IOT is transforming Home Automation – Here’s How

IOT is transforming Home Automation – Here’s How

Tech innovations have revolutionized numerous sectors and industries. If done right, technology has the power to transform even your living spaces like never before! The discovery and emergence of iOT play a highly significant role in this context. By empowering home automation solutions, IOT promotes smart living in a unique manner.

So, what is it that helps Internet-of-Things drive innovation in modern homes? Let’s take a closer look!

Statistics speak

Reliable market stats and data offer targeted insights into the picture. According to what statistics has to say, a whopping 62% of individuals owning mobile devices nurture huge interests about home automation solutions and equipment.

It’s quite obvious that homeowners are aware of these systems, and more than eager to embrace them. That’s not all; future seems to have something great in store for home automation systems and connected devices. If statistics are anything to go by, every household will have at least ten connected devices by the year 2020.

IOT is transforming Home Automation

With such predictions, there’s no denying the revolutions and transformations brought about IOT in home automation.

Comprehending the concept

With that quick look at market stats, it’s time we move towards identifying the ways in which Internet of Things redefines home automation. But before getting deep down into the discussion, it’s quite imperative to find an answer to the following question.

What is home automation?

The concept of ‘home automation’ refers to the integrated functioning of essential electrical and utility systems in a home. Highly functional and innovative home automation solutions integrate the operation of numerous systems such as heating, electrical, and security, thus helping them function as one cohesive unit.

Advantages and current market trends

Unified and on-the-go communications, centralized control, increased convenience, and cost savings are some of the crucial benefits of home automation systems and solutions. Perhaps, that happens to be an important reason for tech giants such as Google, Apple, and Samsung to enter into this space.

It’s here that we come across the crucial question. How is IOT transforming home automation?

IOT and home automation: why’s and how’s

When it comes to revolutionizing the home automation systems and solutions, Internet-of-Things relies on innovation and tech advancements. Some of the technologies utilized and leveraged by IOT include:

  • ZigBee: Essentially a wireless technology, Zigbee ensures communications between connected devices. Homeowners will experience integrated functioning across numerous systems present in their homes.
  • Z-Wave: With low-powered RF embedded chips, this particular technology allows and ensures remote controlling of numerous devices. Z-Wave is quite a popular and widely used home automation technology.
  • Insteon: By leveraging regular power and wireless lineups, this iOT technology controls devices working on wireless connections and power lineups.

These technologies play the vital role in transforming home automation along with creating endless possibilities for IOT. Connected devices and IOT have reached new heights with the widespread use of these unique and innovative technologies.

Final word

In a world where tech innovations are gaining grounds at a lightning speed, IOT or Internet-of-Things happens to be a necessity. With home automation system manufacturers adopting it at amazing pace, the possibilities for both IOT and home automation are almost limitless.

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