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GoodWorkLabs Listed as a Leading Development Company in Clutch’s 2019 Report

Ranked as one of the Leading Development Companies in India


We are proud to be recognized as one of the leading development companies in India by Clutch.

And, the excitement doesn’t end there! Manifest, Clutch’s sister-site also ranked us among the Top Web Development Companies in India.

GoodWorkLabs is a leading new-age software and design lab that delivers cutting-edge products and solutions for customers globally. GoodWorkLabs also houses a unique UX/UI Design Studio and crafts beautiful and useful interfaces and products.

For our ability to deliver, Clutch has named us among the Top B2B Companies in India among the leading custom software developers. We have been listed among 891 developers out of thousands of firms on Clutch.




Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews firm dedicated to helping businesses solve their current business hurdles. Direct-client feedback is obtained by Clutch business analysts from clients who have used our services. Aside from our services, Clutch lists providers ranging from a wide variety from advertising and marketing to IT Services.

On Clutch, we obtained a 4.8 out of 5-star rating from our clients. Read our Customer Reviews & Testimonials:

” GoodWorkLabs managed the whole project, and I found that aspect of their services to be exceptional.” – Founder, HopSkipRide

” I found the right attention to detail with their team.” – CEO, Mobile Development Company

” The dollar-to-dollar value was tremendous.” – Founder, ID Verify Wizard

Furthermore, The Manifest, ranks GoodWorkLabs amongst the Top Web Development Companies. The Manifest, Clutch’s sister-site, provides industry reports and other metrics to help companies narrow their searches for the best B2B services to fit their business needs. Additionally, our work is also featured on Visual Objects among the leading developers and creative agencies.

We want to thank our clients for their support as well as Clutch and their hardworking team for gathering first-hand accounts and reviews of our work. We look forward to continuing the success of GoodWorkLabs into the new year and throughout the years that follow.

Visit our Clutch profile for further information about our services and the past projects we’ve successfully delivered to clients spanning various locations, industries, and sizes.

GoodWorkLabs has bagged this award by Clutch in past years as well and we’re confident to keep our performance elevated to win this title again coming years!

Vishwas Mudagal speaks at Nasscom SME Conclave on ‘The Power of Persuasion Using Social Media’

The Power of Persuasion Using Social Media.


None of us are unknown to the fact that in current times, Social media has taken over any other marketing tool and has become the most imperative medium of reaching out to the audience. While the true power of social media is Influence, it not only creates an avenue for companies to engage with the audience but also to influence them in various ways possible.

Watch this excellent panel discussion at Nasscom SME Conclave on ‘The Power of Persuasion Using Social Media: Negotiating, Influencing and Winning in the Market.’




Our CEO, Vishwas Mudagal spoke alongside an awesome panel– Virginia Sharma, Head of Marketing at LinkedIn, Vargab Bakshi, Head of Sales at Shopify, Kaushik Majumdar, MD of Principal India.

Must watch to understand how to use social media as a tool to enhance your brand and grow your business/career. Also, use it as a strategic weapon to move ahead of your competition.

PS: Let us know your thoughts and share your other inputs on how to put Social Media to the best use.

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“Hacking into the consumer’s brain”- Vishwas Mudagal, ad:tech New Delhi 2019

GoodWorkLabs at ad:tech event 2019

During ad:tech New Delhi 2019, GoodWorkLabs CEO, Vishwas Mudagal shares his interestingly compelling thoughts on the topic: “Hacking into the consumer’s brain: How brands can hit the cultural zeitgeist with Super Heroes reimagined in India.”




Very much like the topic itself, Vishwas’s delivery of speech during this event was both amusing & intriguing at the same time! The way Vishwas successfully developed a connection between Indian consumers & Indian superheroes was truly captivating and surely provoked some new marketing techniques to be practiced in the Indian market.




Here’s a snippet of Vishwas Mudagal’s speech at the event:

If there is one thing we share across the world, it is our love for superheroes. They represent the best in us and we take pride in them. Indian consumers have been hungry for content around Indian Superheroes for decades now but have been devoid. With the influx of Hollywood superheroes, there is surely a gap in the market which content creators & agencies can fill by telling compelling stories of Indian Superheroes.

The opportunity becomes even bigger for brands to associate with an audience by combining moral & cultural identities of an Indian superhero with brand stories that will resonate powerfully with the target consumer. Think Parle G & Chota Bheem!

But how? Where do you find Indian superheroes? Vishwas Mudagal, serial entrepreneur and best-selling author, has created a true Indian superhero in his latest book – The Last Avatar, Age of Kalki Trilogy. With roots set deep in our Indian mythology and culture, Kalki is a new-age superhero who is here to herald a new era of high-quality content that consumers want.

Stay tuned until we share the video of Vishwas’s speaker session at ad:tech New Delhi 2019, to understand how the Indian superhero has transitioned from Chacha Chaudhary & Sabu to Shaktiman to Bahubali to now Kalki, and how brands can use these identities to create powerful marketing ideas.




