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Android Browser App | Venus Browser

Android Browser App – Venus Browser

GoodWorkLabs has designed an Android mobile browser app called Venus Browser. It is a novel browsing app that detects location and provided content based on the user’s location preference.

The UX is designed in such a way that allows the user to easily navigate between information. The USP of this browser is that it aims to provide regional content to users based on the location that is updated. The browser also comes with special features such as Night Mode and Secret Mode (similar to the incognito feature of Google)

It helps users to personalize the look and feel of the browser by providing different theme and color options.

Download the browser to experience its features.


Android Browser App | Venus Browser

Radio Voice Artist App | Android

Mobile App for Radio Companies

The Dario Mobile App is an innovative platform designed to help Radio companies hire voice over artists for their different ads / shows etc. The mobile app provides a niche environment for both voice over artists and radio companies or producers to interact and exchange information. It also acts as a unique job listing portal that notifies users about the current openings in a simplified manner

The Dario mobile app is built for the android platform and it allows users to upload / download media files. Users can also record their voice piece and edit it as per the script that is being uploaded.

The UI/UX is designed in such a manner that allows easy flow of information for both the radio company and the end user. The interactions and user journey is clearly visualized, right from uploading the job requirement, to short-listing candidates and paying them for their services, the mobile app allows an easy execution of all the above mentioned processes.



Radio Voice Artist App  Android


Android Mobile app for Shopping Mall

Phoenix Marketcity – UI and UX design for Android Mobile App

Phoenix Marketcity is a leading shopping mall in India. It is located in Mumbai, Pune, and Bangalore. Taking advantage of digitization of the customers, they launched an android mobile application to keep their customers highly engaged & loyal, and increase sales. With consumers moving online, it was the time for them to foray into the digital or online world to grab the user attention and keep them hooked.


How did GoodWorkLabs build an interactive UI and UX design for their android application? 

GoodWorkLabs is a leading UI and UX design studio in India, US, and Europe. GoodWorkLabs has experience in building beautiful, efficient, and engaging mobile applications with a core focus on UI and UX design. They did not only develop a beautiful UI and UX design for Phoenix Marketcity’s android application but also helped them replicate a customer engagement platform on mobile. The aim was to provide customers with on-the-go updates about the shopping mall. While they offered that much, they did not compromise on the usability of the application. The content, design, UI UX, and features were all given the utmost importance.

Android Mobile app for Shopping Mall


What were the key features of the UI and UX design for their android application? 

While designing UI and UX for android application for e-commerce and loyalty programme it is essential to ace at all the touch-points to drive more engagement and sales. And here is what GoodWorkLabs did:

  • Lined-up sections to display fashion and f&b brands associated with Phoenix Marketcity Mall
  • Introduced a plug-in to display offers and discounts at real-time
  • A special ‘events’ tab was included to cover all the upcoming events at the entertainment hub of Whitefield, Bangalore – Phoenix Marketcity

What were the achievements of this app development?

  • Enabled successful digital transformation of a brick and mortar business
  • Helped the brand to engage with digital savvy audiences and increase their reach

Consulted for

  • UI UX and Design
  • User Research


EkStep Education Mobile App | Android

Ek Step Genie is an education platform by EkStep Foundation a not for profit initiative. EkStep is a platform to create, share, and distribute free, community-sourced educational content for primary school children. Genie gives users access to free educational content from the EkStep platform. Through this collaborative, universal platform Ekstep is recreating learning opportunities for every learner.


How did GoodWorkLabs develop an android mobile app for EkStep Genie? 

GoodWorkLabs is a pioneer in creating state-of-the-art android applications. They have been creating effective and engaging mobile applications since the time Google launched the Android platform. GoodWorkLabs is Google certified agency. Over the years GoodWorkLabs has emerged to be the top android app development company in India, the US, and Europe.

GoodWorkLabs designed and developed the Genie App for EkStep Foundation. During the course of development, the challenge was to make the mobile app interactive and user friendly for children. Hence, GoodWorkLabs’ design experts dived in deep into user research and created designs that would make learning more fun and enjoyable experience for children. GoodWorkLabs’ designs for the EkStep Genie App was also appreciated at the International Design Center in Berlin and were nominated for the UX design awards in 2016.


