How the Apple Watch will Transform Corporate Life

How the Apple Watch will Transform Corporate Life

Apple Watch will transform corporate life

Wearable technology, a relatively new phenomenon to enter the market, has already caused a lot of stir among gadget users. The smart watch market is emerging as an interesting technology disruptor. With the launch of the new Apple watch, corporate life may be well set for a visibly drastic change in future. The innovative smart product is made to be used in conjunction with Apple phones and tablets, and can very well become the harbinger of change in our day-to-day corporate lives. Let’s dive in and see the influence this watch can have on our corporate lives.

The Possible Impact

While corporate life and activities today have a lot to do with smartphones and tablets, the launch of the Apple watch means that people are now more likely to glance at their wrists rather than whip out their smart devices every now and then. According to market research, a staggering 45% of consumers are expected to acquire and use smart watches in the coming years. This powerful piece of technology and its adoption can very well bring about a sea change in corporate life, office policies, productivity and daily routine. Positive changes are likely to improve corporate life and spur creativity and efficiency, while negative changes can have a detrimental overall impact.

Staying Engaged

Mobile phone alerts and notifications have long been considered one of the largest distractions at work, although it might sometimes be necessary for people to receive work-related communication on their smart devices. With the new Apple watch, receiving notifications has just got easier. This has the potential to distract people in office and take up more of their time with activities of a more personal nature. Corporate efficiency can suffer a setback for the same reason. Breaks in concentration during an intense period of work might happen more readily if people are sporting smart watches.

Many are of the opinion that, instead of the new technology, it is the work culture and practices that influence this change. The need for corporate employees is to concentrate on their work for long durations of time without distractions, and the Apple watch might provide them with yet another excuse to take multiple, non-productive breaks. To minimize the occurrence of these, several experts have noted that there needs to be an overhaul of company policies.

Changes to Expect

With the massive potential that the Apple watch has to offer, it can be easy to turn things around and use the device as a positive influence on corporate life. With a plethora of productivity apps and solutions expected to be available shortly, companies can integrate the device into their daily business workflow. There is a need for more stringent security practices and privacy policy to protect sensitive information. A great example of using the Apple watch to aid corporate processes is to use the technology for access control and time attendance instead of clunky key cards. Company updates, important information about events, seminars and training programs can also be made available on the Apple watch, making it a smooth and seamless companion for your corporate life, exuding a positive, conducive influence.

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