Vishwas Mudagal talks on “The Secret Mantras to become a Superstar CEO” at Nasscom event

How to become a successful CEO


Vishwas Mudagal is a globally renowned CEO, Serial Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author and an Angel Investor with a history of building innovative brands and sustainable companies. Vishwas has always been a youth icon influencing millions of lives. Having spoken at numerous corporate events, college fests, conventions and literary festivals across India and the world, including popular TEDx talks, he is currently one of the most popular inspirational and motivational speakers in India.




This time he took the crowd by storm by sharing “The Secret Mantras to become a Superstar CEO” at Nasscom SME mega-event NISC 2019. From his own learnings & experiences, he has successfully come up with the 7 golden formulas to achieve success for businesses and professionals in today’s world and the future ahead.


1.) Sales should be in your DNA: No matter how much you grow as a business, The CEO should never let the Sales edge in him tarnish at any point in time. Vishwas Mudagal- CEO, GoodWorkLabs is an active member of the sales team till date & that truly is an inspiration!


2.) User Empathy: Focus on customer pain points & think of an out of the box idea to resolve their issues. There’s a real-life experience that Vishwas spoke about. click to know more.


3.) Always focus on building relationships than on mere transactions: Believe in growing with the customer’s success while working together for a longer term instead of focusing on short term transactions. At GoodWorkLabs, we live by this thumb rule and there’s one very interesting example quoted by Vishwas in this video.


4.) Become an influencer: Put out great content that is relevant for your audience on social media and web. This kind of marketing is the most critical. When people start following you, they start trusting you and that helps immensely while building your sales strategy.


5.) Networking: Now this is an integral part of any business. In Vishwas Mudagal’s opinion Networking is an investment which sooner or later entitles you to reap its benefits, and he has shared a jaw-dropping experience of how he bagged a 1million dollar deal for GoodWorkLabs, through Networking.


6.) Focus on hiring the right resource: As a company starts growing & expanding in terms of team size, most CEOs don’t prefer to spend time on hiring anymore and that’s a big problem. Vishwas rightly identifies this as a major roadblock in terms of growing as a company and to build the right team & hence he’s always actively involved in the company’s recruitment process to hire the right kind of problem solvers &passionate people for GoodWorkLabs.


7.) Question the status quo in whatever you do: A very interesting story- “The elephant and rope” shared by Vishwas Mudagal to explain how each one of us in the industry is trapped by various mythical chains of pre-set conventional methods of limiting ourselves in terms of exploring & experimenting with something new and how we need to break free from these chains to bring a phenomenal change in our industry & this world.


Vishwas is also a highly followed Influencer on social media for all the right reasons. And this video is a  Must-watch for everyone who wants to succeed!

GoodWorkLabs becomes PubNub Integration Partner

We take pride in announcing that GoodWorkLabs recently partnered with PubNub as an Integration Partner. This partnership will enable GoodWorkLabs to deliver innovative high performing real-time web, mobile, and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

This partnership will further strengthen our expertise in delivering real-time applications that perform reliably & securely on a global scale.

GoodWorkLabs is now PubNub Integration Partner

The Integration Partner Program by PubNub is a global partner program, which enables system integrators and IT consultants to best leverage the PubNub Platform in products and solutions, and ultimately to help grow their business.

With PubNub platform we can solve the 3 key challenges of building & scaling real-time apps:

  • Connect: Establishing secure & reliable connections to and between any device, anywhere
  • Deliver: Using real-time messaging through the PubNub data stream network (DSN)
  • Control: Delivering real-time application control

In today’s fast-moving digital environment, PubNub DSN delivers real-time messaging APIs for mobile, web, IoT, desktops and servers while enabling bidirectional low latency messaging to anywhere on the globe.

Through PubNub, GoodWorkLabs brings to you the best experience of real-time global messaging, consumer IoT, and live community infrastructure. Please reach out to us for any queries.

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GoodWorkLabs is now a Confluent Partner – Apache Kafka

We are super happy to announce that GoodWorkLabs is now a registered Confluent Partner. This partnership with Confluent will enable us to deliver high-quality Apache Kafka and other Confluent Platform projects to our Fortune 500, SME and startup customers across the globe.

We have already proved our mettle in Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning technologies by working with some of the biggest global brands. This partnership will further strengthen our expertise in delivering Apache Kafka related technology solutions by working hand-in-hand with Confluent!

With the confluent platform, we can help businesses harness the power of rapidly changing data and build a new-generation technology architecture based on Apache Kafka, the only event streaming platform that enables enterprises to extract the maximum value of data.


GoodWorkLabs - Confluent Partner


In this digital age of events, it is important that your data systems communicate with each other in the right way!

With an event streaming platform such as Apache Kafka, any organization can capture data into streams of real-time events. Businesses across various industries such as retail, logistics, manufacturing, financial services, technology, and media will be able to respond in real-time to every customer event, transaction, user experience, and market movement whether on-premises or in the cloud.

GoodWorkLabs brings to you its expertise in Apache Kafka through the confluent platform to ensure your data systems and infrastructure communicate the right way! Reach out to us for Apache Kafka requirements.

