Sneak peek into the $1500 Tag Heuer Smart Watch

Sneak peek into the $1500 Tag Heuer Smart Watch

Tag Heuer, in collaboration with Google is all set to launch its first Android timepiece, to be called the Connected Watch. As one can guess, the Connected is different from the regular watches from the Tag Heuer product lines. Priced at $1500, this luxury watch is clad in titanium and has more than passing resemblance to its analog timepieces. Jean Claude Biver, the CEO slipped a few details about the design recently and we can comfortably believe that the new product would be quite similar to the Apple Watch but with the design aspects that Tag Heuer has always stuck to. So finally, we are getting a watch that looks like the watches we have grown with and also has the capabilities of the most modern time-telling devices.

What makes Connected different?

The company had gone through a rigorous research to ensure that the design of Connected isn’t like a smart watch but rather the timepieces that the brand has been popular for. The first of things in the design is the titanium construction that makes the watch very lightweight. The Connected comes with a “transflective display”, making it readable under direct sunlight and is programmed to show you the time at all times/screens. The screen of the Connected itself is a vibrant and sharp. For someone trying to guess the exact design of the Connected, it would be very similar to the Tag Heuer Carrera – a previous analog model from the company. The connected will however come with six textured rubber watch bands that are completely customizable.

Sneak peek into the $1500 Tag Heuer Smart Watch


The best and also the priciest element of the Connected are the titanium case and the 46mm sapphire crystal display. Though its display (240ppi) would be a tad lower than the Apple Watch (290ppi), it should be enough to engage the user is a ‘cool’ experience. Further, the entire watch is made to be water resistant and thus can be comfortably worn outdoors.

While the watch has been designed to impress on the outside, it is equally complimented by the Android brain and Intel’s guts. The watch would most probably integrate a 1.6 GHz Intel dual core processor and this should be enough to support a range of smart functionalities.

Coming to the performance, it would again be similar of what can be expected of an Android wear. Leaving aside the customized watch face and the Tag Heuer applications (to be called ‘micro applications’ in this case), the ‘Connected’ would be completely compatible with an Android wear. It comes equipped with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, weather / wind monitoring applications and a microphone that responds to your commands. The 4 GB of storage, supported by a 1 GB of RAM should be enough to download and store some music for your travels. Also, the Connected integrates a 410 mAh, double the size of the Apple counterpart.

Like any other Android watch, the Connected too is compatible with iOS but users might run into certain limitations when connecting your iPhone.

The complete package is priced at $1500. While it might seem overwhelming, it’s also a fact that the $17,000 rose gold Apple Watch Edition didn’t do badly in the market. The Huawei Watch is another example how a $450 smart watch can get a profitable customer base. Tag Heuer has luxury and brand as its advantages and it is expected the Connected would be getting a good response when finally launched.

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