Radio Voice Artist App | Android

Radio Voice Artist App | Android

Mobile App for Radio Companies

The Dario Mobile App is an innovative platform designed to help Radio companies hire voice over artists for their different ads / shows etc. The mobile app provides a niche environment for both voice over artists and radio companies or producers to interact and exchange information. It also acts as a unique job listing portal that notifies users about the current openings in a simplified manner

The Dario mobile app is built for the android platform and it allows users to upload / download media files. Users can also record their voice piece and edit it as per the script that is being uploaded.

The UI/UX is designed in such a manner that allows easy flow of information for both the radio company and the end user. The interactions and user journey is clearly visualized, right from uploading the job requirement, to short-listing candidates and paying them for their services, the mobile app allows an easy execution of all the above mentioned processes.



Radio Voice Artist App  Android


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