Did You Know About These 5 Apple Design Features

Did You Know About These 5 Apple Design Features

5 micro interactions that enhance UX on iPhone

Have you wondered why Apple is a world leader when it comes to product durability and design. As many experts have pointed out it their ability to solve general problems and a great eye for even the minutest detail.

We bring to you 5 such features from the iPhone that stands out and makes the iPhone a design inspired phone.



1. The Flashlight Icon

Check the flashlight icon on the iPhone ‘Control Center’ menu. Observe how the button on the flashlight icon is set to ‘off’, now see what happens when you touch the icon and turn on the flashlight.


The small button on the flashlight icon goes up, indicating that the flashlight is now on.

Here is a side by side screenshot:



2. The Portrait Orientation Icon.

Like the flashlight icon, even the Portrait Orientation Lock icon changes accordingly. 



3. The Clock Icon

The clock icon on the iPhone home screen is a real time working analog clock.



4. The Weather App

The native Weather app is a classic example of attention to detail by apple.


On a clear sky day – you’ll see those one off clouds hovering the sky on the app.


On a cloudy day – you’ll definitely see those thick clouds.



On a rainy day – you’ll see the rain fall graphic along with lightning if there are chances of one.



5. App Updates

For simplicity and innovation Apple has built have built a beautiful synchronization design for the App update in the App Store and on the Actual App.

Update your App:

Now look at the App at the same time :



Attention to detail is what sets Apple aside as one of the most respected technology creators in the world. Apart from world class design and product durability, such features engage and amaze the customer.



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