How AR and VR Can Help Marketing Campaigns on Social Media?

How AR and VR Can Help Marketing Campaigns on Social Media?

AR and VR – an emerging Marketing Tool for Brands

Virtual reality and augmented reality are the two most discussed technologies that are impressing users across the globe.The latest advents of the technological world are focusing on discovering newer ways to market brand objectives and their associated campaigns on a broad front.

While technical experts are busy in finding impactful ways to use VR for marketing, app developers and social media marketers are incorporating unique value propositions in their current branding campaigns. If you wish to know more about how the two technologies can impact the current marketing trends and social media branding activities, then read on.

Being Digital is the New Focus for Everyone

Since users are making a switch from traditional newspapers and media to the internet, it becomes highly imperative for marketers to understand the need of transforming their branding activities as per the changing trends. Being digital and accessible from anywhere and anytime is the prime focus for marketers in 2017 and this is where AR and VR can provide a practical solution.

How AR and VR Can Help Marketing Campaigns on Social Media

Social Media Has Now Become the Mainstream Marketing Channel

In a recent research conducted by Pew Research Center, nearly eight-in-ten online Americans (79% approx) are now using Facebook. It automatically shows the global presence of users on social media networks, and marketers are making numerous efforts to improve their advertising, content, and promotional activities to target these audiences in fresh ways.

How AR and VR Will Revolutionize Global Marketing Trends?

One of the biggest advantages of these technologies is that it allows marketers to offer content and create rich, immersive and engaging experiences for consumers.  Since users are being addressed by traditional print and TV ads from past years, they wish to access something that not only excites them, but also helps them to connect emotionally.

Most of the top firms are adopting digital marketing initiatives to bring specific revenue outcomes. They are making a shift from their traditional branding approach to modern marketing techniques like AR and VR to engage better with users.

With AR and VR, a totally new (and highly effective) medium, it emerges to create an indelible impression on the user. Some of the ways in which AR and VR can help marketing campaigns on social media are how it –

  • Can be used to demonstrate product features, functionalities, and USPs
  • Helps organizations to communicate the brand’s mission with great ease
  • Delivers branded entertainment experience and adds excitement to create hype about a particular brand or product/service
  • Keeps consumers informed about varied products available in the same domain to provide utmost satisfaction
  • Adds an immersive dimension to traditional print, web and video story-telling advertisements that makes for a memorable social media experience.

Will brands embrace this new technology?

Making a switch from traditional media channels to new age platforms like AR and VR has redrawn marketing budgets and strategies. This has, in turn, resulted in empowering the digital world with newer ads, content, and promotional stuff that can impress users at large and aid in creating favorable brand recall value.

We are hopeful that brands would embrace this new technology in 2017, but the level of success is something that we would need to closely watch as the year progresses.

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