How Data-Driven Sales teams can help your business excel

How Data-Driven Sales teams can help your business excel

How Data-Driven Sales teams can help your business excel


Sales is one of the most important functions of any business. If your sales team is not doing that great, it is a sign that you need to recalibrate your strategies and think something out before it is too late. One of the heartless ways to go about improving your sales team, as some managers would accept, is the termination of employees who underperform.

This may sound like the last resort of sorts, but this ends up costing the company more as rehiring employees requires money and time is taken to speed up newer employees. All this hassle makes conducting a sales department quite a daunting task.

However, in the new age of technology, this is now manageable.

One of the speediest ways of bringing your employees to pace is to provide them with one to one coaching so they understand how it all works. But if you sit down coaching each and every employee, this may turn out to be counterproductive, right?

What do you do then to make coaching more effective? You direct it to only those who need it.

A data-driven team helps you detect those who are performing just the way they should be and it also gives you an overview of those who are not.

1. Start with the best

When you start off with the analysis of your sales team, you ideally start off with those who perform well. Sorting out your data in charts help you get a fair overview of things. It shows you the places where you need to focus on.

2. Compare traits

Once you have a fair idea of those who perform well for your company, you get to the next step – finding patterns. There is a reason these handful of people are able to manage higher sales. They are using strategies and methods that help them cut through customer’s resistance. Find these and make a detailed note of these traits.

3. Implementation

Now that you have a fair idea of who the underperformers are and what could they use to better themselves, now is the right time to coach them 1:1 and introduce them to concepts, strategies, and ideas that would help them up their performances.

As per Attomdata’s review of Forbes magazine, data-driven marketing is what companies are using a lot these days. Putting it in numbers, around 88% of surveyed companies are now using such data-driven strategies. Research conducted by SiriusDecisions shows that the investment in sales enablement tools has now increased by 69% in the last two years, as companies now realize the significant increase in ROI and productivity.

Generating data and improving is something that not only benefits a sales team but overall sales also. Attomdata evinces, in their article, that using data-driven sales strategies help better the engagement by a staggering 75%.

In conclusion, it would be safe to say that training your sales team to be more data-oriented can help the sales team to be productive in the long run and thus exceed business targets with ease.

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