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The need for gender balanced workforce – Sonia Sharma speaks at Affine Analytics

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, GoodWorkLabs founder and MD, Sonia Sharma addressed a highly energetic and motivated audience at Affine Analytics.

Sonia Sharma is a well-known tech entrepreneur and under her able leadership, GoodWorkLabs has grown 500% year-on-year. She has always been a true inspiration for all women and in this exclusive event at Affine Analytics, Sonia shared some thought-provoking advice on how companies need to create a gender-balanced workforce that fosters strength, innovation, and creativity. That is the key to business growth in today’s competitive globalized economy.

She also shares how it is important to have more women in leadership roles who can act as mentors to young aspiring women in the workforce. It was indeed a highly engaging and motivational session.

Here are some pictures from the event.

Sonia sharma at Affine Analytics

Sonia sharma - womens day talk

Sonia Sharma - talk on woman empowerment


GoodWorkLabs is a key sponsor & community partner at STARup 2019

GoodWorkLabs is a key sponsor at STARup 2019

We are super happy and excited to announce that GoodWorkLabs is one of the key sponsors for the STARup 2019 event, India’s biggest and best networking summit.

GoodWorkLabs along with our CEO Vishwas Mudagal is partnering with STARup to bring out new talent in the startup zone.

Our CEO, Vishwas Mudagal is going to be speaking at the STARup event and his new book – The Last Avatar, book #1 of the Age of Kalki Trilogy will be unveiled at the event. The Last Avatar is an epic mix of Mythology and Science Fiction and is a modern take on the Kalki Avatar. Set in the future, the book consists of a universe of characters, secret societies, and powerful villains.

GoodWorkLabs is one of the community partners at the STARup event and the T20 awards. We are super excited to be sponsoring India’s biggest networking summit.

GoodWorkLabs at Starup 2019


About the event:

STARup is a gathering of over 2,000 entrepreneurs, investors, corporate representatives, and government officials and influencers from the Indian, Asian and European startup ecosystems. It is the ultimate networking experience, ensuring you meet the right people, in the right business atmosphere through effective curation.

Event details:

Date: January 19th, Saturday

Time of Vishwas’s Session: 12.00 pm to 12.30 pm

Venue: Sardar Patel Technology Business Incubator,6 Dadabhai Nagar Rd, Old D N Nagar, Munshi Nagar, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400053

For more details of the event, go here


GoodWorkLabs launches new office in Kolkatta

GoodWorkLabs is super happy to announce our new office space in Kolkatta. We have received approval from the West Bengal government to set operations in SEZ (special Economic Zone) in Kolkatta. The new GoodWorkLabs Kolkatta office is located in Candor SEZ tech park, one of the best office locations in all of Kolkatta.

Here are some pictures of our VP of Sales & Client Success, Subrahmanya Basavanahalli, taking possession of the premises.


GoodWorkLabs Kolkatta office


GoodWorkLabs Kolkatta Office1


GoodWorkLabs VP of sales


With this SEZ set up, GoodWorkLabs is poised for the next level of growth by attracting a slew of overseas projects. Congratulations to GoodWorkLabs team! And a big thank you for all our supporters!

Vishwas Mudagal wins the Manambassador Award by Pink Ladder

Vishwas Mudagal – Winner of the Manambassador Award

We are super proud and happy to announce that our CEO, Vishwas Mudagal has won the Manambassador Award by PinkLadder. The Manambassador award identifies male champions in the society who have taken considerable efforts to create an inclusive work environment for women and encourage them to take up leadership roles.

The PinkLadder is India’s first comprehensive career enhancement ecosystem for women professionals and it has been founded by Karthik Nagendra and Soujanya Vishwasnath.

By being recognized as a male champion by PinkLadder, Vishwas Mudagal is one among those few men who envision a better place for women and encourages them to be ambitious and potential leaders. As an inclusive family man, highly followed influencer on social media, and as a CEO of a woman-led technology company, Vishwas Mudagal is setting an example for men to step up and set a stage for women to succeed.

Vishwas Mudagal wins manambassador award


This was an emotional moment for Vishwas and he went on to dedicate this award to our MD and Founder – Sonia Sharma who has been his inspiration throughout. To quote in his own words, Mudagal goes on to say –


Honored to receive the Manbassador Award for being Male Champion of Diversity and playing my part in the industry as an evangelist for inclusion, gender equality, and women empowerment.

Thank you PinkLadder and  Karthik Nagendra for recognizing my efforts and giving me this award! I dedicate this award to Sonia Sharma my co-founder and life partner, for being my inspiration and guiding light.

We need more women like you who empower everyone around us. Blessed to have you as a friend and partner in this wonderful journey! Hoping to take this to the next level!

Vishwas Mudagal at the Manambassador award ceremony

Vishwas Mudagal is also a LeanIn India mentor where he coaches women for leadership roles and also encourages them to get back into the workforce.

Our team at GoodWorkLabs is immensely proud to have such progressive leaders who encourage us, appreciate us and treat us all as equals.

Ready to start building your next technology project?