Apple Watch App Design and Development: SEQR

Apple Watch App Design and Development: SEQR

Are you constantly on the move, but at the same time worried about your loved ones?

GoodWorkLabs’ innovative Apple watch App  SEQR lets you monitor your security cameras on your Apple Watch when it is synced with your mobile device.

Get instant alerts whenever any kind of motion is detected and notify your dear ones.


SEQR helps you:

1) Get an overview of the security cameras in your house

2) Seemlesly inter-change between cameras (living room, lawn, kitchen, bedroom etc)

3) Pinch Zoom option to get a clear picture

4) Motion sensor alert whenever any suspicious activity is detected

5) Live camera playback on your apple watch


Apple Watch app design and development

Watch the videos from your security camera at home, anywhere and anytime. Stay alert and stay updated on the safety of your loved ones.

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