How Mobile Apps Benefit Media And Entertainment Industry

How Mobile Apps Benefit Media And Entertainment Industry

Let’s begin with a crucial question for readers. Do you still wait to turn on your TV for catching up the latest score updates from your favorite soccer match? Or do you still risk your life to rush back home for your favorite TV show? Perhaps, you don’t perform any of these actions. And that’s simply because mobile apps can deliver all that you want on the go.

From news alerts to latest score updates, there is nothing your interactive apps will fail to show. The introduction of unique mobile applications has created new avenues of development in the media and entertainment sectors.

Mobile Apps Benefits Media And Entertainment Industry

These apps not only transfigure audience choices and media viewing patterns, but also transform the manner in which videos, music, and television shows get featured. Such transformations have inevitably led to changes in this particular sector.

Intuitive and engaging mobile applications are responsible for better viewer engagement, thus driving development and growth in the entertainment and media industry.

Let’s get down to the topic and find out how mobile apps benefit this particular sector.

Mobile Entertainment: From then to now

Even a few years back, mobile entertainment entailed wallpapers, peppy ringtones, videos, and multimedia music tracks. Although users had the liberty to store quite a few of their favorite tracks on their phones, it was the memory card that made it possible.

However, that’s no longer the situation now. According to in-depth studies performed by Juniper Research, gaming apps, and infotainment applications will drive huge revenues in the media and entertainment industry.

The numbers can shoot up from $36 billion to approximately $65 billion by the end of 2016, almost doubling the revenues.

Tracking the trends

What is worth noting in this context is the role of mobile ownership and app usage in the consumption of media content. Today every popular gaming application, a much-hyped TV show, or a blockbuster movie is embracing the app-technology, thus offering it as an access point to users.

Entertainment is no longer restricted to closed doors and fixed time slots. It’s the age of streaming media, where consumers can get entertained anywhere and everywhere.

On that note, let’s check out how mobile apps are creating opportunities for the entertainment industry.

Uncovering crucial aspects

Before delving deep into the beneficial aspects, it will be imperative to know about the avenues capable of creating opportunities in this sector. Some of the most popular and significant areas include:

I.            Music: With the proliferation of online radio and music-listening stations, the music industry is earning steady followers and generating huge revenues.

II.            Mobile gaming: Immersive gaming experiences offered by the highly interactive gaming applications led to huge developments in the media industry.

III.            Live streaming of TV shows: With mobile apps offering views of live episodes, TV shows are riding high on Television Rating Points or TRPs.

IV.            Movies: By embracing mobility, movie makers are successfully creating a huge buzz around their latest releases. And this highly effective marketing is adding up to the box-office collections of the movie.

V.            Brand promotion: With innumerable mobile users spending half of the day on their respective devices, media and marketing companies have the greatest opportunity of reaching out to this exploding consumer base.

Days ahead

With such trends and benefits, the future of mobile apps in the media and entertainment industry seems to be bright enough.

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