GoodWorkLabs builds Technology Solution for Carer Program

GoodWorkLabs builds Technology Solution for Carer Program


The GoodWorkLabs team recently caught up with Samara Mahindra, the Founder of the Carer Program – a one of a kind Cancer recovery program, to understand the technology requirement of her business.

Samara wanted to build a web application that would provide holistic therapy for cancer patients post their treatment. The challenge here was to build an easy-to-use and brilliant UI/UX for an age group ranging from 7 years to up to 70 years.



Our Process:

The design team at GoodWorkLabs immediately dived deep into understanding the core of the Carer program business. The idea was to establish an instant connect with the patients who would use this program, and so, we looked at minute details such as color codes, fonts, background textures etc that would help in creating a soothing experience for the users.

We then worked on providing excellent user interactions that would allow patients to easily navigate through the Carer Program modules.

Once we got the aesthetics in place, we began the next process which was the development stage.

As a company, we believe in providing a complete end-to-end solution for our customers, and using agile software development methodologies we created an interactive web application for the Carer Program.


Our journey with the Carer Program:

GoodWorkLabs has always been in the forefront in creating cutting-edge technologies. At the same time, we are also passionate about creating products that touch the lives of millions of users.

Our team was super excited about working with Carer Program and in the healthcare space. As we all know, cancer is a serious medical condition. But building a technology solution that would help speed up the process of cancer recovery was a cause that we were very happy and proud to be part of.

In the video above, Samara also shares a few words about her experience of working with GoodWorkLabs.

“There were many things that stood out with GoodWorkLabs, I think one is the efficiency and just trust! I have worked with many other technology companies, but this is the one company that I can really trust. If there is any glitch in the program or if there is any kind of technical difficulty, or if I want any advise when it comes to do anything with technology, I know I have a team that is there by me who are super efficient and shall get the job done”


Why choose GoodWorkLabs:

We don’t just build products. We help in creating an ecosystem for businesses to thrive with the latest technologies.

Also, we go that extra mile to understand your business persona and build products that are aligned to your objectives.

So, if you have a technology requirement and are looking for an exceptional UI/UX design and software development firm, then GoodWorkLabs is the right technology partner for you.


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