Top 10 Traits of a Good Programmer

Top 10 Traits of a Good Programmer

How To Be A Good Programmer


Are you an ardent lover of programming languages and love your role as a programmer? Then you must know that anyone who can write programs is not a programmer. The underlying reason is simple – good programming goes beyond the mechanical activity of typing. A programmer is an individual who not only can write precise code but can also understand and visualize the software that is required by the client.


Here are a few traits of a good programmer:


  • Thinking capacity

Thinking comes before writing even a single line. You need to think out questions like

Does my software fit into the business solutions?

How easy it is for a client to use it?

Can it scale up without any glitches or downtime?

Is it safe from hackers?  And many more!

Top 10 traits of a good programmer

  • Embrace the Change

Software development is a volatile area that keeps evolving with every passing day. So you should have the urge to learn new languages/platforms and apply in real world for a stable growth as a coder.

  • Go for trial and error

Write a code, compile and run, and see the output. Now delete each line and re-run. You will be able to see the effect of each line of program and this will help you have a far better command over the language.

  • Knowledge of everything

If you are a coder, you can’t be a chooser! For example if you know HTML you should have a knowledge of Javascript or PL/SQL too! This would widen your horizon and make you evolve better as a programmer with stellar credibility.

  • Have knowledge of basics

You must have basic knowledge of computer science such as OOPS concepts, database technology, UI/UX, and design. If needed, you can go for a certification course too!

  • Use the tools

Use developer tools or browser tools that can reduce your debugging time. You can also check out version control systems for own development.

  • Explore others codes

Learning from others codes would give you a ready reference and thus you can learn the programming language faster. Look for open source projects for better solutions.

  • Lead from front

Try to write the code in front of your juniors. This will earn you respect and also build your confidence to face awkward questions, if any.

Top 10 traits of a good programmer

  • Help other coders

When you do so, you get help from others as well. Discuss your difficulties with others and try to solve their issues as well.

  • Have patience

Don’t lose patience because learning and holding grip on programming languages takes time. Hence you must possess the perseverance and zeal to continue learning even if you don’t succeed at the first go!


Programming is not everyone’s cup of tea! A good programmer can build a good software that adheres to the requirements given by the client including all the constraints set by him/her. The developed software has to be validated, verified, optimized, extensible, reusable, and of course, be cost effective and elegant. Your tools and methods would simply be a way to reach to this goal! Have the passion and dedication to be a programmer and write good code to build constructive software systems.

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