Top Application Development Frameworks for Android

Top Application Development Frameworks for Android

Android has rapidly scaled up to be one of the foremost mobile device platforms globally, satisfying billions of mobile users and devices, spread over 190 countries. It’s robustness, security and versatility has made it one of the leading mobile operating systems, acting as a home for a countless applications, games and other Android services.

An application framework is essentially a software framework used by developers to implement an application structure. The solid online tech forums and increasing popularity of the platform has spawned many app development frameworks dedicated to Android. In case you are wondering which one to employ for your Android app development needs, then here’s a list of the top app development frameworks just for you:

Android Apps

Android Apps


1. Sencha Touch 2:

Sencha, built with CSS, JavaScript, and HTML5, is the first framework of its kind. It hosts fifty built-in constituents, a model view controller system, and state management provisions. Developers and programmers can create top notch applications using dynamic animation systems, combined with a seamless integration with Google Play.

2. DHTMLX Touch:

DHMTLX Touch is an HTML 5 based AJAX and JavaScript library which specializes in developing cross platform mobile device applications which are suitable for smartphones and tablets alike. It boasts of a wide array of UI widgets and elements which come together to deliver fully functional Android mobile apps.

3. iUI:

This iUI framework is famous for its lightweight characteristics. It is made up of a credible CSS support, a comprehensive JavaScript library, and image development. Moreover, there are provisions for caching, theme switching, video making, and support for forms, galleries, lists, and much more.

4. PhoneGap:

This is without one shadow of a doubt, one of the most popular and widely used application development frameworks out there. Its existing functionality of HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript has been further bolstered by the brand stamp of Adobe and Apache.

5. jQuery Mobile:

As the name suggests, this is an HTML 5 based lightweight framework based on the cutting edge jQuery technology. It is tailor made for all Eclipse open-source developers and programmers. It triggers progressive optimization, theme-able designs schemes, and semantic markups.

6. TheAppBuilder:

This is the brainchild of JamPot Technologies, based on the HTML 5 model. It is a boon for swift app developing needs. For app developers, it makes troubleshooting and deployment easier. Its biggest USP is the provision of seamless social network integration. Also, it supports an easy to use drag-and-drop interface.

7. Basic4android:

Anywhere Software Ltd.’s JAVA programming tool has been comprehensively combined with Android’s SDK to forge Basic4android. It takes on a modern take on the exemplary Visual Basic language.

8. Corona SDK:

The influx of high end SDK elements, robust UI support, and a dynamic physics engine has made Corona SDK a priority choice for over 120,000 game developers, as claimed by Corona Labs.

With the advent of mobile and touch technology over the past decade, it would be safe to say that these Android powered mobile devices are taking over the world. Write to us and let us know which one you would prefer for your next Android app development project.

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