Carer Program | A Cancer Rehabilitation Program

Carer Program | A Cancer Rehabilitation Program

Carer Program is India’s first and only provider of integrative cancer care that helps manage the cancer journey. They specialise in protocols in the areas of nutrition, mental well-being, and movement & mediation. They take care of the patient’s recovery and rehabilitation during and post-cancer treatment.


How did GoodWorkLabs help Carer Program excel? 

GoodWorkLabs is a futuristic tech development company in India, US, and Europe with their expertise in web development, AI & ML, mobile app development, software development, AR & VR, etc. GoodWorkLabs comes with immense experience in developing effective and state-of-the-art technology solutions. The experienced and agile team at GoodWorkLabs helped Carer Program develop an interactive web application with a great UI UX design. The team used agile software methodologies to build the complete platform online.

The design team at GoodWorkLabs believes that a great user experience lies in the details of the web application. Upon conducting in-depth research, the team at GoodWorkLabs took note of the minute details such as the use of color codes, fonts, background textures, etc. This helped them develop a design that strikes an instant connection with the user. With the help of lean UX methodologies, GoodWorkLabs built a web application with excellent user interaction for Carer Program. GoodWorkLabs team takes pride in developing a soothing and easily navigatable web application for Carer Program.


Client Testimonial

We caught up with Samara Mahindra, the Founder of the Carer Program, and in this video, she shares her experience of working with GoodWorkLabs on the design and technology for the web application of the Carer Program.

What were the salient features of this web application? 

  • Neat and easy-to-use visual design and language
  • Customised content for doctors, caregivers, and patients
  • Different levels of carer programme or chart that doctors, caregivers, and patients can follow
  • Plans and packages were made available online for patients to buy


What were the achievements of this web app development?

  • An engaging platform for caregivers, patients, and doctors
  • 100+ oncologists
  • 1000+ patients and caregivers


Technologies used:

  • Ruby on Rails
  • HTML
  • JS


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