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Data Analytics Dashboard and Visualization

GoodWorkLabs can help you with data visualization and make your analytics dashboard more visually appealing. Data is the most priced possession for any business but understanding and analyzing that data is more important to make better business decisions.

We can help you create intuitive analytic dashboards that can help you access, analyze and process the data in simple graphical forms. Presenting data in a visually appealing manner will make it easy to comprehend the complex statistics of your business.

Data analytics dashboard

ID Verify Wizard | Risk Management Software


ID Verify Wizard is the US-based risk management and ID authentication portal. It helps businesses and outside government offices to access data to ensure theft and fraud protection.


How did GoodWorkLabs help ID Verify Wizard build their platform? 

GoodWorkLabs is leading software and mobile app development company in India, the US, and Europe. Being a pioneer in the industry, they have immense expertise in developing beautiful, effective, and efficient technology solutions. They help brands grow by using trending technologies like – AI & ML, AR & VR, big data, software and mobile app development, etc. Likewise, the experienced team at GoodWorkLabs helped ID Verify Wizard develop enterprise software for mobile devices.

GoodWorkLabs was proposed with the challenge to upgrade and expand the usability of ID Verify Wizard’s software on mobile devices. The team at GoodWorkLabs started with revamping the designs and UX/UI of the portal. Our technical architects developed an easy to use mobile platform that allowed ID Verify Wizard to expand its reach to mobile users. This made the ID Verify Wizard portal extremely mobile-friendly.


Client Testimonial

Paul Simpson, Founder ID Verify Wizard says:

“GoodWorkLabs built a solution that expanded our platform’s usability on mobile environments. We upgraded our platform with the newest plug-ins and looked at GoodWorkLabs for providing these services. Working with them has been a phenomenal experience. The knowledge they provided, especially their in-house architect, was fantastic. My expectations in terms of quality, service, and cooperation were far exceeded. The dollar-to-dollar value was tremendous. There are times when you receive more than what you paid for, which was the case here.”

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What were the salient features of this software application? 

  • Compatible on all devices – mobile, tab, laptop, etc
  • Real-time direct source ID
  • Subscription Management for companies and individuals
  • Transaction reports made available for users


What were the achievements of this web app development?

  • Flawless execution and launched ahead of schedule
  • Helped many businesses verify and access data seamlessly
  • Enabled high user engagement
  • Helped company and individuals comply with anti-theft norms


Technologies used:

  • Ruby on Rails
  • MySQL
  • JS

risk management software

Carer Program | A Cancer Rehabilitation Program

Carer Program is India’s first and only provider of integrative cancer care that helps manage the cancer journey. They specialise in protocols in the areas of nutrition, mental well-being, and movement & mediation. They take care of the patient’s recovery and rehabilitation during and post-cancer treatment.


How did GoodWorkLabs help Carer Program excel? 

GoodWorkLabs is a futuristic tech development company in India, US, and Europe with their expertise in web development, AI & ML, mobile app development, software development, AR & VR, etc. GoodWorkLabs comes with immense experience in developing effective and state-of-the-art technology solutions. The experienced and agile team at GoodWorkLabs helped Carer Program develop an interactive web application with a great UI UX design. The team used agile software methodologies to build the complete platform online.

The design team at GoodWorkLabs believes that a great user experience lies in the details of the web application. Upon conducting in-depth research, the team at GoodWorkLabs took note of the minute details such as the use of color codes, fonts, background textures, etc. This helped them develop a design that strikes an instant connection with the user. With the help of lean UX methodologies, GoodWorkLabs built a web application with excellent user interaction for Carer Program. GoodWorkLabs team takes pride in developing a soothing and easily navigatable web application for Carer Program.


Client Testimonial

We caught up with Samara Mahindra, the Founder of the Carer Program, and in this video, she shares her experience of working with GoodWorkLabs on the design and technology for the web application of the Carer Program.

What were the salient features of this web application? 

  • Neat and easy-to-use visual design and language
  • Customised content for doctors, caregivers, and patients
  • Different levels of carer programme or chart that doctors, caregivers, and patients can follow
  • Plans and packages were made available online for patients to buy


What were the achievements of this web app development?

  • An engaging platform for caregivers, patients, and doctors
  • 100+ oncologists
  • 1000+ patients and caregivers


Technologies used:

  • Ruby on Rails
  • HTML
  • JS


carer program design

Flipkart Technology Partnership

Success Story: Technology Partnership with Flipkart


Flipkart is India’s leading e-commerce marketplace with over 80 million products and 80+ categories. It is a unicorn that changed the whole start-up ecosystem in India to a new level. Started by a team of two in 2007, Flipkart today is a large company with over 100 million registered users. GoodWorkLabs is proud to partner with Flipkart since 2013 on several key technology-related efforts and consulting.



How did GoodWorkLabs help Flipkart? 

GoodWorkLabs is a Google certified agency that specialises in providing state-of-the-art technology solutions to its clients in India, the US, and Europe. GoodWorkLabs possess expertise in developing futuristic technologies in the field of software and mobile applications, UI UX design, AI & ML, AR & VR, etc.

GoodWorkLabs started delivering effective technology solutions to Flipkart since 2013. Flipkart was experiencing rapid growth in the traffic on their sites, mobile apps, and their business. To keep up with the pace during this growth, they needed a solid team of technology experts to help them with various core technologies and components in their back-end and front-end tech stacks and infrastructure.

GoodWorkLabs partnered with Flipkart for the Ruby on Rails technology to start with for the customer platform. GoodWorkLabs technology experts and consultants worked hand-in-hand with Flipkart’s teams to deliver key solutions. Upon continued success, GoodWorkLabs supported on the Java technologies as well. GoodWorkLabs also worked on UI development effort on the seller platform.

GoodWorkLabs has always valued and treasured their partnership and journey with Flipkart. Flipkart is one of their earliest clients and working with Flipkart has helped them understand how to deal with scalable technologies, high volume transactions, hiring the right talent for innovation, best-practices for development and so on.


 What were the achievements of this consulting?

  • Simplified complicated tech procedures
  • Built a fully tech-enabled platform


Technology Consulting On:

  • JAVA
  • Ruby on Rails
  • UI Development
  • Analytics
  • QA






Remote Order: Online Food Ordering Application

The GoodWorkLabs team custom built a simple yet robust automation tool for online food ordering for a popular restaurant chain in India.


Features –

  • Users order food online in less than a minute
  • Add the app to your restaurant website
  • Cloud based order capturing tool for agents
  • End-to-end process automation for food delivery
  • Below the screen stack –
  • SMS integration – send alerts to clients and delivery team
  • Payment gateway for quick payments or cash-on-delivery
  • Choose from multiple restaurants, locations and custom menus
  • Powerful analytics and reports – maximise customer satisfaction & profits
  • Backend has a powerful and easy to use ePOS

Technology Stack –

  • PHP –  Version 5.3.10
  •  Apache – Version 2.2.21
  •  Codeigniter framework – Version 2.1.4
  •  PHPExcel 1.7.9 to read the excel sheets
  •  JQuery – Version 1.10.2
  •  Mysql – Version – 5.5.24

Ship Shape: Ruby on Rails technology

The Ruby team at GoodWorkLabs implemented the end-to-end functionality for ShipShape, a ship / vessel management hosted solution built on Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap front end and NoSQL Db (MongoDb).

It’s a product for shipping industry and works for any vessel and fleet size. You can create a vessel, define its systems, and set operational parameters. The secure hosted solution built on a rock-solid Ruby on Rails platform, with a beautiful and simple Bootstrap responsive interface that anyone can use, on web, tablet and mobile.


Few screens –






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