Internet of Things (IoT) – Home Automation

Internet of Things (IoT) – Home Automation

GoodWorkLabs is a global leader in home automation using Internet of Things (IoT). The Technology Superstars at GoodWorkLabs are constantly working on applications that can help simplify your life.

With Home Automation, you no longer need to worry about grocery lists, Light settings, AC temperature etc. We understand your time is precious and want to change the way you manage your homes!

With Internet of Things (IoT) you can control the functionality of your home appliances at just one touch:

1) Adjust the AC temperatures in your Bedroom before you even reach home.

2) Set an alarm so that you are never late for the important things in life

3) Adjust the lights in your living room to create evening

4) Enjoy movie nights by setting your favorite movie lists on the TV

5) Never miss out on your grocery lists

 Internet of things IoT

This is just the beginning of the many awesome things IoT can help you with.

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