Students Can Now Beat Stress with these Apps

Students Can Now Beat Stress with these Apps

The life of a student is much complicated than their parents think. It is probably the most eventful period of one’s life full of fun as well as loads of stress. They often miss assignment deadlines and forget important dates because of the pressure of their studies. College going students often indulge in part time jobs to pay for their expenses. What they sorely miss is the technological help from mobile apps that will make their life easier by decreasing the amount of stress they encounter in their daily lives.

Students fail to put their smartphones to good use and limit its functions to texting and clicking selfies only. The good news is that there are quite a lot of mobile apps available on all OS platforms that can help in stress management of students and help them streamline their academic and personal life. Let’s look at some real stress buster mobile apps for students:

Students can now beat stress with these apps

Google Calendar

Available on every Android based smartphone, the latest versions of the mobile app are extremely useful in reminding students of various events, lectures, seminars and their crucial dates. You can set alarms, notifications or take notes for a particular day. Remembering important days would not be a problem now as the app will notify you if you have marked a date.


Mass communication students absolutely adore this app. This one brings all popular newspapers as well as online news portals at one place. You can access these portals and e-papers through the numerous categories mentioned in the app. Business Standard, Economic Times, India Today etc. all will be available in this mobile app. This one is also useful for students who want to boost their general knowledge and keep themselves updated with current affairs.


This app can be used to categorize your classes and set time-tables. Students can also record the assignments for each class along with the deadline of their submission. Available on iOS and Android the mobile app helps in smart stress management. Students can also add documents along with their notes in order give themselves a better view of the assignments.

RealCalc Scientific Calculator

Students of maths are going to feel blessed once they download this app. It can perform all functions of a scientific calculator and can be used as a replacement of original ones. It will save students from the hassle of carrying their calculators all the time while studying as they will just need to keep their smartphones with themselves.


Students can use Whatsapp not only chat with their friends but also to exchange notes. If you fail attend a lecture, you can ask a friend to record the lecture and send the audio file through Whatsapp for stress management. You can also ask your friends to send pictures of the unique notes he/she has.

This is a must have for every student regardless of the field of interest. You will need a dictionary at all times and downloading one in your smartphone seems to be a good plan. The app also explains the meaning of the word through examples and sample sentences. You can also look for synonyms and antonyms of a word in this mobile app.

We will be happy to know your pick of most used mobile apps to aid with your academic phase of life. Write in to us and let us know.

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