Squad Goals | 3D Game

Squad Goals | 3D Game


3D Game Art and Conceptualization

GoodWorkLabs houses some of the finest game artists and constantly churn out inspiring game solutions for clients. Be it adventure games or highly animated graphics, the game artists at GoodWorkLabs always strive at creating an experience that leaves the user coming back for more.

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The Squad Goals:

The concept behind Squad Goals was very simple. After the whole Pokemon Go fever, we wanted to create an online multi player game  that allowed users to form groups and find the hidden creatures around them. The twist in this game was that Users would have to form groups online and sync their game strategies so as to unlock more characters and points.


2d game art, 3d game art

Game Highlights:

Serious thought has gone into the character sketching of Squad Goals. Our Game artists not only conceptualized the look and feel of every character but also went on to separately sketch the different super powers for each character. The game also includes character animation, particle effects and other background effects that make the game interesting and user friendly.

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