AngularJS USP explained

AngularJS USP explained

Gone are the days when consumers had the time to wait in queues for getting a job done. The present times herald the emergence of mobile applications allowing operations on the go and instantly. From paying restaurant bills to spending on utility charges, a highly interactive and easy-to-use app is all that users need to make their lives convenient. And this fact is supported by industry statistics which say that smartphone users spend a whopping 89% of their time on mobile apps.

With this increasing popularity of mobile applications, enterprises are finding it highly essential and imperative to get app-ready or lose out on revenues and user base to competition.  And it’s here that they look for the most functional app development frameworks.

Introducing AngularJS

As one of the most interactive and unique open-source app development frameworks, AngularJS is ruling the app development arena for quite some time now. It happens to be a client-side and highly advanced MVW framework, which is currently riding high on popularity with adequate support from enterprises and individuals.

As one of the revolutionary offerings from Google, AngularJS improves HTML codes in web applications alongside simplifying testing, development, deployment, and numerous other processes.

Benefits of angular JS

What’s in there for you?

While AngularJS 1.4 happens to be the first framework, the latest 2.0 version is also coming up with great opportunities for prolific app developers. The latter version significantly differs from the former, thus offering a complete rewritten edition of the entire framework.

If you are looking for a highly effective framework for your enterprise app development projects, AngularJS will undoubtedly be the best option for you. Here are some benefits that will tell you why.

Unraveling the benefits

Leveraging AngularJS can prove to be beneficial in ways more than one. Especially, when it comes to mobile app development for your organization, there’s no denying the significance of this framework. Some of the key benefits include:

      I.          Mobility-driven: With a unique mobility-driven approach, AngularJS delivers extraordinary performances in mobile app development. In an effort to keep up with changing client preferences, developers wish to include mobile-specific features such as touch support, performance tuning, and low memory. With AngularJS, it becomes easier to add these features even while developing desktop applications.

II.          Modern and faster browsers: With more stress and emphasis on browsers such as Opera, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and IE10/11, AngularJS will have a compact and short codebase. As the result, this particular framework will support all the latest app development features, without thinking too much about polyfills and backward compatibility. That will make the app development process simpler than ever!

III.          Easy applicability: In spite of the presence of critical technicalities, the latest AngularJS version offers a simple interface to app developers. The new code will inevitably make coding a lot easier than it was before.

IV.          Transformed DI: Known for its DI or Dependency Injection, AngularJS is quite different from its competitors. With unique coding features, this particular framework will save developers from the horrors of writing extensive codes.

Parting views

In the US alone, mobile media time is at 51%. This simply underlines the critical importance played by future ready frameworks such as AngularJS. At Goodworklabs, our professional competency in AngularJS will assist in meeting the app development needs of both enterprises and individuals. Connect with us today with your requirement.

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