The Last Avatar | Concept Art & Design

The Last Avatar | Concept Art & Design

Kalki, The Last Avatar – A Mythology and Science Fiction Novel

GoodWorkLabs is happy to announce the launch of our CEO – Vishwas Mudagal’s new book – The Last Avatar. This is a trilogy weaved with elements of Mythology and Science Fiction.

Concept Art and Character Design:

The last few months have been extremely interesting for our creative and design teams. It all started when our CEO, Vishwas Mudagal, shared with us the amazing story of his new book – The Last Avatar, book #1 of the Age of Kalki Trilogy.

The storyline was extremely gripping and almost instantly, our team decided to create an immersive experience for everyone who reads the trilogy.

We hit the ground immediately and our team of concept artists and designers began fleshing out details of Kalki and all the different characters and clans of this amazing universe.

But one character that we all are proud of is – The Vanaroid, an original and unique character conceptualized by Vishwas Mudagal and brought to life by our team at GoodWorkLabs.

What is a Vanaroid?

The Vanaroid is a machine built in the shape of Lord Hanuman, and the name signifies – Vanar (monkey) + Android (machine).

GoodWorkLabs wanted to create an original character that beats Hollywood and inspires millions across the world. We worked relentlessly for six months to create a God-like machine which had its roots in ancient Hindu Mythology, was truly Indian, and had a futuristic design.

And thus, the concept of Vanaroid was born.

The Last Avatar - Age of Kalki


But this is just the beginning. At GoodWorkLabs, we are creating a universe of characters for the Age of Kalki Trilogy and we are super thrilled to showcase it to you.

If you would like to read the intriguing story of the Last Avatar, you can pre-order the book here.

Alternatively, if you have an art concept or any game art to develop, just drop us a quick message below



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