10 Tips for Creating a Better Mobile Application

10 Tips for Creating a Better Mobile Application

How to create an awesome Mobile Application

Mobile app installs by users worldwide is growing 5% YoY. Users download 8.8 apps on average per month. This shows the immense reach and penetration of mobile apps in our lives. However it is equally true that app uninstalls are also high. An average Android app loses 77% of its daily active users (DAUs) within the first three days of app download, and a staggering 90% within the first 30 days.


10 tips for creating a better mobile application

So, while app developers do see a lucrative landscape, they have to be careful to deliver a fuller experience so that they can bring down app abandonment and provide much better value to the users. Let’s see how this can be achieved with these 10 tips.

1.     Complete testing

Testing the application in every juncture will help you find the defects in your code and also provide a platform for you to develop a better mobile application based on the business needs and OS acceptance guidelines.

2.     Including offline features

Users are now trying to switch over to applications that provide them with some required features that can be accessed offline. It is required to add such offline features to the mobile application, as there is no guarantee that you would get a constant internet connection while on the go.

3.     Connecting with users

Get down and know what motivates the users to use a particular mobile application. Try to set up certain triggers in your mobile application that encourages the users to use the developed application on their device.

4.     Simple design

Test the application you have developed by allowing your friends or family members to use the same. Check if they are able to understand the tech additions in the applications and if they have some difficulty, try removing them from the design to keep things simple.

5.     Develop based on use

Usage of the Android and iOS users might vary, so try to develop the applications that suit the usage pattern of the users. Keep in mind to develop an application that best matches the OS.

10 tips for creating a better mobile application

6.     Ease of use of app

The application that you have developed must have the easy use and must not make things complicated for the users. People might have got the hang of using the mobile devices, but they might require help if things are going to turn technical and complex.

7.     Ease the user’s needs

The application that you have developed must be in a position to ease the user’s life. Make the design human-centered, as people use these applications to make things in life easy.

8.     Cover platforms

Try developing an application that works on a cross-platform basis. This way you will be able to cover a wide ground rather than sticking to a single platform with limited set of options.

9.     Choose a theme

Develop your application based on a theme rather than trying to add every feature of every other application. Stick to a single purpose and you will be able to have an easy time in developing the applications.

10.  Feature the real world

For a better user experience, applications that make use of features from the real life and certain aspects of the same will work wonders. This helps you to connect better with the users.

A good mobile app not only ranks high on functionality, but also in terms of user interface and its aesthetic appeal. So create the apps accordingly and get going!


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