What were the salient features of the EkStep Genie Mobile App? 

Genie App by EkStep Foundation helps children to:

  • Explore and download free educational content
  • Create and manage multiple users (and group) profiles
  • Consume interactive audio-visual content
  • Use the app in English, Hindi and Kannada
  • Get recommendations for content best suited for the user


What were the achievements of this mobile app development?

  • Increased user engagement and learning
  • EkStep Genie App was appreciated at the International Design Center in Berlin and were nominated for the UX design awards in 2016.


Services Rendered:

  • UI/UX Design
  • 2D and 3D Game Art and Design
  • Software Development


Technologies used:

  • Android Native (JAVA)


mobile app for education


MetalMann | iOS and Android Mobile App

MetalMann is a transformative B2B international iOS and Android Mobile Application. It was launched with a vision to democratize the non-ferrous metal industry by eliminating the inefficiency stemming from an unorganised sector. With this application, they worked towards bringing transparency in the global supply chain of non-ferrous metals.

MetalMann mobile application is developed by GoodWorkLabs with two trending technologies at the core – adaptive data analytics and artificial intelligence. The mobile application developed with the expertise of GoodWorkLabs empowers non-ferrous metal processors with unparalleled business opportunities by combining advanced digital technology with global business prospects.


How did GoodWorkLabs help MetalMann become a unique E-commerce MarketPlace Solution?

GoodWorkLabs is a known mobile application development company in India, US, and Europe. GoodWorkLabs did not only built a platform for metal traders to trade fairly, but they did so by incorporating relevant and effective UI UX along with credible data collection. GoodWorkLabs designed and developed a complete end-to-end mobile app and e-commerce platform for MetalMann, thus allowing people from different continents across the world to buy and sell metal online with ease.

The designers at GoodWorkLabs focused on creating a user-friendly mobile interface for a hassle-free buying/selling process. Right from color tones to typography, to creating a lasting user experience for the client, GoodWorkLabs’ designers took care of every minute detail while visualizing the entire mobile app for MetalMann.

Detailed dashboards of both buyers and sellers were also designed so that information was seamless and easy to locate at any-time from any place. GoodWorkLabs incorporated three different sets of users (Buyer, Seller, and Admin) as requested by the client, and the entire process was automated. Through the MetalMann app, now buying, selling and monitoring of the trade was easily achievable.

In a nutshell, GoodWorkLabs built an application that was flawless and bug-free. It was rigorously tested and the final product was a highly functional and powerful application, thus proving why MetalMann chose GoodWorkLabs in the first place.

GoodWorkLabs delivered the product on time and gave a product that surpassed the client’s initial expectations.


Objective: Automating Complex Metal Trading Processes for MetalMann

The basis of MetalMann’s metal trading business involves a detailed bidding process where sellers would post the price of a product and buyers would accept the most competitive bid and place their orders.  All of these transactions used to take place offline and were managed through a number of spreadsheets! Now, GoodWorkLabs was faced with the challenge of automating this entire process and making it simple, but at the same time, we had to keep intact the authenticity and credibility of the process.

GoodWorkLabs decided to approach and solve this problem in a structured way so that every aspect of the business was captured seamlessly.


How did GoodWorkLabs include all the touch-points in this application?

1) GoodWorkLabs invested some time in understanding the trading process:

After multiple meetings and conversations with different departments of MetalMann, GoodWorkLabs understood that in order to transfer the entire trading scenario to a mobile business platform, they would need to build three portals:

  • Buyer Dashboard
  • Vendor Dashboard
  • Metalmann Trading Desk (Admin)

GoodWorkLabs assigned a dedicated team of designers and developers who sketched out all the intricate details and user processes that had to be followed to ensure an easy and flexible online sales process.


2) Creating intuitive product categories:

MetalMann deals with almost 25 categories of metals and each one has various sub-categories which amounted to almost 250 product lists in total. The online marketplace app had to incorporate UX designs and product mapping for all these 250 products. Within a matter of just few clicks, a user must be able to select the product and make the purchase.

Clear product lists with images of the product along with descriptions were created to help users absorb all the information in one shot.


