4 Tips to Improve User Experience on an e-commerce platform

4 Tips to Improve User Experience on an e-commerce platform

Improving UX on eCommerce Platforms

Let’s face it! If you own an e-commerce site, an effective and unique UX design will be nothing less than a crucial necessity. An impressive site design and exceptional user experience are the keys to attracting potential visitors and driving online purchases. You never know how they will get captivated by your site and turn into high quality leads! UX is important and it’s the prospects who are saying that. Take a look!

4 Tips to Improve User Experience on an eCommerce platform

When asked whether a good UX Design makes sense or not, a whopping 95% of users (9 out of 10) agreed with the statement. We can understand how UX affects purchase decisions and ROIs. That compels e-commerce site owners and UX specialists to think about the matter and find ways to improve User Experience. Are you one of them? Here’s a crisp guide for you!

Identifying the crucial tips for e-commerce sites

When an individual plans to shop online, all he wants to achieve is convenience and flexibility. The presence of convenient shopping, easy payments, and product delivery modes have catapulted e-commerce to a successful phenomenon. Every process or step involved in a purchase depends on UX and none other than a unique User Experience Design can ensure that. Here are some tips to follow:

1.     Targeted keywords

Yes, we have come up with the same old strategy. Keyword targeting is important for SEO and it’s crucial for attracting potential consumers too. Brainstorm what your prospects might search for and enter in the search bar. That will give you an idea of their preferences. The best thing to do is refer to your keyword list and also account for misspelt words. Your target consumers will search for your products from their phones. Quite naturally, touchable devices will lead them to making errors.

2.     The ‘search bar’ position

The position of the search bar should be an integral part of your site’s UX design. Make sure you place it in visible, easily accessible, and prominent locations of your web page. Your visitors, potential consumers, and prospects will have the opportunity to place a search, whenever they feel the need to do so. Easy access to product catalogues will be the key earning customers.

4 Tips to Improve User Experience on an eCommerce platform

3.     Displaying your product

No matter what you are selling, you must display it in the right way. Product appearance and display play the vital role when it comes to selling online. If you are developing UX design strategies, make sure you keep the product display in mind. Add captivating images and videos, as they can leave indelible impressions on your consumers’ mind. Make sure they offer a 360-degree view of your products and help customers make informed decisions.

4.     Simple and easy checkout process

Your site’s functionality is the key factor in attracting potential audience. While working on the UX design, make sure you simplify payment, checkout, and reduce operational hassles. Smooth and easy navigation will help your consumers to a great extent.

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Thus, the key to any successful business is to create a user experience that makes users want to return time and again to your website.

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