The 10 popular Apple watch applications

The 10 popular Apple watch applications

The apple watches are fantastic in terms of enormous collection of apps which can be availed from its app store. Now watching small videos, playing games, knowing the current weather condition, getting the latest news is possible downloading the various Apple Watch Applications.  The Apple Smart watches are creating a competitive scenario for its competitors by these best applications fetching popularity by the day. The 10 most exclusive applications which are very efficient and fetching higher downloads include

1.     Find Near Me

The best convenience auguring facet of the watch is it is always on your wrist when travelling. Hence, in case one need to find the nearest restaurant, ATM, Bank, using the Find Near Me App Watch App enables to quickly find the address, directions as also get reviews.

2.     Google Maps

While driving or travelling, the Google Maps have proved to be number one Geographical positional systems. Hence, the text based Google Maps on the Apple Smart watch are a welcome provision when one is not carrying the phone or the phone is out of charge. This app also contains links to the recent routes and also saved directions to your home or work which can be enabled even in the offline mode.

3.     Runtastic 

The health and fitness apps on the Apple Smart watches are undoubtedly excellent. The  sensors in the Runtastic app measures the heart rate while performing sports activities like running.  Also, with the Apple phone alongside can facilitate GPS tracking too.

The 10 popular Apple watch applications

4.    Pcalc

The apple calculator with much better user interface gives faster calculation ease as it is very much responsive.

5.     TuneIn Radio Pro

From around 100,000 radio stations from across the world accessible from a single app. this app is definitely loved and can be heard anywhere even while standing in queues at the bank. The sound in the Apple Smart watch is not too loud so as to disturb the people around.

6.     Vine

Viewing of small amusing videos with audio on the wrist watch is a fun activity possible only on the App Watch App Vine.  The movies are too long for viewing on the wrist watches.

7.     Fantastical 2

Setting reminders and getting reminded for the special events, appointments, lunches, exercise routine is possible over the Fantastical 2. There is no need to scourge for the phone to know your busy schedule when you have this app.

8      BBC news

Getting news updates of your favorite categories and also the top headlines can keep you organized with the BBC news app. Though not the whole story, a gist of the story on the watch can surely arouse the interest to read the whole story on your iPhone later.

9.     Pro Camera

The Procamera is an excellent camera with remote control features. The timer settings allow delaying the photo clicking and also one can input the number of photos to be shot in advance. It allows viewing the images from the gallery.

10.     Slack

The short and to the point messages or emojis as also voice messages can be sent across to the other users of this app.

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