Superheroes & Gamification – Unleashing The Power Of Storytelling 

Superheroes & Gamification – Unleashing The Power Of Storytelling 

Games are fun. They keep users engaged, excited, and thrilled. The best games are built around themes, characters, and stories. A perfect mix of these three ingredients makes a path for a great level of gamification. Our MD, Vishwas Mudagal believes that the best way to do so is by having a superhero captured in a theme with a great storyline. He also believes that India is a land of superheroes and epic stories, therefore there are a lot of opportunities for brands to create their own ambassadors and gamify their content.

In an insightful talk at Ad Tech event, he shared his thoughts about the connection between superheroes, Indian mythology, and brand building. He iterated how these superheroes can be great ambassadors for the brands to hack the consumer’s mind.

Watch him talk here:

Vanaroid concept art - Last Avatar - GoodWorkLabs

How Does a Superhero Help You Gamify Your Content? 

Superheros Come With Epic Meanings 

Epic meaning simply means creating something that has purpose and motive. Meaning to say, a superhero always has a purpose, after all, with great power comes great responsibility. For instance – he could be someone who is fighting evil or restoring nature or persuading people to do good. This ‘epic meaning’ could be a problem that your brand solves. The answers to – what is the point of your business and why should people buy your product – will help you know the epic meaning for your superhero. Once people understand the wider importance of your product (purpose, goals, and missions) you can build game mechanics and storyline into this context. If you strike this well, people will know your superhero for his epic meaning, which is indeed your USP.


There Is a Powerful Narrative 

All superhero stories have a powerful narrative. Building a strong narrative will help you strengthen the superhero character and keep your audiences engaged. After all, we all love good stories. That is what keeps people hooked and gripped to your content, product, and brand. However, when you choose a storyline make sure it is mindful, meaningful, and connects to your brand. Always remember to tell a story that has epic meaning for your audience.


Superheros Set Clear Pathways 

Remember that superheroes have the power to influence people, and therefore you need to have an in-depth approach to gamifying your content. You have set forth a problem, and you have a solution to it, but how does one reach that solution? When should someone choose that solution? Why should someone choose that solution? Answers to these questions will help you build a pathway that has an appealing narrative and strong storyline. Make use of your superhero to help people bring on the right path by showing the right narrative.


They Keep Things Social 

Humans are social creatures and so are the superheroes. All superheroes have an aim to benefit the society and world at large. Hence do not keep them away from real-world problems. Include them in fighting the real issues, this will help you create purpose-driven content for your business. Add elements that help people understand how does the superhero uses the product to help communities or societies grow at large. Doing this will add a human interest angle to your storyline and help people connect with your brand at a much deeper level.

Using the mentioned ingredients in the superhero storyline to gamify your branded content will help you target your audiences deeply and successfully persuade them. A holistic inclusion of these will help you transform your content into a meaningful engagement tool from being a mere add-on. Remember to keep all the essential parts in the place to have a powerful engagement engine that speeds your brand’s success in no time!

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