3) On-boarding only authentic and verified users on the platform:

Previously, the entire process of authenticating buyers and sellers to enter the MetalMann trading platform was done manually. In this transition of moving the business online, GoodWorkLabs had to ensure that enough reference checks and processes were kept in place to ensure that only authorized users can enter the MetalMann trading platform.

To tackle this problem, our UX team chose to come up with a longer on-boarding and verification process as this would help filter out the non-authentic users.


4) Enabling the bidding process:

The entire business of MetalMann depends on the bidding process. The developers at GoodWorkLabs dived deep into understanding the maths and science behind the bidding process to ensure that sellers put up the correct bid, price points and buyers also see the correct prices. The bids can be edited at any point in time by the seller who posted it.

However, the final approval of the bid and sales process is vested with the MetalMann Admin desk, thus giving them control over the entire process.


What were the application features that GoodWorkLabs incorporated into the project? 

Upon in-depth research and analysis of the business area, GoodWorkLabs has truly incorporated all the touch-points in MetalMann’s iOS and Android mobile applications. Here are some of the features that GoodWorkLabs included to make the platform engaging, relevant, and effective:

  • Added ‘View Offers’ section – users can explore and view the details of respective metals across the globe
  • Introduced ‘Post Requirements’ section – buyers can post their metal requirements to receive customised offers
  • A true end-to-end user-friendly application – users can manage transactions within the application. They can monitor their shipment schedules and complete documentation process on the phone.


What were the outcomes of this mobile application?

  • Helped dealers and buyers engage and understand the metal market
  • Created a democratic platform in the global metal and metal recycling & scrap industry


Technologies used:

  • PHP
  • AngularJS
  • Android Native (JAVA)
  • iOS Native (SWIFT)

Mobile app for trading


SnapHelp | Mobile app for CRM

Snap Help is a US-based mobile application for CRM by a start-up named Audetemi. It is a self-service platform for enterprises and individuals. The purpose of the mobile app was to create a simple and easy-to-use platform that changed the way enterprises and customers looked at customer servicing and support.


How did GoodWorkLabs help Snap Help build a CRM application? 

GoodWorkLabs is an award-winning mobile app development company in India, the US, and Europe. The company comes with in-depth experience in building mobile applications that are beautiful, easy-to-use, efficient, and engaging. The company is committed to developing cutting-edge technology solutions that solve real-world problems very effectively. GoodWorkLabs helped Audetemi develop a CRM mobile application that aimed at both – the enterprises and consumers.

Providing great customer experience for consumers is seen as the main aim of all enterprises, however, Audetemi noticed that the products tend to be aimed at enterprises only. They aimed to develop a mobile application directed at consumers which they would offer to enterprises. Therefore, GoodWorkLabs had to address customer support and servicing while developing this app. The challenge here was to create an engaging and intuitive UX/UI that helped users stay connected to the application. Extensive user research coupled with attention to detail helped GoodWorkLabs create an outstanding product for Audetemi. The team at GoodWorkLabs worked on the design for both – the consumer and enterprise side of the CRM application.


Client Testimonial

Ashish Joshi, CEO, Audetemi says:

“GoodWorkLabs did a good job of designing the user experience. For example, a left-handed person will sweep their thumb from right to left, while the opposite applies for a right-handed person. This is the kind of customization we considered when sketching out the app. I found the right attention to detail with their team. I would say their attention to detail is what sets them aside. They insisted on coming up with a design of their own before discussing my ideas, in order to not influence their designers and to allow them full freedom of creativity. When I showed my colleagues from the Business school of Berkeley the UI designs made by GoodWorkLabs, they appreciated the level of detail present in it. ”

Read the complete review on


What were the salient features of this software application? 

  • Log-in using their email ids
  • Information can be exchanged with service users via video chat, text messaging, photos, voice, and social media
  • Audio reports


What were the benefits of this app development?

  • Helped Snap Help increase user interaction and engagement
  • Successfully streamlined the process of CRM process


Services Rendered:

  • UI UX Design
  • User Research

mobile app for customer service



Red Taxi | iOS and Android Mobile App

Red Taxi is the largest luxury taxi service provider in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. They have a fleet of more than 600 cabs. They offer two different categories of vehicle – red taxi (sedan) and red go (hatchback). Their android and iOS mobile application help customers to find and book their cabs quickly and conveniently with 30 seconds.


