Why is Node.js Better than Java and .NET?

Why is Node.js Better than Java and .NET?


Node.js is a runtime environment for developing web applications. Its open-source environment allows code to be re-used and re-distributed. Node.js is rapidly emerging as a preferred platform to create web based APIs since it is based on the concept of server side scripting. The development environment has been the backbone for creating some of the best real-time web based applications.

Node.js is popularly becoming the preferred environment to develop web applications in comparison to others like Java and .Net. It connects with JavaScript, thus allowing the best experience for client and server side programming. Also, the speed with which Node.js operates is very high. This feature has made it a preferred environment to develop server side scripting.

Why is Node.js better than Java and.NET

Large web driven players in the market are moving to Node.js for these compelling reasons –

  1. Node.js does not use the concept of multithreading like JAVA and this feature allows hassle free programming properties. But it does use the concept of asynchronous execution of Input output based events through a thread pool.
  2. Node.js specializes in execution and topping well for low-CPU, highly I/O-bound operations. Just starting to work on Node.js will allow a programmer to analyse how to exploit it for maximum performance.
  3. Node.js has proved to work over cloud environments and client virtual machines though dedicated software. People with experience in JavaScript can easily pick up Node.js to produce very specific results. Core Node.js scripts can perform the business logic straight at the server side.
  4. Though .NET is powerful, Node.js is much easier to use and more accessible to developers. Node.js focusses in executing and scaling better in low-CPU based systems and highly I/O-bound operations.Node.js can work efficiently on heavily I/O-bound operations with low CPU usage.
  5. Comparing on the factors of language and package, Node.js uses less coding to perform tasks as compared to Java and .Net. It also wins on open source libraries though they are most driven on communities around.
  6. Node.js has the big advantage of code re-use. This feature makes it a big hit among developers. Though it is limited by the server resources, its contention feature used for app development works regardless of thread delegation. This is resource contention is a big hit among developers. Node.js uses an event-based paradigm, and .NET does also when implemented asynchronously.
  7. Node.js projects are proven to compile within few minutes. Most of the Node.js test cases are easily available thereby giving code re-use possibility and feature sharing for various similar subjects and applications. Node.js is a clear winner when controlling stack overflow in server side scripting.

Comparing Node.js with JAVA or .Net completely relies on a customer’s need and the software design to be built. Various factors need to be considered before finalising on the software to be used. It is true that Node.js performs better and much faster compared to Java or .Net.

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