Monster Math Educational Game For Kids

Monster Math Educational Game For Kids

Monster Math – An educational and interactive game for kids! Addictive and informative for the math lovers! Test your math skills, challenge your opponent or just flaunt your score! Monster math game is fun-filled and interactive game for kids and students!


Test your math skills – Monster math is an educational game crafted especially for kids but the fun part is- anybody can play it to test their math skills! It develops your kids’ IQ and moreover they would love playing this game without knowing the improvement in their math skills! Well, all your kid needs to do is to keep on solving the equations one by one and keep feeding the monster with the correct answers! Its an addictive math game that you can enjoy playing with your family and friends too! So how fast are you?

How to Play –
1) Solve the mathematics equations to feed the hungry monster
2) Complexity of the equations increases along each progressing level of the game
3) Share your score on the leader board on the go!

Technology: Unity 3D

Monster Math is available on iOS & Android platforms.

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