SGS Spiritual Mobile App Development & Design

SGS Spiritual Mobile App Development & Design

SGS Posts is a spiritual mobile app designed & developed by GoodWorkLabs for Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji (SGS Raga Sagara) that focuses on the reformation of society, helping the needy while establishing peace and happiness among mankind. This spiritual mobile app features a timeline where you will receive spiritual and helpful life messages, which is complimented with a feature that allows you to choose language specific messages. It also incorporates some personalised messages just for you by the Swamiji to get you up and running for a beautiful day ahead.



Download the SGS Posts Android App and iPhone App here.

Our experienced Mobile App UX / UI Design team worked with the SGS counterparts to evolve a simple yet refreshing design that can bring the spiritual and serene look and feel. Further our top Android app development team and iPhone app development team worked seamlessly with the UX team to create a world-class application that is now being used and appreciated by users globally.

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