What Explains the Massive Popularity of Ruby on Rails Among Developers?

What Explains the Massive Popularity of Ruby on Rails Among Developers?


As a language, Ruby on Rails has evolved substantially since its release some 20 years ago. If we talk about the 10 most popular programming languages of all time then Ruby will definitely make into the list. However, this programming language became more popular with the incorporation of Rails; a software library that tremendously expands the usefulness of Ruby programming language. If you are a first time developer then you would certainly be intrigued by this language and would want to check out why is it worth the time and effort to take up this language as your primary development language. For this precise reason, we have put together a list of some compelling benefits that explains the popularity of Ruby on Rails.

The Advantages Offered by Ruby on Rails

When David Heinemeier Hansson created Rails then he preferred to give “Ruby on Rails” as the name to the whole package. The software library gelled up with Ruby so well that the framework is now widely used for building websites. Some of the benefits of using this framework are:

  • The key advantage of Ruby on Rails is that it offers loads of freedom and flexibility. With just few lines of codes, this framework allows to do a lot more work when compared to that of other programming languages, such as Java and .NET. Some programmers may argue that using so much of liberty when writing codes can mess things up. But, they need to understand the fact that till now thousands of websites have been created using this platform, and all are working just fine.
  • When it comes to versatility, Ruby on Rails surpasses most of the conventional programming languages. However, the tools of this framework are so sharp that programmers need to be a little cautious when using it. But again, you have to remain cautious when writing codes, regardless of which programming language you are working with. This is the reason why a lot of web developers prefer Ruby on Rails for its uncluttered and terse syntax which does not require too much punctuation.
  • A lot of developers who work with Rails in the present time feel that this framework has provided them some respite from the worries of handling the hassles related to Java and .NET. In a situation where rapid website development is required, Ruby on Rails provides an efficient and easy to work on platform. Since Java and .NET framework is used mostly in larger organizations that usually make use of conventional software solution, therefore independent web developers are found to be more inclined towards Ruby on Rails.
  • RubyGems is another major reason behind the popularity of Ruby. It is a package manager which makes it very simple to develop and distribute software libraries or gems. You can easily share the gems by uploading them to the website of RubyGems, and from there anyone can get access to the libraries.

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