted earlier, CakePHP saves a lot of time through readily available source scripts. Since the programmer can always access pre-written codes, it could be base to several projects that have different applications. This allows the developer to focus more on the creative and logical part without bothering about the tedious task of re-coding.

Zero configurations

At no point in the coding or configuration process do developers need to specify website URL or a source library. CakePHP is programmed to auto-detect all these information, saving time for the developer. The only thing you do need to worry about is the platform’s database connection setting.

Wide community

Again, being open source, CakePHP is supported by a huge group of peers, always ready to share information and learn from each other. With so many contributors, new programmers always get access to new tools and features with CakePHP. The well maintained forum also makes it easier to research upon new development features and functionalities.

Built-in validation

This feature has been newly introduced into the CakePHP framework, making the language even more encouraging. Previously, the validation process was very basic. However, modern features bring in options of advanced validation rules into single field.

Overall, CakePHP is one of the easiest and most flexible programming languages a developer would come across. It has been the core of popular websites like mapme.com, followmy.tv, mygasfeed.com and many others.

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