How did GoodWorkLabs help Red Taxi succeed?

GoodWorkLabs an award-winning mobile app development company in India, US, and Europe. GoodWorkLabs comes with extensive hands-on experience in building and deploying cutting-edge technologies for mobile apps and UI UX design. GoodWorkLabs helped Red Taxi build an interactive and effective android and iOS mobile application. Right from creating the UX/UI interface, to mobile app development and back-end data testing and automation, GoodWorkLabs provided Red Taxi with a complete technology solution.

During the process, GoodWorkLabs paid great attention to the minute details like colors, fonts, visual design, visual language, and the use of latest technology to scale Red Taxi. GoodWorkLabs also helped Red Taxi in competitor analysis, customer interaction features, billing, and other integrations to make Red Taxi a top-quality mobile application.


How did GoodWorkLabs go about with this project? 

The aim of this app was to build an easy-to-use, effective, and efficient UI UX to keep the user hooked. To meet the requirements, GoodWorkLabs incorporated the below key features:

  • Easy and simple registration process using the user’s mobile number
  • Options to save frequently used addresses
  • In-build GPS to track the location
  • Users can add multiple locations using ‘favourite’ option
  • Option to schedule rides
  • Payment gateway


Services Rendered (end-to-end)

  • UI UX Design
  • Back-end cloud software development
  • iOS App Development
  • Android App Development
  • Testing and DevOps
  • User Research


Technologies used:

  • PHP Laravel
  • iOS native (SWIFT)
  • Android Native (JAVA)
  • MySQL


red taxi mobile app


Download the mobile app on Play Store and iOS here.



Internet of Things (IoT) – Home Automation

GoodWorkLabs is a global leader in home automation using Internet of Things (IoT). The Technology Superstars at GoodWorkLabs are constantly working on applications that can help simplify your life.

With Home Automation, you no longer need to worry about grocery lists, Light settings, AC temperature etc. We understand your time is precious and want to change the way you manage your homes!

With Internet of Things (IoT) you can control the functionality of your home appliances at just one touch:

1) Adjust the AC temperatures in your Bedroom before you even reach home.

2) Set an alarm so that you are never late for the important things in life

3) Adjust the lights in your living room to create evening

4) Enjoy movie nights by setting your favorite movie lists on the TV

5) Never miss out on your grocery lists

 Internet of things IoT

This is just the beginning of the many awesome things IoT can help you with.

Contact us for your home automation requirements.

Apple Watch App Design and Development: SEQR

Are you constantly on the move, but at the same time worried about your loved ones?

GoodWorkLabs’ innovative Apple watch App  SEQR lets you monitor your security cameras on your Apple Watch when it is synced with your mobile device.

Get instant alerts whenever any kind of motion is detected and notify your dear ones.


SEQR helps you:

1) Get an overview of the security cameras in your house

2) Seemlesly inter-change between cameras (living room, lawn, kitchen, bedroom etc)

3) Pinch Zoom option to get a clear picture

4) Motion sensor alert whenever any suspicious activity is detected

5) Live camera playback on your apple watch


Apple Watch app design and development

Watch the videos from your security camera at home, anywhere and anytime. Stay alert and stay updated on the safety of your loved ones.

Contact us for more any Apple watch app design and development requirements.



SGS Spiritual Mobile App Development & Design

SGS Posts is a spiritual mobile app designed & developed by GoodWorkLabs for Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji (SGS Raga Sagara) that focuses on the reformation of society, helping the needy while establishing peace and happiness among mankind. This spiritual mobile app features a timeline where you will receive spiritual and helpful life messages, which is complimented with a feature that allows you to choose language specific messages. It also incorporates some personalised messages just for you by the Swamiji to get you up and running for a beautiful day ahead.



Download the SGS Posts Android App and iPhone App here.

Our experienced Mobile App UX / UI Design team worked with the SGS counterparts to evolve a simple yet refreshing design that can bring the spiritual and serene look and feel. Further our top Android app development team and iPhone app development team worked seamlessly with the UX team to create a world-class application that is now being used and appreciated by users globally.

To design and development an awesome mobile app, contact us now.

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